Ministry - Broken Lyrics

Grab yourself a partner
Swing her 'round the town
Walk the dog and do-se-do
Before you tie her down

Anesthetize and fantasize
Watch those dreams come true
A riding crop, a lollipop
A tank of nitrous too

Because you're broken

Bang! Bang! Bootyier
Broken down and done.
Triple XXX and filthy sex
An overloaded gun

Discipline and bondage
Leather mask and nuns
A topless girl
A string of pearls
A wad of bubble cum

An angel's broken wing
Kept confidential
We keep inside our secret things

What's the price of pleasure?
What's the price of pain?
Rapture or deliverance
Beneath a golden rain

Swap and swing and sissy spank
The middle-class defined
Or those who swim the deep end...
Where sex and death combine

Because you're broken [repeated and faded out]

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Ministry Broken Comments
  1. Dave K

    I know Uncle AL hates this and chooses to forget this album, I don't blame sucked huge ass for him at the time. BUT...the chaos he was dealing with spit out some raw and fucking demented music that I happen to relate with and cherish. Thanks AL, for suffering through a miserable hell and letting ud relish in your pain...its still good shit old man. Proves your better than most on your worst day, we love you ya PRICK! lol.

  2. Cthulhu’s Abode

    I love that riff

  3. Steamed Aurora Borealis

    1:28 I wish the whole song could have been more similar to that style. The pseudo hillbilly ho-down parts kind of ruin it for me, but when it shifts to this style it's beyond awesome.

  4. Mangy 2 Fly

    Sounds like Psalm 69.

    Grommende Hond

    sounds like Ministry


    fuck me fuck you fuck jesus fuck the jews fuck you all!!! etc etc etc etc./... they couldnt relay all that lyrical content etc.. to whom? well, if you get to see the country i live in....

  6. eradeziel

    Love it.

  7. Enrico Franchi

    I fucking love this song !