Ministry - Khyber Pass Lyrics

Where's Bin Laden
Where's Bin Laden

He's probably runnin'
Probably hidin'

Some say he's livin' at the Khyber Pass
Others say he's at the Bush's ranch

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Ministry Khyber Pass Comments
  1. Eric Irwin

    The background looks like its supposed to be Desert Storm at night time cause you got the guy standing In the oil drum and the jets flying in the sky in the background and you can see antiaircraft fire and if you look closely and you can see oil pumps and the oil wells in Kuwait so this image I'm sure is depicting Operation Desert Storm!

  2. Davis Crossman

    Anyone got a liter German jaugger rare better jk 8ml too cup.lil cup

  3. Dulan Herath

    3:07 the moment we get chills

    Eric Irwin

    That moment from the Iraqis point of view over the horizon comes a bunch of hard charging marines and soldiers and Abrams tanks behind them ready for a tank battle and F-22s and Apaches and Cobra's flying over for air cover ready to fight to the death!

  4. Hondurez 7

    Time to get ready...

  5. Christian Estrada

    Días restantes de patrullaje en la compañía Delta 365

  6. Murder Doll

    "What's the best way to defuse a bomb?"
    "The way you don't blow up, Sir."
    "Spoken like a wild man."

  7. Andrew Wilson

    Ahhh Ministry when the world has kept throwing shade on me and the outcasts I’m a part of how this music is a healthy dose of fuck you step away from me or lay in dismay

  8. Broncycolon 70

    Rio grande blood? Oh r 2....but..hey....

  9. Dr Umang Gupta

    Before saboton made it cool

  10. Scott La Rock

    3:06 when I step out of my MRAP and set foot on the ground like Mel Gibson from We We’re Soldiers 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Kevin Gruetzner

    fuck ya

  11. t j

    Where's bin laden.. where's bin laden...

    t j

    He's dead. Thats where


    He's certainly not with Allah. Allah's make believe.

    j coup

    @rob16248 as is any man made "god".

    Alpha Draconis

    He's swimming with the fishes

  12. Fernando Adrián Pedernera

    why do i suddenly want to defuse bombs?

  13. Piotr Dybowski

    Who the fuck you are to tell me what i supossed think? When you realised you not only one, you should die. So i don't give a fuck. I don't care about you and your fucking problems, you have to be forgotten....

  14. JKnifeXXX

    2,920 days left on my contract

  15. Soerusuke Oneritzu


  16. Kat

    I love adventure travel, and I will listen to this when I travel through the Khyber Pass.

    Geo Patriarca

    Don't get your head cut off.....


    Hahaha I wouldn't advise a trip there

    Maaz Ahmed

    Inform me I swear You will enjoy Peshawar.


    unless you're in for some terrorist killing, i ain't with ya...

    Peruna Mies


  17. Soccer_Vance


  18. Cliff Wilson

    Fuck Muhammad.

  19. Krivbekneh Kami

    Turning 21 woo-hoo but I'm very very happy I grew up with this song. Thankfully have had it since I was young. Happy to spend the rest of my days with it.

  20. Millio

    Hurt Locker

    Eric Irwin

    A bomb is a locker waiting to be unlocked and unleash its hurt and pain on you! >BOOM<

  21. 101TheShape

    we don't know that much

  22. boi oh boi

    Must watch full speed

    Sanyam Jain

    It's interesting to say the least.

    AntiFem Glasscock

    Still good

  23. Carlos Machado

    Esta música é foda!

    Vincent Najger

    Você é um merda! Esta música é incrível. Dela vocais estão assombrando. 'Ministry' e Al Jourgensen são verdadeiramente principais compositores. Al fez música por quase 40 anos e tem um gênio musical especial. Um verdadeiro gênio ... eles são muito raros na indústria da música hoje. Sua música é sempre complexa, profunda e eu tenho arrepios toda vez que ouço essa música, então eu confio no gosto musical do meu cérebro. Espero que isso faça sentido ... Eu usei o aplicativo Google Translate

    Sandro deAssis

    Vincent Najger Ô sujeito, em que mundo você vive ? Não entende uma simples Gíria ?? "Foda"foi um elogio.

    Sebastian Rafiq



    @Vincent Najger esse é o tal do mula!

  24. Roymer Darío Plata Huertas

    Realtek +1 Karaoke.

  25. Tony Gasperetti

    Days left in Delta Company's Rotation:

    Vend Master






    Web Investigator

    Best movie ending ever