Ministry - The Light Pours Out Of Me Lyrics

Time flies
Time crawls
Link an insect up and down the walls

The light pours out of me [x2]

The conspiracy of silence
Ought to revolutionize my thought

The light pours out of me [x2]

The cold light of day pours out of me
Leaving me black and so healthy

The light pours out of me [x2]

It jerks out of me
Just like blood
In this still life
Heart beats up love

The light pours out of me
Pours out of me....

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Ministry The Light Pours Out Of Me Comments
  1. Brian Nunez

    Something is so beautiful about the music

  2. Brian Nunez

    I listen to much

  3. Brian Nunez

    All this and i see a head getting takin off

  4. Brian Nunez

    Minisrtry talks about death

  5. Gregory Gerard

    My goodies just shriveled up!! The song of our times.

  6. Mark Matthews

    This coulda been a Christian Death song!!!!!!!

  7. Andrew Beech

    Paul Barker was MINISTRY.

  8. Bent Helical

    this track is one of the best things that ever happened to me

  9. Jamie Spenser Thompson

    Followers. Even covering devo badly. Theyve not stood the test of time. Fuck the macho avant bullshit.

  10. Francis Bottoni

    This version has more gothy post-punk vibe whereas the original is like nuwave fluff👁

    soulminer 1970

    I like Magazine's original better..This cover is OK though.

  11. Mogshade

    This song was written by Magazine 😊

  12. 813lynch

    This sounds off

  13. Suzi Rugg

    just brilliant

  14. mr. Pinkerton

    awesome Magazine cover

  15. Jesus Stjohn

    Me me me

  16. Jesus Stjohn

    Hail Lucifer

    Stuart Armstrong

    Fuck the devil heresy is the way

  17. Patrick Lynn

    Coolest fuckin" tune and it didn't make their Cover's Album. WTF ????? Simple bass line but so so Dope.

  18. Paddy Campbell

    better than original

    Brian Kyllo

    as you where i actually believe those are als vocals nivek says all those words alot differently in every version my bad i guess the only time nivek did the vocals was when al was trying to get him hooked on heroin to break up skinny puppy

    clive taylor

    stop it, silly. Not in the same ball park.

    Jack D'Ripa

    Paddy Campbell don't be stupid!

    Imix Muan

    not possible.

    Fenrir Fenrir

    I am agree with this conclusion.

  19. danielscissorhands

    Is that Al on vocals? It doesn't sound like him, but who else would it be?

    Carl Toeski

    sorry replied to the wrong comment


    That sounds like Al at 4:10.


    @danielscissorhands: This definitely is Al. He just kinda brought his older vocal style back for this tune (as he did on the "Evil Version of" Everyday Is Halloween a few years back).

    Feukka 1

    danielscissorhands i dont see nivek ogre credited on the cd. Paul Barker sang on a few tracks i forget which ones. I knoe he sang on at least one on Dark Side Of The Spoon.

    sean thorton

    Al and Kevin had a fallout like 3 albums prior to this.

  20. Dino Prima

    Barker's Bass as usual rules the earth!!!

  21. alex winkelmann

    the timing sounds really weird

  22. lolliwag

    gotta admit this is great cover, has gothy feel & indie cutting edge quality...nice pussis!!

  23. lolliwag

    Nuwave Roots in full Affect, baby Cakes!!

  24. 1963johnbhoy

    Pish,Magazine is more atmospheric this is just boring.

    soulminer 1970

    I like both versions.

  25. budgies


  26. Raw Wing Chun

    I freaking love this song!

  27. Garrett Johnson

    I like Ministry just fine, but if you're going to cover a song by a band as brilliant as Magazine, you really need to put an original spin on it...

  28. episodeseven

    Great Barker track!

  29. bleedingeyes08

    I saw them on this tour. They closed with this song and it was badass!

    Feukka 1

    bleedingeyes08 wow thats pretty awesome. I just missed them tonight in Worcester, saw KMFDM with Ohgr last Sunday, am seeing Revco with Front Line Assembly and Cubanate next month in NYC

  30. Allan Lien

    thats better - -so profound - change is all in me.

  31. dead368