Ministry - Animosity Lyrics

Drunk skinhead with an attitude
Doing circles like a shark with his food
If someone tries to turn the other cheek
He disappears in a yellow streak


The only world I know is drowning in rage
I'm underwater from my dreams to the stage
In any language that you learn to speak
Love is listed and defined as weak


Animosity and common hate
Feeds the hungry on an empty plate
A bitter taste and the promise of pain
Fills you up while the soul is drained!


Animositisomina [repeat]

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Ministry Animosity Comments
  1. vincent allen

    Weak    ANIMOSITY  needs no words.  C.O.C.

  2. Enrico Franchi

    Heavy as fuck!

  3. Andrew Beech

    MINISTRY was Paul Barker.

  4. Alan Oriordan

    My favorite ministry album 🤘🤘

  5. Andrew Bores

    666 Likes. Keep it there

  6. Chris Brown

    This song will keep you moving in bed. JuzZaYn🍌🍯😏

  7. Ejhecatzil Inukaze

    Great song, coming from one bunch of skin-pussy-heads

  8. Владислав Смирнов


  9. Владислав Смирнов

    Скажите, пожалуйста, это искаверканное диско или искаверканный эмбиент? Ведь даже орки являются искаверканными эльфами ! Так и это -либо искаверканное диско, либо искаверканный эмбиент !!! ТРЕТЬЕГО НЕ ДАНО !!!!

    Anton Cuguarov

    Скорее низкочастотный эмбиент

    Владислав Смирнов

    @Anton Cuguarov да , индустриал это либо диско , либо эмбиент !

  10. blazej6667

    ceux qui critiquent ministry pour leurs albums politiques allez vous faire foutre vous n'avez rien à foutre sur cette page go lire du marsault et fermez bien votre gueule surtout

  11. Francis Bottoni

    The drumming reminds me of a more progressive Marky Ramone!!!

  12. Francis Bottoni

    Feels like hardcore punk Goth through the funnel of an industrial metal barricade...fucking priceless...that Persian Cyber guitar solo is fuvkin epic!!

  13. Francis Bottoni

    Uncle Anal Al’s Voice was still resilient and fresh sounding back then...but now he just sounds tired and like a decrepit geezer suffering from rage disorder and stage 3 Dementia/Senility 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️🛸🛸🙀🛸

  14. Kyle Rein

    Ahh... the last real Ministry album. Unconditional love for uncle/grandpa Al but this was the last real Ministry!! Bummer

  15. Michael Teale

    great album underrated?


    Adam Grossman (Angkor Wat/Skrew) supplied those boss riffs.

  17. Bobby Peru

    "In the third rank we shall set up our own
    ,to all appearance,opposition...
    Our real opponents at heart will accept this
    simulated opposition as their own and will
    show us their cards ...our subjects will
    be convinced to the existance of full
    freedom of speech "

    Protocols of Zion 12:11

  18. Adolph Oliver Bush

    The riff is savage, man.

  19. Mallory Johns


  20. richard roberts

    controversial but this is the album I enjoyed the most. I love them all but this one destroys my speakers. ha ha

  21. Gemini Stabbs

    *sees star of david over goat's nose.*


  22. Paddy Campbell

    I'm drunk, skinhead with an attitude....

    God Bless Uncle Al 😀

  23. Juan jimenez

    This song was my childhood

    Devix Szell

    mine too. lets fuckin save the world.

  24. Geoffrey Potter

    Play at 1.25 speed. Still melts faces.

    Chad Miller

    +Geoffrey Potter 0.5 is kind of tripped out


    1.25 sounds like "Houses of the Mole"
    0.5 sounds like "Filth Pig"

  25. Michael Teale


  26. Digital Oeigami

    this whole mf album is KICK ASS!!!!

  27. ghasha gal

    "Piss" miss.

  28. Deadshovel

    The last great ministry album. After this, Al just used the mic to vent political views even well after the fad passed, like a comedian who quits being funny and just shows up to talk about politics. Left or right, I just find political songs boring and tired.

    Wizard of Ass

    +Zombiecrush75 Ministry was always fairly political, it wasn't until Houses of the Mole that they focused solely on it.

    b sher

    +Zombiecrush75 barker leaving left a hole that was never replaced. filth, dark, and this are my favourite ministry.


    +Zombiecrush75 Ministry has always been political. They were just more subtle and creative about it. Agree, Al went for the sledge hammer with his political views after this.



    William Hollaway

    Well that's you some of us care about our future for the people that will be here after us

  29. Mr. Midnight

    Underrated album, even by Jourgensen himself, and this is one of their best songs.

    Count Doomiest

    KrisFrosz133 if you think they were best pals then apparently you've never read Al's book. Check it out, it's really good.

    Nulevoe Krylo

    Couldn't disagree more. Ministry was never a disappointment since or before Paul. Now Ministry without Al is a paradoxical mutant.

    Feukka 1

    Nulevoe Krylo there is no Ministry without Al. I missed a show last friday..are they touring without Al? Lel

    Feukka 1

    KrisFrosz133 put yourself in his shoes though. Guy almost had to have his arm amputated but he kept writing. Good for us but i can imagine why he doesn't favor this album.

    mark blum

    Jourgensen is fucked in the head.

  30. Looney-Tick Productions

    There are no Ministry without Paul Barker.

    Rados Milicevic
    masterpiece !


    Until the Last Sucker

    Máquina Humanoide

    but there is SKREW with Paul Barker. ;) Go check it out...

    Matt Collins

    Looney-Tick Productions meh. I miss him too...but i dunno.


    That's weird, cause I'm listening to Ministry right now and Baker is nowhere to be found. Last time I remember, Baker left on his on accord.🤔

  31. Evandro M


  32. Sarcasm McJackass

    could someone make an infinite loop starting at 4:03-the end?


    Just pop this song in Audacity and you could do it yourself in a few minutes. I do it all the time to cut out annoying parts of songs.

  33. Bringer of Light Phenox

    This was the last ministry album I liked. I don't care for much after this one. But I love this and all before.

    yesterdays' papers

    Murder INC. ~maybe


    That something was a brilliant industrial musical sense. Without him they went way more metal, and not the good kind. The boring, repetitive kind.

    Nyarlathotep 22

    Suckers Jourguensen is better stand alone than with baker prove your wrong House of the Mole is the better and contundent album from Ministry whatever No know over music classics fans without brain.

    Seth Matthews

    @Nyarlathotep 22 the last 3 albums suck tho.

  34. HonourtheFire

    Awesome track.  By the way, I bought it on iTunes.  Support Ministry!

    Ezeekial Zoratium

    This is one of the few Ministry CDs I still need to buy to complete my collection of their discography

  35. centosx

    left right does it really fucking matter just another play on fucking words blasting out that square fucking thing against the wall and people like you suck that shit up like it's going to run out soon. Hopefully it will when all those fuck are slaughtered on the streets from angry mobs that they created. it's all the same shit douche bag crap fuck em all.....

  36. L3dtube

    i likeyor aviator

  37. Gino Sauerbier

    As perfect as it can be!

  38. zzGRENDELzz

    Left wing? The boys have had it in for the Bush family since 1992... Bless 'em.


    Although Al seemed to dislike the results of the 2016 election.


    @handsomebrick i don't blame him both canidates were shit.

  39. Joe Rusche

    Balls deep!

  40. Gabriel de Cool

    When I listen to this, I see a giant flood of pissed off people taking over the streets of NY, surrounding a lonely media holder who is crying and living his final moments. The people are stoning him to death, unleashing all the inner rage that the asshole made them accumulate over the years. Footage of the 9/11 coverage plays in the background, on TV sets that replaced the skyscrapers' windows. It's an ultraviolent popular turnaround on the system.

  41. Dawn Harper

    not my habbit or desire lamb makes my stomic sour cant eat veil something about it haha
    i like pork and beaf yada yada yada tryed most of all standerd atleast once not ever geting fucked but eh ya call me smi if not just adhd ima good guy somewhat

  42. lolliwag

    the opening drums is militant nihilist bliss!! LUV DIS SHITE, MANBOYZ!

  43. howabout o'goaway

    they were always lefty as fuck to be fair

  44. Curtis Sterling

    I think the guitar riff for this song goes well and interesting, I enjoy how this song unfolds.


    I love that guitar loop after chorus. So industrial it sounds like a machine almost.

  46. Van Calloway

    I believe he sort of is, he just runs the same word together if im not mistaken

  47. Dave L.

    I'm all out of bubble gum.

  48. DJ hardmous

    Fucking AGREED! Great album. Last real Ministry album before they descended into that stupid left-wing thrash bullshit. Shit went downhill when Paul Barker left.

  49. Stalkyer

    u right "A" is the last Ministry's production with that awesome sick mojo!

  50. Sunshine The Werewolf

    @handsomebrick Yeah he is.

  51. Alejandro Mujica

    @handsomebrick I'm pretty sure he is towards the end. So fucking hard, man.

  52. handsomebrick

    I could swear he's actually saying "animositisominatimosomina"


    handsomebrick because he is.


    Hes an alcoholic. Duh.

  53. dekkard

    From the newer ones this and Rio Grande Blood are killer songs!

  54. kokomotoysonline


  55. infiniti2006

    This song destroys.