Ministry - Life Is Good Lyrics

What do you say to the ones you love
About the violence you've seen?
Third time back from the war in Iraq
A never ending dream
Bodies and limbs scattered all over town
It's all I ever see
Come back home to the same ol' shit
There's nothing here for me

Life is good!

What do you say to the best of friends
When they ask what it's like?
I tell them I kill everything that moves
Within my rifle site
I look into the eyes of my unborn child
And I tell you what I see
The same damn eyes as a day old corpse
On a highway full of IEDs

Life is good!

What do you say to the guy on the street
Who wants to shake your hand
I'd rather take him down then talk to him later
You wouldn't understand
I didn't ever really wanna be this way
But this is what I've become
Can't wait to see my unit again
To live and die by the gun

Life is good!

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Ministry Life Is Good Comments
  1. pinanti

    Nobody sounds like Ministry

  2. Franco Droguett

    Manso tema ctm...

  3. Kal 512

    I can't wait to see my Unit again...and die for my best friend

  4. Sandy Jones


  5. Derek McCumber

    Some of the best lyrics Jourgensen has ever written. Damn.

  6. Junior Anaya

    The title should have been LIFE'S NOT GOOD would have sounded a lot better but this is good

  7. jasonharris951

    Why the best music composed and played by addicts?

  8. Perfect Stranger


  9. Francis Bottoni

    This song reminds me of Burning Inside in the way that its so powerful...I fucking love it🥃🥃🥃

    Joonie Brian

    Yeah mon :D

  10. anarcho-autism

    shit wrong band

  11. speedmetalnut

    Basically what they're saying: If there are reptilians on Earth, Bush is certainly one of them.

    - Metallica backing tracks -

    Bush is reptilian ... anyone else saw sicko ?

  12. David Hines

    Franklin Graham ad. Not that kind of Ministry, Youtube.

  13. Anthony Martin

    Just heard this song yesterday and I'm glued

  14. Mr. Destroyer

    To live and die by the gun.


    I am stoned

  15. Bethany Henley

    ministry is the best

  16. Carl-Johan Arbeus

    nu passadere..... minsann...

  17. Milan Kolarski

    Explained somethings with this:
    "What do you say to the ones you love
    About the shit you've seen?
    Third time back from the war in Iraq
    A never ending dream
    Bodies & limbs scattered all over town
    It's all I ever see
    Come back home to the same ol' shit
    There's nothing here for me"

  18. Michael Teale


  19. john harden

    I fuckin love Ministry!!

    Anthony Martin

    helllll yeahhhhUH


    Proof that good music can come from Chicago. As a fellow Chicagoan and musician it does my heart good. All hail Ministry, Master, November's Doom, Johnny Vomit, ZYKLON-B........ - Jason MOTÖRHEAD McVey.

  20. lolliwag

    Al luvs GW deep down, he admitted being to hard on him & ya can't blame the prez for the indiscretions of his constituents....CASE IN POINT~Obama sucks ass but his liberal supporters defend the living shit outta him regardless...duzn't dat amt to same thing?

  21. lolliwag

    This song has aged gracefully...sounds better today than it ever did...its entering legendary status surpassing RGB!

  22. R S

    the music kicks total ass!!!

  23. beelzebub666anarchy

    end of days 2 best ministry track on this one.

  24. lolliwag

    lots of people diss this album but there's sum good shit on here

  25. handsomebrick

    This band used to be synth pop, and slowly transformed into this sound over about three decades.

    Jebus Slaves

    Early 80s was synthpop, newwave, then they transformed into the industrial metal sound by the late 80s, so it was a surprisingly fast transition

    Владислав Смирнов

    @Jebus Slaves why so fast ? Or It's synthpop too ?

  26. Cimersies

    Woodstock 2012 !

  27. sinforall

    @djanzon Thanks very much for the kind words. I might have a song on the new album :)

  28. djanzon

    Not on the new record? That´s a shame..
    Tommy and Mike is playing guitar I see..
    Thank you for your work, I really like it!
    wish you all the best in the future..

  29. djanzon

    Lots of sites with lyrics on the Internet for those short of hearing..
    Al for President!
    Ministry Rules!
    Loved them since 1987 and still do..
    Released a new song TODAY on iTunes, called 99% and the new album, Relapse is out on March30..

  30. Iceman833

    life is good

  31. happymint

    I just dont like listening intently on lyrics cuz I'm not sure what he's saying. lol Idk either way the music is awesome

  32. PreacherNny

    @urturtleismine really? It's not that hard to understand what he's saying most of the time...

  33. Patrick O'Connor

    @imperfection32 Betcha the band would be even more disdainful of some lotus eater attempting to encourage listeners to strip their work of any meaning beyond the musical notes. Just sayin'...

  34. Patrick O'Connor

    @dddux Not true. I am very fond of my duly elected county commissioner, he's a good man doing a tough job and deserves support, not kneejerk scorn. ;) You should take the angst you're directing at "by the people, for the people, of the people" government and heap it on the banksters who have hijacked our nation. Never forget...It's your government. Take it back, if you're man enough...

  35. signofsatan

    I think Al would be pissed off if you just listened to the music and not the message. that's it.

  36. happymint

    I have to full heartedly agree with you. I dont listen to Ministry for it's lyrics, because most of the time you cant clearly comphrehend what Al's saying. I LOVE Ministry's heavy music... I wish more bands were like Ministry, music-wise.

  37. Dalsir

    @dddux Guillotine is not bad either. And we can play bouling later.

  38. sinforall

    @jimmyboy2021 Thanks Jimmy. No, I played guitar on Ministry's "The Last Sucker", "Cover-Up", and the live "Adios, Puta Madres CD". And I also played and co-wrote Revolting Cocks "Sex-O Olympic-O", and "Got Cock?".

  39. sinforall

    @jimmyboy2021 Thanks very much man. Have you listened to the other material I did on The Last Sucker?

  40. sinforall

    @jimmyboy2021 Thanks man! Thats me on guitar. Sin...

  41. MrMethadrine

    Politicians r just washed up ex businessmen.

  42. Kevin J. Spampinato

    2 people don't have a good life.

  43. Michał Pa

    Raven - R.I.P

  44. Hugoj33


  45. ladyintheradiator187


  46. Pedro De Oliveira

    @uwiwithanuzi OBAMA IS A FUCKING SHIT! He lied to win votes! And with the racial thing.... Everyone waited for something good, but hope doesn't exist (never existed, is just a question of not accepting the loss) and he did nothing but shit

  47. Przemysław Rochester

    What a positive song = ]

  48. TofuBoi

    @dddux politics is gay

  49. dddux

    Every politician on Earth is corrupted. Let's burn them for an example. All.

  50. TigerMilitia

    Great album art it shows lots of conspiracy theories at once.

  51. beachmonkey124

    This band has such great music but chill out conspiracists. If anyone's brainwashed it's you.

  52. Maxander2001

    D E N N I S K U C I N I C H <--- You should vote for him if you are Great Satan ;)

  53. Maxander2001

    Dennis doesnt take corporate cash, how is he bought do you mean?

  54. Maxander2001

    I'm not so sure Alex Jones is not a big joke yet... Al is a bit misinformed when it comes to Obama for sure, and US politics in general if he thought a president who has been thoroughly bought will do more than the last corporate purchase. If it had been Dennis Kucinich and not Obama, I would have agreed some excitement was warranted.

  55. Maxander2001

    That's just so wonderfully ridiculous.. "tool of the socialist police state" ... and you think a corporate run society with NO influence from the PEOPLE will be a GOOD one? Thats so moronic it's 100% funny to me. Just because someone wrote something in a book, doesn't mean it is applicable outside their fantasy universe they build to back their case.

  56. libertarianjury

    I always wished Ministry would follow their informational roots, pure libertarian anarcho-capitalism, (not the Federal Reserve corporate slavery we have now) Too bad they were largely subverted by Jello Biafra, a libertine tool of the socialist police state. Like Harry Browne (and John Lydon) said: "This is what you want, this is what you get..." The government isn't burger king: you don't get it your way. Any government is TYRANNY. ie: Stefan Molyneux --read "Molon Labe" by Boston T. Party

  57. uwiwithanuzi

    Obama couldn't be a disappointment. I expected him to be fully owned by Wall Street/Big Business/the Military-Industrial-Complex, etc. and to do their bidding, because the Democrats are as useless as the Republicans these days. Thats why I voted for Nader.

  58. BlueGames


  59. uwiwithanuzi

    McCain, not McAain

  60. uwiwithanuzi

    Hey, that song and this album is great! Memo to Al: Stick around. If George W. Bush inspired you to make all this great music lately, you might get an even bigger asshole (McAain) to get your creative juices going before long.