Ministry - Unsung Lyrics

Where have all the heroes gone?
Returning where they're from
Did they touch God or did they touch the sun?

Preparation day
Fearless desire
Some will lose by living
Chosen suicide

Did they touch God or did they touch the sun?

Preparation day
Selfless act of giving
Many pay the price
Heroes suicide

The world we recognize has just begun
Some die from living
So unsung

Preparation day
Fearless desire
Some will lose by living
Chosen suicide

Some die from living
So unsung

Preparation day
Selfless act of giving
Many pay the price
Heroes suicide

Unsung [x4]

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Ministry Unsung Comments
  1. Mark Andersen

    Nine Inch Nails were just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, Ministry should have been there first, hopefully they're time will come, not that it matters to Al.

  2. novoneiro


  3. Arcanuman1



  4. Anton Cuguarov

    Лично меня этот Соунд расслабляет

  5. Ian .M

    This song is criminally underrated and so is the album

  6. Christian Mezasanchez

    Bad ass track !!!

  7. S.A.L.V.

    Ministry's last Awesome Album!

  8. Francis Bottoni

    Animositisomina is grossly underrated...definitely a seminal record of avant-garde Industrial Goth prowess...its chillingly haunting yet strikingly catchy and all together heavy while being closer to post-Punk versus the thrash death metal that came later on (which is not terrible however far from the ministry I grew to love)...this entire album is a masterpiece from start to finish.

  9. Pat Bateman

    I love getting jacked up on yay and speeding down the hwy at night in my car blaring this shit! Wow what a rush it is!!!

  10. Joe Trotter

    My favorite track on my least favorite Ministry album

  11. outofoutof

    This shit kicks ass like fuck!

  12. afx777

    I didn't like the Animositisomina album AT ALL apart from this gorgeous song.

    Sam Isatlacc

    afx777 Have you tried "Lockbox"?

  13. Ingrid Lemes

    Essa porra e do cacete

  14. Carl Horowitz

    This may be the greatest song ever written or performed in the Mixolydian scale. God bless Ministry.

  15. Paddy Campbell

    Where have all the heroes gone...?!

  16. Vincent Najger

    stealing from Al Jourgensen...not cool BRO...NOT COOL...all do youselves
    a favour and help out one of the only true musicians left ...go and buy
    his albums (or listen to his new stuff Surgical Meth Machine)

    Joe Trotter

    Vincent Najger shit yeah! Another die hard Ministry fan👍 too many assholes out there that say Psalm 69 was his last good record, I say he was just getting started

  17. zzGRENDELzz

    Fucking EPIC track, might even be my fave mid-period Ministry song. It has everything: sick metal riffs, repetitive industrial stutter form, howling lyrics in the best snotty Uncle Al style, then the snarling - love it!

  18. Jason Ward

    One of my all time favorite ministry songs!

  19. Nacht Schreck

    It's sad, but as much as I despised this album when it was released (I refused to see them play on the tour for this album- and they were my favorite band as a teenager- that's how much I hated AnimosisominA), it is infinitely better than Ministry's/Revco's last few releases. I would actually take this album any day over "Relapse," "From Beer To Eternity" and the various live and remix albums ("The Last Dubber," "Sexx-O-Mixx-O" "Undercover" etc. etc. etc.), all of which are absolutely HORRID. Horrible beyond belief to the point of completely tarnishing the name and image of one of the absolute best bands to come out of the 1980's.


    I thought Relapse was pretty good,like Al was on methamphetamine. I thought they progressed from Land of Rape to Dark Side of the Spoon,6 amazing albums & the rest are okay...just not epic.

    Denny Viereck

    You don't know this music, it's beautiful. Not like opera or classical, but beautiful

    Vincent Najger

    like any REAL artist, he has hits and misses....that's what makes it ALL so great (listen to ALL of his music and it puts it all in context) day he won't be here anymore and you will lap up every last second of it ALL.

    Carl Horowitz

    Ministry never has had a miss. "Relapse" is a great fucking album. Who could deny it? Nacht Schreck is wack.

    alan julian

    Nacht Schreck brilliant album

  20. Astro Luxe

    this song is bloody great, Ministry has a really interesting discography

  21. Straywolf - 77

    Let the heroes suicide...amen...

  22. rage3025


    Ulrika Landström

    rage3025 Right??!

  23. lolliwag


    Clc Noise *Fuck art make noise*

    Im a huge industrial music fan ..... but many "industrial metal" band sound more like Fucking boring Nu Metal shit ..... Ministry are just Epic !!!!!

  24. Ka La

    Lyrics for 2nd verse at 1:42 is missing, it´s: "The world we recognize has just begun. Some die from living, so unsung"

  25. dkbeyreis

    is this fairly new?

    Matt Collins

    dkbeyreis not remotely. :)

  26. Michał Pa

    heavier than death metal !!!