Ministry - Death And Destruction Lyrics

"Now I hear the voices and I know the speculation (uh) but I am the
decider (uh) and I decide what is best (uh) what's best (uh) death and
destruction, death and destruction (uh) death and destruction (uh)
death and destruction (uh)"

You go to war without a care in the world
No matter what the cost
Must be a reason for all this treason
It never mattered if we won or lost

You want it
You got it
You break it
You bought it

Stuck in the middle of a civil war
Well what the fuck do you expect
Our occupation of other nations
Is bound to have a fucking violent effect

You want it
You got it
You brake it
You bought it

So what, you always try to go to war
but you never went
It doesn't matter if blood is splattered
We make a killing off the ones that we send

You want it
You got it
You brake it
You bought it

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Ministry Death And Destruction Comments
  1. Kevin Bennett

    Uncle Al. he's a good boy. aka Shitz N Dripz. way better than GG Allin!

  2. Kevin Bennett

    man Uncle Al, how can you tolerate America today? its freakin tres horrible! everyone I ever know moved to Europe; well, they hang out with the devil, pray to their god, and they've been stimulating the masses for their profit since before the first world war! freemasons trilaterals and the like....

  3. Sons Of Liberty

    They should make an album with a real terrorist.. Obama. Ministry never talks about the elitists who are leftists which are all of them. The right wing will save America. Oh if you are antifa.. I hope you die.


  5. Matt Aaron

    Al Jewgensson has some weird fetish with the Bush family. Wonder if he would even have a career without them? He's as beholden to Al Qaeda as any politician.

  6. Gohot229

    my little america

  7. Владислав Смирнов

    Death metal meets acid house

  8. Nebojsa Maric

    Love this kind of ministry.. It is like jesus buiil my hr and warp city. Like no stopping till the end. Best as always

  9. Humppy TheClown

    Why does this remind me of Rio Grande Blood?

    D H

    Humppy TheClown because it is the sequel to Rio Grande Blood

  10. Giedrius Raščiauskas


  11. Jim Lewis

    Yee hah

  12. Sam Long


  13. CRASH


  14. James Gann

    Haven’t heard Ministry since the 90s! They’ve gotten harder! Hell ya!

  15. Martin Markko

    Wake up EUROPE! AMERICA! SAY NO TO "IMMIGRANTS" and SAY NO TO "REFUGEES" who wants only to destroy your country

    Not Crazy

    Too late, because Bush already wanted to destroy the world and he had the power to do it.

    D H

    Get ready for WWIII

    D H

    You know ministry is against your opinion don’t you!?

  16. Cameron Ratliff

    You go to war without a care in the world
    No matter what the cost
    Must be a reason for all this treason
    It never mattered if we won or lost

    You want it
    You got it
    You break it
    You bought it

    Stuck in the middle of a civil war
    Well what the fuck do you expect
    Our occupation of other nations
    Is bound to have a fuckin violent effect

    You want it
    You got it
    You brake it
    You bought it

    So what, you always try to go to war
    But you never went
    It doesn't matter if blood is splattered
    We make a killing off the ones that we send

    You want it
    You got it
    You brake it
    You bought it

  17. Quantum Decoherence

    Makes Slayer sound like Taylor Swift. Long live Ministry

    Yiorgios Vazouras

    The God Effect I strongly disagree with this. Love ministry and the hard, thrashy/industrial sound they had in the 2000s, but Slayer is Slayer. Nothing is ever gonna beat stuff like Reign in Blood or Seasons in the Abyss.


    @Yiorgios Vazouras rightly said

    D H

    Slayer is too mainstream metal

    kirk sevier

    Slayer is still great though

  18. Michał Knobloch

    knoblo 😎

  19. Intellectual Blackhole

    I love that beginning, makes it feel like dubyuh is a little cockroach crawling around.

  20. Michael Teale

    what do you say ?killer music  for all hyposickos? chemichael.m.alien.t.eelS ALL FUCKING HELL UNLEASHED UPON ALL LIFES SUCKSUCKERS?5/4/66+6=??

    Michael Teale


  21. Sam Peterson

    "You go to war without a care in the world, no matter what the cause!"

  22. Todd Stewart

    Ministry makes their best albums when the republicans are in control. If Trump is elected, Al's gonna let loose on him worse than Bush.


    Wrong, if Hillary got in he would be giving her hell for here interventionism had trump not got in.

    Genuine Weeb

    It's 2019 and the midterms have already passed and so far Trump seems to have done more good for this country than the past 5 presidents. I will now conveniently sit here and laugh at everyone in this comment thread for thinking Trump would kickstart the next dark age.


    Album-WORLD WIDE W.E.B.

    Beyond The Grave

    i am from the future. amerikkant sucks

  23. Michael Teale

    classic MINISTRY oh yeah?

  24. Mr. Destroyer

    UH.... Death and Destruction.

  25. J.Omar Rivera

    You Break It, You Bought It! Yeah! #911

  26. Michael Teale


  27. Das Institut

    Looking at a My Little Pony picture....hearing in my head: "Death and Destruction" and typing it in the searchbar. Now I'm here. Hello.

  28. will hall

    U WANT IT??? U GOT IT!!!!!

    John Doe

    yeah buddy

  29. Gamaliel Antonio Guzman Martinez


    Den Bn

    Gamaliel Antonio Guzman Martinez c est cool so bb

    migit matador

    HELL YES....Every Time....

  30. David Taylor

    I think it is ignorant of people to blame Obama.  He is nothing more than the predecessor of the puppets before hand.



    Ferathon and Myth

    Sheep are what presidents are elected by. Sheep is what every American is. Our country image regardless of who is president is who we are to the rest of the world. There are 200 countries in the world and most people don't know who leads any but their own.

    David Taylor

    @Brett Highsmith
    my bad. You're correct.


    @John Doe It's been SIX. FUCKING. YEARS.  How long until Obama has any responsibility whatsoever with you imbeciles?

    Inb4 "RACIST!!!!!!"

    migit matador

    Be careful(thinking independently) you may find what you weren't looking for.

  31. Bob Dole

    hah I fucking love Ministry.

  32. Bryan Zwei

    There are plenty of bands more brutal than Slayer.

  33. gizzer553

    IT s not what THEY want - 5 % of People- it s WHAT WE WANT
    not to react with brain - oh, frightening, FEAR
    but to react with
    HEART - wait a second
    YOU, WE and I are all ONE consciousness !

  34. dark1ankh

    This is more brutal than Slayer !

    Barto Wolfgang

    No digas mamadas!

  35. camroc32

    its embarassing that the u.s. is seen as the force behind *it.

  36. Nick

    No, Obama is more retarded

  37. Nick

    Obama is a communist muslim, far worse than Bush, who was not even that bad.

    D H

    Nick I see... so your far right I presume.

  38. Nick

    He's not stupid, he's fucking right, Obama is a fucking terrible president (worse than Bush, who wasn't even that bad) and there is always oppression by the upper elite. Progressive liberals are the worst of the worst anyway.

    D H

    Nick you know this song is against bush don’t you?

  39. emmanuel gerber

    i piss of the grave of fucking president weapon dealer death dealer

  40. TheEFTuner

    if you combine KMFDM + White Zombie you get .... this super energy upload

    D H

    TheEFTuner If you combine ministry with ministry... you get MINISTRY.
    The bands you mentioned came AFTER ministry. NOT BEFORE.

  41. Ishmael Kipling

    Damn, I love Ministry. Not only can they jam, they're also politically minded.

  42. CelldwellerX

    When money rules, death & destruction happens. All hail President Money!

  43. cloudparter

    You made a typo. You forgot the R before awful.

  44. cloudparter

    Holy shit this is like oldschool thrash Ministry. Love it.

  45. j n

    true. in politics to get to a congressman and president you have to work for THEM - regardless being formally rep or dem.. white or black, liberal or cons..- this is for masses, a theatre, farse..

  46. Dudeslove

    Ministy still rule

  47. Neakob

    Damn...I must see a video of that soung LIVE....

  48. Neakob

    I agree with you. But you could also check Project For A New American it...and you'll find some link with Bush policies. Basicly, Iraq was suposed to be transform into a lighthouse of democratie for the rest of the muslim world (LOL).


    Are you seriously going as so far as to call Obama a "progressive"?

  50. AnOriginalName

    Um no. He's been De-escalating the wars and in fact has ended the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, now he's sent troops to places like Libya but that's not an official war, and that was just flying planes not a full scale conventional invasion. The thing though is that all of this is based off of 90's conflicts, Bush hoped to be out quick in Iraq just like his Dad was in Panama but it didn't work out that way, Obama acted like Clinton and just supports standard armies instead of landing his own.

  51. AnOriginalName

    Well that's because of his voter base, they were insanely religious. In fact many hoped that when the US invaded Iraq they would bring over missionaries and convert the Arabs to Christianity.

    The war wasn't entirely over religious reasons, the main reason was to get rid of an enemy while they were weak before they became too powerful and to crush another dictatorship. It wasn't the most intelligent move but idealistic nonetheless.

  52. yenifer adirex

    es bakano muy metaleroooo

  53. slitherlock

    geeeeeeetar fire! dr dr dr drummmm cannons! ba ba ba bass bullllllets! ШдЯ!!

  54. Marco GM

    @Papawill13 Exept bush is retarted

  55. sxp2high

    never trust a bush; unless its burning!

  56. Aztechyian

    the truth about all this shit, is that they're right - US government is the most evil tryranny our planet knows. Seems like no one can do shit to stop it. Your world is gonna change soon - and things are gonna get much worse. Another world war can't be too far away if it isn't already happening, the way these evil fucks go about making an enemy out of everyone and starting a war everywhere. They don't want peace, and they dont' want freedom. They want you enslaved and indebted - simple

  57. churchofme

    Gotta agree with MrDobby12345, what are you talking about @ibanezmancons ? which war in particular? Did You Know: Julian Assange helped bring about the 'Arab Uprising' and some poor fucker will get life for it...

  58. Edward Coombs

    so i stumble across this video and there is talk of obama starting wars? wtf people?

  59. djanzon

    The new Ministry record "Relapse" cover i revealed..
    Check out Revolver Mag online!
    Also: New Ministry song in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement on iTunes today, called "99%"

  60. Darlene-Ashley Cheleze

    one thing that gets lost in the politics is this -- the music is very good here. thats why i come here.

  61. truthIsStranger

    You're wrong. The majority of America's soldiers want to come home. Ron Paul has been promising this since the beginning in 2006 and this year he has recieved more contributions from the enlisted than all of the other republican candidates put together, and even more than the sitting president. They know he's right about the wars, they are there and have seen it is wrong.

    ^^^ Don't let this fruitcake convince you his bullshit is true. ^^^

  62. fritzfritz

    @keyster76 my friend received dishonorable discharge from the army when he refused to continue murdering in the name of the USA in an illegally waged war

  63. huerta25264

    @MawBTS lol! props

  64. happymint

    after he got out of office he stated that god told him to start the iraq war. what a crazy religious bumpkin

  65. Papawill13

    @ibanezmancons Yet as of today, Obama has started as many Wars as Bush has. Just as many people are Dying now but no one cares. Maybe this song is about the Hypocrites who think its OK for a Progressive Liberal to spread Death and Destruction but then turn into "Peace Loving Hippies" when someone they disagrees with does it? Fact is Groups of People have always oppressed the Individual and Brought Death and Destruction to them.

    Be an Individual, Do Not Join Groups

  66. MawBTS

    George Bush is cool

  67. anthony americano

    This is not a love song . . .

  68. Norman Hall

    this song is so cool to drink to

  69. RussX5Z

    Wow this is the heaviest I've ever heard from Ministry. This is Al Jourgensen on Speed and Whiskey! Ha ha!

  70. AndradeZ2

    hahaha yea its bush xDD

  71. Black Dahlia

    @beachmonkey124 lololololol but its funny because your government is losing shitloads of money and they still havent found those "weapons of mass destruction" but don't worry they will put them there.

  72. Bob Dole

    @beachmonkey124 agreed, they chose to live that life,no one forced them too

  73. thomas coughlin

    @keyster76 thats the danm truth i prase your words. thank you. bush tryed, but mabe he did not go to war enough. he was fighting revolte with his hads tied he loved america im sure of that.

  74. pkunzipstardotstar

    @keyster76 So why are you there? I thought they bred soldiers not to question.

  75. lolliwag

    Drums are excellent on here...quite driven & rocking tune!

  76. Relentless

    @RWW001 Well i fuckin love Bush, if it wasnt for him this badass song wouldn´t exist

  77. King178

    Lol at the George Bush laugh effects

  78. Van Eyce

    @horiapopescu1 lolzy

  79. jackkoffin1

    This song isn't about the soldiers overseas so much as the politicians who commit to war without really sacrificing anything themselves or being overly concerned with the lives that are ruined in the process. Are they sending soldiers to fight because the nation depends on it, or because the politicians themselves have something to gain?

  80. horiapopescu1

    Fuck War for Oil! Bush will play tick tack toe with Saddam in hell

  81. Daryl Willsey


  82. Gonkosan Roberto

    i just fucking love ministry

  83. frenchhy

    @keyster76 Two words, CRUDE OIL!!!

  84. erjeg

    @beachmonkey124 The thing is not about people being drafted, it is because the fucked up system that the USA harbours causes people to be homeless and unemployed, the army being the only way for people to actually have a chance for survival. It's a concealed obligation.

  85. Dear Diarheha

    For some reason this sounds better than the HQ version.

  86. Akshaysic

    I think Bush would've looked uglier without the photoshopping.

  87. DJxOCEANx

    someone needs to make an obama version of this

  88. FridayTeardrop

    @deathtrapdeath bush was the one addicted to whiskey and cocaine and thats proven, so i guess obama might be the better pick even if u might not like him ... and godless? to improve the health system is for sure less godless than startin a war for oil :-P

  89. FridayTeardrop

    @AustinJohnson07 nice idea but reallity works different; if u would do that then u only would have the same bullshit like before or worse. now imagine if the troops would have left my country right after kickin adolf in the butt, nothing would have changed other than some idiot hard heads would have tried again to conquer the world and even if they left after decades still: some ideas still live on

  90. FromTheMarshess

    What is that vocal distortion unit they use on this song? (It's really effective!)

  91. Robert

    @silvatos3720 thank you for that comment

  92. Patrick Kays

    to expound on keyster76s comment we dont question why we were over there due to we have a job to do but i questiond at what cost but then i answerd the cost of its our job to do bad things so good people innocent people can sleep at nite and it was payed with the blood of those bad men doing good things

  93. jaysun76

    @ibanezmancons hell i enlisted on my own free will. if you saw what its like over there you would understand. not a soldier alive or dead questions why we are there

  94. Michael Johnson

    For all the Obama people, what happend to pulling all the troops out of Iraq? Not all of them are gone. Another promise for a slazeball compared to a used car salesmen. Obama is not the fucken pope compared to Bush. Sorry He is just another failure in the Whitehouse.

  95. Michael Johnson

    Ministry is a fu**en awesome band, being a total understatment. I do not think this track is anything great. Mostly George W Bush lines over and over and over. The intro is kinda kickass untill the annoying Bush lines over and over. I think saying these lines is enough to know you don't like Bush and he's awful. Well Bush is gone now I'm waiting for Obama to go out of office very soon. Bottom line one sucked as president and another bad one enters the Whitehouse.

  96. Armagon9177

    i find this all very interesting. while hating on Bush is completely fine it's not like he attacked this innocent country where the children and people all danced around with gleaming smiles. the place is a shit hole with a bunch of assholes. i really don't think Ministry should've focused so much on this. maybe an EP or something. give me Land of Rape and Honey 2.0 or something.

  97. Obscure Catalonia

    Bush is annunaki?