Minnie Riperton - Reasons Lyrics

The reasons for my life are in a million faces
Like aching promises I feel them in my bones
Slipping through my fingers to dance upon the road
The reasons for my life are more than I can hold
But oh, the sweet delight to sing with all my might
To spark the inner light of wonder burning bright
You're not alone
You're not alone

The reasons for my life are buried in deep places
Words once could awaken them
These seeds that I have sown
Ringing through the madness to crash against the cold
The reasons for my life cannot be bought or sold

The reasons for my life are filling all my spaces
Like rushing waters flow, they carry me along
Twisting through my memory to pull free from the load
The reasons for my life are more than I was told

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Minnie Riperton Reasons Comments
  1. gwendolyn smith

    Kiss 💋 that guitarist 🎸for me. And Minnie those octaves on another planet 🌎 Rock on.

  2. yolonda owens

    To Spark The Inner Light
    Of Wonder, Burning Bright.... 2019 December

  3. gwendolyn smith

    The seeds I have sown. This was my rock album in college! Hit another octave Minnie, butter🍞Who is this guitarist on lead ? All these Musicians are on 🔥.Cannot be bought or sold.✈️

  4. Mark Weingart

    The most underrated of the last century.

  5. Katputze

    Holy shit that was wild

  6. Buticia Smith

    Wondering how a dumb record exec couldn't sell this? This is EXTRAORDINARY!! RIP Minnie!!❤️☮️

  7. arielioness2

    1:35 🎸💜

    RIPh THE Minnie Ripperton 🙏🏽

  8. wonder111000

    That's Stevie Wonder

  9. Paul Holland

    Classic song

  10. Semply Put

    Minnie is feeling quite comfy cozy rockin out. She that badass!

  11. Gail Holbrook

    Officially my new favorite song 😍😍😍😍

  12. dusty gibbons

    This song floors me every time.

  13. Anthony C

    Best song ever?

  14. Odessa Clark

    Minnie Ripperton is one of my favorite female artist I planned to get all if her music.

  15. Avis Hardaman

    Minnie is still my inspiration and yes, the breast cancer organization SHOULD remember her.

  16. Иван Иванов

    Shes the best female singer in my live

  17. Harumi Midori

    The reasons for my life are in a million faces
    Like aching promises I feel them in my bones
    Slipping through my fingers to dance upon the road
    The reasons for my life are more than I can hold
    But oh, the sweet delight to sing with all my might
    To spark the inner light of wonder burning bright
    You're not alone
    You're not alone

    The reasons for my life are buried in deep places
    Words once could awaken them
    These seeds that I have sown
    Ringing through the madness to crash against the cold
    The reasons for my life cannot be bought or sold

    The reasons for my life are filling all my spaces
    Like rushing waters flow, they carry me along
    Twisting through my memory to pull free from the load
    The reasons for my life are more than I was told

    sanda rezek

    Thank you Harumi ! :*

  18. Popichil`O

    Really nice song and voice.....1~Luv

  19. RoninAli1

    This STILL feels good!

  20. DO IT WELL

    What a Phenom! R.I.P Minnie💗💗💗💗

  21. Peter Leyden

    Mr Wonder straight shredding that keyboard in the back

  22. Processes Of Becoming

    I only discovered her yesterday, and by far this is my favorite song. She is so awesome!

  23. kenneth Jones

    Try that one on..

  24. Thomas Bodenberg

    My gawd, what pipes! Met her brother Todd back in Chicago in the 70s. Left us waay too soon.

  25. Maurilio Brandino

    Esta musica é d mais

  26. Raina Young

    The reasons 4 my life cannot be bought or sold 😎

  27. Jorge Sage

    Ohh man. I just found out about Minnie Ripperton's music tonight & I'm already in LOVE with her voice. What a beautiful singing voice & a great great writer. I just looked her up on wikipedia to get an idea of what her music was & I found out she wrote all those songs on her album "Perfect Angel." So not only does she have a beautiful soaring voice but she's one hell of a good writer as well. I found my new love funny enough at the tail end of 2017 & her name is Minnie Ripperton!!!!

  28. Michael Alderete

    With the great guitarist, Michael Sembello.

  29. Donald Brookins

    One of my favorite Minnie Riperton songs ever ! Listen to those vocals. No one like her. Gone too soon.

  30. YS HUFF


  31. Ken Kunz

    At the time of this typing, I can't believe there are twenty eight people in the World who do not like this.

  32. Bob McGold

    want to be in heaven

  33. marquis doy

    what a talent she was truly gone too soon the song Reason one of my favorites of all time RIP Minnie

  34. Lovely Givan

    My favorite song by her! Love Minnie Riperton! Rest Well!

  35. brijit ray

    I would like to sing this

  36. Jamil Toro

    1:37 "your welcome"

  37. Xzavier Walker

    the original mariah carey right here

    ii Marquise ii ii Marquise ii

    Mariah is all originality. Mariah was heavily inspired by Miss Minnie Riperton. Minnie is the original Queen of whistle register but Mariah is top notch in that register too. Please don't down play Mariah as a vocalist or artist. Because Mariah can do things in whistle register that Minnie can't do. Vice versa. Minnie can sustain whistles longer than Mariah but Mariah has more agility. Plus Minnie's whistles are fuller and more natural compared to Mariah's. Both have amazing ease in whistle register. And are great vocalists. Chanted Moore is great in whistle register also.


    marquise Washington Um... Minnie Invented the whistle register. She can sing in it for a long time. Mariah cannot. Hers was always limited. Minnie could've done anything Mariah can and much more x10.

    ii Marquise ii ii Marquise ii

    AnastasiaLUVSU Minnie did not invent the whistle register. She's was one of the first people to showcase the whistle register to the public eye. But she did not invent the whistle register. I already know Minnie can sustain whistles longer than Mariah. Mariah is way more agile and creative in the whistle register than Minnie and in all registers actually. And just because you can sustain longer than someone in a particular register doesn't mean your automatically better. Like I said Mariah can do things in the whistle register that Minnie can't do. And vice versa. Smh


    marquise Washington I was joking. Like I said before, minne can do anything Mariah can and for much longer. This is a fact. Let it go.

  38. Lois Morton

    The greatest singer diva to hit America by Storm an should b honored by the Breast Cancer Society - they honor whites but not Minnie so I will do it. The Breast Cancer Society of Florida honors Minnie Riperton- for 2017

    gwendolyn smith

    Me too she was our 🎁 😢

  39. Cary English

    We all can search for those reasons.We find them along the paths that we take.

  40. Bruce Wayne

    great song, from The Best of Them All, The Creator, blessed her, and she was gracious enough to share her gift with us, Thank You

  41. Mariah Carey's Archives

    My dog can hear it wow

  42. Mariah Carey's Archives

    She sound like a Bird Wow

  43. Farrad West

    This shows her chest register isn't the strongest but it surely ain't the weakest.

  44. MrEffgee

    Her upper register control is unreal. I have loved this song for so long and everytime I listen to it, my mind is blown all over again. Also, on the album sleeve the drummer is listed as El Toro Negro (The Black Bull), but it is in fact Stevie Wonder who wanted to play on the record but couldn't get his label to allow him to do it.

    Steve M.

    I always assumed El Toro Negro was Stevie Wonder. (His music publishing company was Black Bull Music.)

    Phoenix 1200

    Thanks. Just bought this record and was reading the liner notes, and indeed wondering what was up with the (*) on drums (and on piano on other songs)

  45. el lion

    Often wonder if she did not want to sell out to the industry like so many others and sign her name in blood strange how she die and not sure was she 27 upon her death? hope she is in heaven with the rest of the angels singing to the most HIGH GOD, miss you Minnie.

    Chris Edwards

    she was 31

  46. B. Rod Clark

    From 1974

  47. DO IT WELL

    Minnie gives me chills Rip my sister

  48. DO IT WELL

    That lead guitar us smoking


    Michael Sembollo-he's a true guitar "Maniac" BTW, Stevie Wonder on drums.

  49. Myron Whitaker

    the "Original Song Bird". Mariah "Can't Touch This".

  50. B. Rod Clark

    NOBODY...nuff said!

  51. Jeff Burrell

    This is such a cool and timeless song!

  52. tradecraft46

    I bought her album in 1973 when I left the Navy.  She died too soon, but we are blessed by her.

  53. jsunn woodard

    🎵🎵i think she has the.....Perfect afro!!🎵🎵

  54. YS HUFF

    I like Mariah....but Mariah what???!! She can NOT touch my MINNIE! Period!👍😍🎵🎶🎼 May Minnie Riperton continue to RIP/SIP🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶💜💜

  55. hughesjr

    This one was actually the first single from PERFECT ANGEL. It bombed just like the second single ("Seeing You This Way"). Then came "Lovin' You"...


    +hughesjr This was far too progressive for stodgy "black radio" in 1974. Should have been a monster hit, but slipped through the cracks like most progressive black music of the early 70s, which is why we ended up with disco.

  56. Hattori

    She was well ahead of the game and her time. If Social Media and Facebook existed back then, she would have gotten the credit that she deserved. The only artist to come close to Minnie Riperton's range is Chante Moore, but Riperton was better vocally.

  57. Deborah Patterson

    She will NEVER be imitated or duplicated! She was the PERFECT ANGEL. Gone too soon. R.I.P.


    +Deborah Patterson That's because it's impossible to imitate a voice that can soar through every octave so easily and effortlessly.
    From her contributions in the Rotary Connection in 1968 right up until her tragic death in 1979, it's so hard to believe that she was a part of the music scene for barely 11 years! Gone too soon! R.I.P. Minnie Riperton!

    Deborah Patterson

    I concur!


    No matter our end, would we want to do as she did?

    Mark Smith

    too soon

  58. tntgraphics

    10 people wear deaf and blind!

  59. David Britt Affiliates

    Minnie dropping shrill bombs all over us!

  60. Anthony Carter

    gone but never forgotten

  61. Cora Mc Fairy



    "Unbought, unbossed"

  62. Renee Mickens

    One of the most emulated and admired voice today.
    There will never another voice like her.
    Effortless notes taking you over the moon and back like a rollercoaster!
    Jeff Beck and Minnie were wearing each other out on notes and strings🎶🎸Great studio jammin!!!!
    Minnie forever!!!
    RIP Sister.......

  63. tradecraft46

    What a voice what control: she died too soon, but she still is a delight.

  64. fuzzylogiceire

    Minnie had a sick band. I really enjoy listening to them play. Good vibe.

    Sista's Place

    +fuzzylogiceire The drummer is Stevie Wonder.....Yes, Stevie on DRUMS


    Stevie produced it and used his band, Wonderlove to play on it, including himself on drums. He was a big fan of Minnie and wanted to see her projects be as successful as they could possibly be.

  65. Phil Roberts

    Minnie ripperton is still coldblooded may she rest in peace

  66. kandeecee

    She takes me there!!!

  67. Juan Espinosa

    Oh what a beatiful being you were Minnie. You're not aloooooooooooooooooooone!!!

  68. Rosa Vito

    The reasons for my life can't be bought or sold…..You're not alone.

  69. Reinaldo Green

    have not heard this since her first lp, never gets airplay. how dare someone mention mariah in the same breath--come on!!

  70. Laquisha Thomas

    That was the good old days respectful music

  71. SonofGalahad

    This album cooks front to back. Minnie Ripperton was a beautiful soul and she made beautiful soul. RIP baby, thank you for giving us such glory.

  72. Chris Wallin

    Oh my GOD. My f*****g falsetto can't even get that high.... AND SHE JUST GOES HIGHER! P_P This is sick! 

    Chris Wallin

    Or better yet... here is YOUR corrected version of the sentence and you tell me if it makes ANY logical sense to say from the perspective of a tenor vocalist.

    My f*****g whistle register doesn't even get that high.

    No... because tenors can't get into the whistle range even with falsetto (usually). However she did it with her normal vocal chords that she'd typically speak/sing with. I could be wrong on that because I was not inside her throat when she sang this. 

    King IRIE

    @Chris Wallin  YOU corrected your self try using your head voice

    Chris Wallin

    Lol dude go away you have lost your noodle. My falsetto can't get into the whistle register. Does that make you happy now? Dang!! >_> Like are you satisfied with yourself now? Gosh.

    Chris Wallin

    Are you one of those wikipedia warriors or something? Chill out broseph stalin, damn!

  73. Tiajuana Howell

    omg that girl was badd

  74. Yessica Moreno

    Why y'all are talking about Mariah? I love Mariah so much but c'mon this is Minnie Riperton the original high note diva. Enjoy the music. ♥


    Frooty you're right she's iconic


    Far from it

    Imani Alexander

    Frooty and who are you to decide she isn’t? You’re not a legend yourself. It takes other legends to recognise legends and legends recognised Mariah. You’re a nobody.

    Imani Alexander

    Frooty you lack the music knowledge to even judge.

    Andrew Muchiri

    Yeah, Mariah always cited Minnie as one of her biggest musical inspirations

  75. mcbrion1951

    Actually, if you're speaking of American singers who  hit high notes, Minnie was the most famous of the contemporary singers to hit those "seagull" notes (as far as I can recall, nobody else did this prior to '74 in pop music, although opera singers, obviously, hit higher notes). However, there was a Peruvian singer named Yma Sumac (you can find her on here) who, back in the 50s, was also famous for her high register.
    People seem so taken with a high note, it seems odd. Singers sing to convey feeling, not notes. If a singer hit high notes back in the 60s and 70s, but the rest of the song is mediocre, that wouldn't have been considered an accomplishment. Mariah could sing vastly higher than Whitney Houston, but Whitney had a voice as clear as a bell, where Mariah "breathes" her notes. Both lovely voices, but for sheer beauty of tone, Whitney was astounding - and unmatched.


    @mcbrion1951 Spot on... I'm not a fan of Whitney Houstons' music, but damn the woman could sing!

  76. Jonny C

    Minnie's whistle notes are the best. It's like she's the only one who could ever do it to sound like it would come out naturally. THe other singers sound like they are forcing them. 

  77. Michael Craig


  78. Michael Craig


  79. Nookie Watson

    Minnies' whistle register notes are more profound than Mariah's because Minnie could actually pronounce words at that level and Mariah cannot. 

    King IRIE

    @Nookie Watson  LISTEN to  bliss a song by mariah carey

    Randy Robinson

    +Nookie Watson no one could or ever will touch where she went

    Pete Flores

    Mariah has no problem phrasing in whistle register at all... such an untruth is silly considering that Mariah loves Minnie and would never compare herself to her.

  80. midnitefairy

    I love Minnie but I like Mariah's whistles better because I find the airiness of them more appealing than Minnie's which are more piercing but lovely none the less.


    @ Jack- whichever u prefer I "could care less" once more which one sounds more proper and makes better sense to u. Lmfao


    Then let me assure u that I don't.


    Yes u are very perceptive. :)

    Randy Robinson

    +midnitefairy no

    Shon Mosley

    midnitefairy Crack baby!!

  81. Dario

    off tha hook!

  82. JustErics101

    Even John Lennon recognized her talent while singing this.

  83. Wouter Kalden

    To relax after this I recomend to listen to; Minnie's Lament. That is to charge you.

  84. rio traficante

    How nice that this tune makes you think of your mother. Very beautiful....God bless you..... I love this tune, I remember being in a low place and this tune just lifted me up......Love to you

  85. rio traficante

    This is my favorite of her music.......when she sings, "I feel it in my bones" I feel it in my bones too, I think all of us here on this page understand, I can play this over and over.....She was also in a group called the Rotarty Connection and they cut a Christmas album, it is not your typical Christmas music......her voice is fantastic.

  86. John De

    Ms. Ripertons voice can shatter window glass

  87. Hemi Vic

    WBBM-FM in Chicago use to place this great tune in 1971.

  88. TheGP

    this is the jam

  89. Michael Dobard

    Lost the album in Katrina. Enjoying her tonight!

  90. Trica Young

    This was a great album!!

  91. nutothis1

    I know what you mean. I posted on another Minnie song, that I saw her in 1975 at the Cow Palace and she came on blasting this song. She was so energetic and had everybody on their feet. I will keep saying that anybody who ever saw Miss Minnie perform live in concert was truly lucky. She really tore it up that night.

  92. aries4961

    when i first heard this song Minnie put hils thru my bones!!!! it made me love her & it made me think about what she was singing about....TOTALLY MINDBLOWING!!!!! esp. when i've always felt like i was alone all my life & her lyrics & voice made it so different 4 me when i hear this song.....love u MINNIE & R.I.P. when i sing with all my might, i understand what u mean!!!!!

  93. SoulOfAjamu

    Man...O, man! O, man! It is such a prize to have Minnie's music!

  94. IceCrotch

    This is the first song I ever heard from her. My daddy used to play it for me. I miss him every day. Miss you, Daddy.

  95. Carson Lowe

    I remember this tune very well. Still have the album, ripped...for cd...I still listen to it. She was a great entertainer...she passed much too young...

  96. Sista's Place

    Stevie Wonder on the Drums.....

  97. Orykx

    Ras & Qciek - Thomas Edison


  98. CATcatCATwoof

    hahaha! yeah, she does xD

  99. Smokinglens Racing

    Michael Sembello on Guitar