Mini Thin - I Got Ya Lyrics

Fuck your trucks, fuck yo shine
Don't nobody believe your rhymes
[?] you with your fishing lines
Talking [?] the snitching line
Dudes wanna cry when the mic is stowed
Dudes wanna die when the day was fold
[?] truth be told
But damn it boy destruction go
Fervent, insane, but working delay
[?] pain it's on my name
Never tame a lane, pointing fingers blame
But please understand we're not the same
David [?] unleash the monster
John Connor like call your sponsor
[?] my brothers keep up
Let me introduce you to the reaper
Lock your four wheels hills are steeper
Hit my rhymes [?] deeper
Going off like a 90s beeper
Speed it up don't be a creeper
Tickets back to Venus chapter
Car collector, I'm convalector
Takes those rhymes in a trust receptor
I [?] but I'm in the skies
Six shooters, straight blast [?]
Out your circle, ring of lies
Damn it boy it's your demise
Deep in the [?] you wanna bitch shit
Many more twisted [?] stick shift
Little motivates [?] trucks and lift kit
If you ain't live it you don't spit shit

I got ya
I got ya
I got ya
I got ya

Here I'll catch this hand grenade
As I demonstrate how fans are made
Real life, no anime
Get a track up, no anime
More like [?]
My arm bars make a phone snap
They listen in like a phone tap
I'ma throw back to when hip hop
Was real lyrics on a cold track
And they know so they crowd around me
Like a bonfire on a cold night
Paranormal activity in the studio
When I ghost write
The lights flickers and the chairs move
While I'm exorcising my demons
Got 20 voices inside my head
And everyone of them screaming
Finish, I'm a gladiator
Leave him leaking like a radiator
Whack M.C. eradicator
Sick of liars and exaggerators
You ain't about what you talking
Playing [?] walking
White boys that shoot good
Like we suiting up for [?]
In the mid 80s I'm a bit crazy
Should be insane cuz this shit's shady
Working hard for 20 years
Tryna get money and get lazy
Till then I'm going in
Wreck anybody that steps me
Team strong [?]
Damn it boy it's the legacy, let's go

I got ya
I got ya
I got ya
I got ya

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Mini Thin I Got Ya Comments
  1. Buck LaPorte

    Ch. 9 on CB (27.065 MHz AM)
    God bless mini. Stay clean

  2. Buck LaPorte

    LUKE 22:36

  3. Bobby Krueger

    i heard your song's and i feer in love with your stuff not jusy one 1 or 2 all of tnem live yaman you fr awsome. B.J. B.

  4. Luciano Alonso

    I'll probably be the type of person who'll start a mosh pit

  5. Regina Herndon

    WOW....this f**ckin awesome!!!

  6. Jake Moon

    Bring mini thin to cville
    VA keep it coming.

  7. Leon Wheatley

    damn love it. northern brother. love the south.

  8. Straightdipper Raynes

    He’ll yeah yee yee

  9. Jason Huitt

    Hell, yeah Mini rocking it from Southern Missouri....

  10. Nerds Corner

    Content vs romans. I wll name mini thin

  11. Nerds Corner

    Masterpiece skin

  12. Nikki love Rex cupp Chapman


  13. curt youngblood

    Love this

  14. Les Chapman

    love your sound keep it coming

  15. Bobby Lee

    My dude

  16. Leslie Powers

    Killing man!!! Keep it up!!! ❤

  17. grim daniel

    damn mini thin killing this shit keep it up

  18. Bill Holloway

    #regfam for life

  19. austin hawkins

    hell yeah man!! keep up the good work #regfam #hillbillymurder

  20. Zach Hornsby

    this song is bad as fuck

  21. Nathan

    This should be the next song you do a video to

  22. Greg Boggess


  23. Crystal Davis

    love it. get it

  24. Crystal Davis

    bad ass love it

  25. outlawleatherlord922

    I love this

  26. t cply

    black n decker pecker wrecker lol, i remember that joke from way back in the 60's,, born raised in wv, a lot your song are about me some, keep it up my man. live long and prosper

  27. Warren tippett

    This shit goes hard

  28. Joe krause

    This song to me is the best song ever written

  29. Shelley Winstead

    love it

  30. EWF Breach

    epic as always mini

  31. Christy Layfield

    love it like always .. kicking ass always .. #regfamily in Jacksonville FL

  32. Joe krause

    This is my favorite song on the new album

  33. Kevin Davis

    shit goes in ....

  34. Dave F

    hey brother I think I wake up my neighbors blaring the song Keep It Up with the real messages you have regfam for life

  35. Nathan

    Loving the guitar riffs in this one. Hope you go Gold with this one. You deserve it.

  36. Harold Via

    NICE ! I was the7000th view..great job having that many in a day or so

  37. Tabitha Mcmillian

    hell yea this song is bad a$$ mini thin ur music is bad @$$ #regfam 4 life

  38. Josh Dunn

    sick as fuck man keep this shit up

    Mini Thin


  39. Lindsey Lamons

    lovin it!!!! and love you mini thin

  40. Ya Boy Johnny

    keep it up love this shit mini

    Mini Thin

    appreciate it

  41. McLain ModdingTM

    I love this song

  42. Justin Clinger

    You never fail to amaze great song.

  43. Lee Patton

    this dued is a best

  44. Carrie Duncan

    Love it

    Mini Thin

    thank you

  45. Isaiah Shaffer

    Great music!

    Mini Thin

    much appreciated

  46. Joe krause

    Great song

  47. Evelyn Womack

    bad ass ♡♡♡♡

  48. Aaron Hoodbilly El Jefe Bennett

    Woohoo! That's a supabanger

    Mini Thin

    preciate it boss

  49. Travis Sullivan

    every song you sing is good there's not one song that I don't like

    Mini Thin

    because they aren't gimmicks. they are the truth.

  50. Brenda White

    awesome music i love you mini thin ur the best

    Mini Thin


  51. King Phil

    very bad ass track

    Mini Thin

    thanks hoss

  52. brutalictesku

    Awesome tune!

  53. Michael Wright

    That shit off the chain mane. Go hard

    Mini Thin

    thanks boss #RegFam

  54. TypicalGamerLover Dan

    I love it lyrics hit it right on

  55. Lisa Carlin

    another hit

    Mini Thin


  56. Marlaina Rhodes

    Keep it up mini thin! 😍

  57. The Confederate President

    Keep it up Mini. Love it.

    Mini Thin

    they couldn't stop me if they tried.

  58. Cody Rust


  59. Dan Ambrose

    I Love It All The Way God Bless Save The South

    Mini Thin


    Luciano Alonso

    me wearing a cowboy hat, silver skull necklace, & Metallica shirt is how I illustrate it to myself

  60. monstersDHJR gaming/ vlog

    damn bud killing it again.

  61. Talesia Roberts


  62. Tracy Kennedy

    couldn't expect no better!! hell yeaaaaa

  63. Stormy Miller

    bad ass!

  64. Hunter Jenkins

    Bad a$$

  65. Hunter Jenkins

    Awesome music

  66. 389jmb

    love your sound bro..keep it up!!