Ministry - Impossible Lyrics

I'm in love with a vicious grace
I see beauty in a terrified soul
A blackened heart and a poison mind
I can't recognize the cruel from the kind


Do unto others as they'd do unto you
Can't trust a soul unless you have one to trust
Times change and people die
Hate survives beyond the end of time


Inside the walls of human hate
Absolve yourself of all your pain and regret
It's like a junky on a 2 day sick love ignores me hate fixes quick


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Ministry Impossible Comments
  1. Thomas Butler

    This was my "get through my gf dumping me" song back when I was 20, tripping on mushrooms, nutmeg, and chain smoking cheap weed and stolen cigarettes down in the rural south.

  2. Samantha Ghost

    One of my top 10 favorite albums of all time

  3. Jean-François-Xavier Charbonneau de la Moricière

    Is only impossible to beat Thieves

  4. Dominique guérin

    comme la politique

  5. Dominique guérin

    musulmans juif chrétiens ect ect la plus grande escroquerie de l'etre humain

  6. Dominique guérin

    c'est dieu qui vous obligent à tuer des animaux rire

  7. Francis Bottoni

    Such a great song, sounds like something they could have done during their WaxTrax days!!!

  8. Chadwick Anderson

    Maybe the last decent album Ministry has done. House of the Mole was decent as well, but their past 3 albums are terrible.


    They got further away from industrial to their detriment. Barker is needed back to truly right this ship.

    Derek McCumber

    I think Ministry went from making great albums to great songs. Each album has 2 or 3 tracks I absolutely love, but the albums as a whole just don't do it for me. That's still better than the majority of aging bands.

  9. Francis Bottoni

    Why can’t they play stuff like this live 🤬😡

  10. Francis Bottoni

    Why can’t they play great stuff like this live😡

    Chadwick Anderson

    dean mastrantoni because they are a studio band

  11. J. Evans Creative Arts

    FornicaTOUR was my 1st Ministry show. Life changing!

  12. Blueshift

    The last great Ministry song.

  13. Feukka 1

    Two drummers

  14. giorgos vasiliou

    3:56 it's getting sick like a twisted mind on speed

  15. Vincent Najger

    stealing from Al Jourgensen...not cool BRO...NOT COOL...all do youselves
    a favour and help out one of the only true musicians left ...go and buy
    his albums (or listen to his new stuff Surgical Meth Machine)


    Al shares these uploads all the time on Ministry's Facebook page. He probably doesn't care either way.

    JVNTA -E m p i r Ǝ-

    yeah he literally doesn't care, musics for sharing anyways

    Paddy Campbell

    Dissemination is far from stealing...

    Paddy Campbell

    ...and I've bought the later stuff as well so my conscience is clear...


    I am in the process of buying all his stuff on CD.

  16. Elliot J

    I like the beginning of this song, where they are shaving the sheep with electric shears.

    C VB

    Didn't saw dat.

  17. Dave K

    cant stop listening to this song/album. thanks for the upload and thanks uncle AL, Mr. Barker for years of torment. KILLER.


    this really is a genius album. Alot of people discredit anything past Psalm 69 but i got into em at like 10 when Spoon was out & grabbed Filth Pig too. I dig every album there all unique in their own way. This is riddled with bass like Filth & Spoon. Hell even Houses of the Mole was killer. Relapse is killer too













  24. Jeff Ha

    Rey Washam's drum fills on this are amazing. It's too bad he had a falling out with Al. I really missed his drumming on Ministry's next five albums.


    +Jeff Ha Do you know what happened between the two of them?


    +asfsdasd I don't know myself, but considering how Barker had a falling out with Al as well I'm guessing it's something to do with Al's personality

    Francis Bottoni

    Jeff Ha ur wrong that’s Max Brody on drums, pal😸👁😡

    Jeff Ha

    ​@Francis Bottoni Nope, you're wrong. It's Washem. Try looking at the song credits.

    Francis Bottoni

    Jeff Ha fuck off asshat

  25. Wongjong Jr

    Great song I remember listening to this back in high school 2003.

  26. lolliwag

    sounds like alternative nuwave industrial...damn, this is a great record: Animositisomina, seems overlooked like Filth Pig~Max Brody drums on here is Killer! Barker's bass is raw & organic. Jourgensen's guitar skills are visceral & enchanting even...Hence, yet another "cult classic" lp for da history books! 

  27. b sher

    i dunno kaif is fucking dark

  28. Oerg Poerg

    Houses of the Molé is a top 5 Ministry album, maybe even top 3. But albums from Rape & Honey to Filth Pig are all great. Spoon and Animositisomina have their moments, but unfortunately some weak tracks.

  29. Steve Dick

    feel liok eim getting fucked in me ears !

  30. lolliwag

    kinda like the Bush Trilogy now...the key to achieving enjoyment of post-Barker Ministry is to just realize its like an entirely new band & cuz Al is the boss, he still calls it Ministry to rake in the big bucks! After all, Capitalism Rules, kiddies!

  31. lolliwag

    wow, ur like my brother from another Mother!!

  32. malyfromhell74

    oo yeah, and Test Dept.

  33. harryfromwork

    went on a Ministry binge at a used CD shop a while back (had been living abroad and missed out on many albums) and I agree listening to them while driving down the road at night is the BEST way to listen to Ministry, esp. if it's the first time listening!

  34. djanzon

    Flirted with industrial? A little more than that I would say, being involved with and writing for Skinny Puppy and FLA. Not to mention some of the early Ministry records.. ..
    When it comes to Industrial Metal, Ministry is THE Original band..

  35. Junglist3345

    Ministry is NOT alternative. They are Industrial. And the Anti-Bush trilogy animosity included are great albums.

  36. rivethead1982

    To this day, I do not understand why most alternative music fans have problems with every Ministry album after Psalm 69. "Impossible" is a good song and an ideal one to drive to at night. "Broken" was wicked cool :) Plus, "WKYJ" and "World" are the most played Ministry songs on my ipod and I've got most of their albums anyway. Fans need to open up a little.