Mineo, Andy - Reflections Rough W_Horns & Break.mp3 Lyrics

I'm probably the king of overthinkin'
Avoidin' pitfalls but it's always opportunities I'm missin'
Man, I'm scared to make a bad decision
'Cause you live with 'em, they eat your food, then leave you with the dishes
Man, we quick to talk, we ain't fast to listen
Jesus walked but He sat with sinners
So if you lost, ask for a visit
We bring our need and then He bring forgiveness
To give yourself away, that's the highest form of livin'
Listen, the other day, I ran into a fan
Gettin' a sonogram at the hospital I visit
Them tears were running down her face
She said, "I made a difference"
Found my music when she was battlin' with addiction
She ain't even religious
But what I said in some interviews had really got her thinkin'
That's when she introduced me to her husband
Now they first child comin', 'bout to start a family
Man, that's iller than a Grammy
Those are my trophies, when people in pain quote me
I live my life on purpose, you wouldn't believe the old me
I made a little money now, it's like they all know me
They got they hands out, they doin' the hokey pokey
I got a few fans who no longer support me
'Cause a quiet un-woke white folk is what I won't be
People killed like animals on video, they stay quiet
Animals killed on video, they start a riot
Must I remind you, Jesus was a dark-skinned man
Publically murdered, and He ain't never deserve it
The Pharisees sat by and watched while He hurtin'
That's why I see the Savior when I look at Mr. Sterling
Make America Great Again, I'm like, "Which version?"
We talkin' pre-slavery or post?
We talkin' 'bout before or after women could vote?
We talkin' about this land, before or after we stole it?
This isn't anti-patriotic, I'm just tellin' the truth
They wanna change the topic
Man, stop it
It's clear that we still got a problem
But until we admit our past
There's no way the future can have progress
And I'm just cleanin' out my closet
Gettin' rid of everything that's toxic
My train of thought, thanks for takin' a ride
Where do we go next, well, let's keep it a surprise
Like, uh

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Mineo, Andy Reflections Rough W_Horns & Break.mp3 Comments
  1. Reese B

    This piano is literally amazing💫💫

  2. Tumisho Mashabela

    Andy this is too hot bro 🤯🔥

  3. Caleb White

    Who ever disliked this song is CRAZY

  4. montay hampton


  5. Isaiah Arnett

    "People killed like animals on videos, they stay quiet. Animals killed on video they start a riot"

    Can I get an, Amen?



    Olivia James

    Man that line really spoke to me

    Jehmiah Washington

    Isaiah Arnett AMAN

  6. Isaiah Arnett


  7. Saunoa Klo15

    We need 116 to be played on radio stations every where

  8. Shakeilla Allen


    👐_QuEEn Co'*👑👐

  9. Nkululeko Msiza

    Whaaaaaat??????? How did this not make the cut on the albums? It's hella dope.

  10. Sam Lindsey

    Yo man I literally just got on here to tell you that your music helps get people like me, Christian or not, through the day ALL of the time. I want you to know that i truly have listened to arrow, the sword, and magic and bird; and this is my favorite project. All that i have listened to, i have been proud of, they are truly heart felt and especially helping me, a true Christian. But this project, I am very happy that you released. Seriously beautiful.

  11. reverbmc1

    The dislikes need to kick rocks! Check to make sure you haven't replaced Christianity with Nationalism.

    Isaac Johnston

    I think in a country like the USA they go together. You need to have Christianity to appreciate what our founder did. Because when you look at the facts, this country was founded off of christian principles.

  12. Keegan S

    Isaac Johnston In Germany they have a national holiday in honor of the end of Hitler’s regime, terrorism and the liberation of Auschwitz. In South Africa they have a holiday honoring the end of apartheid. In the United States we have nothing remotely close. It’s hard for us to even admit that we participated in slavery, committed genocide against the Native American peoples that were rightfully here waaaay before Anglo Saxons were. We then went as far as to sell the land we stole from them back to them. We are a nation of hypocrisy. Drowning in double standards, historical amnesia is king here. We have used the name of Jesus to subjugate and oppress the third world to protect US business interests around the world. We’ve uplifted brutal dictators and oppressive regimes, creating ourselves the very “terrorism” we’ve been fighting against. To make things so overtly black and white, when it’s so obviously not. We have to get to a place as a nation where we can humble ourselves, be honest with the past, and collective say “We were wrong, we are so very sorry. Let’s talk about how we can reconcile and make progress together moving forward.” Unfortunately, to appear vulnerable, contrite, and to show remorse, apparently makes you weak. When Jesus taught us so very differently. True strength affords a man to be kind.

    Isaac Johnston

    Name one country that has done more to make things right with the people we were wrong to? I'll save you some time, there's none. Slavery is a thing of the past that people keep digging up and honestly I'm done feeling sorry for the people now days. Slavery has been over for 150 years now. What else are we as a country supposed to do? Please inform me on what I can do to make the thing that I never took part in better. I can guaranty that if MLK jr was alive today, he'd tell the civil rights activists to shut up. Even when Jim crow was around, the USA was one of the best places for black people to live. Anyway, let's leave the past in the past and move on. Of course we should learn from our mistakes, but we've done all that we can on this issue. At this point, they aren't playing to get equality, they're wanting payback. And until someone steps up the pc world and tells them that that's not gonna happen, they aren't gonna stop. This is what will eventually lead to the civil war in this country. And it's not gonna be too pretty.

    Nsadi Lobondi

    @Isaac Johnston thank you for some balance and truth to a severely mislead and misinformed situation. It's sad to see even Christians are full of guilt still for sins they have nothing to do with n obviously would not condone.....I'm praying for the American Christian community.....they have replaced truth with wokeness.... Which will may eventually turned to bitterness towards the very people we are meant to reach.

  13. Jean-Paul Harrison

    ANDY ANDY ANDY why is everything ON FIRE

  14. RelEight

    This beat is so dope.

  15. Isaac Johnston

    "Intelligence, patriotism, christianity, and a form reliance on him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, in the best way, all our present difficulty." - Abraham Lincoln

    Nsadi Lobondi

    @LittleMissLux Abe fought a civil war to end slavery.....you do know that don't you?

  16. Isaac Johnston

    There's a huge difference between a man being murdered for the way he believes and how he lived his life compared to a man who was shot because he was fighting against police officers.

    Nsadi Lobondi

    Amen.....I'm sorry but I can't listen to this kind of misinformed type of music....I'm sure Andy is a great guy....but i do truly question his judgement n his lack of knowledge on certain issues.....it bothers me too much now...God bless you Andy but I can't listen to this man....

  17. Gandalf Odinson

    I love this!

  18. Nathan M.

    boy went awfff!!!!

  19. Lanina Clay

    "I'm just cleaning out my closet getting rid of everything that's toxic" That spoke to me!

  20. eric jones

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 feeling like dj Khalid

    "Anotha one"

  21. Goc MC Oficial

    Brooo! What music is this!!! Emotion here man. God Bless

  22. Jason McKinney

    Continue to keep it 100, Andy, keep up the good work brother! By the way, love the album.

  23. Matt Anderson

    What a shocker another reach artist bashing trump. I’m so over reach


    he wasn't bashing he was speaking facts

    Paradise Flowers

    As he said, he just telling the truth... You don't wanna address the truth in what he said. Trump wasn't even mentioned he just mentioned the slogan. But please, answer Andy's question, which version of American you want to return to?

    1 Corinthians 1:18

    Trump is just a man, stop idolizing him.

  24. Josh Jaros

    Andy, if you think MAGAV is an antichristian thing, you need to reconsider what people have been telling you.

    David Melendez

    Josh Jaros if you think MAGA is a Christian thing you need to reconsider what people have been telling you

    Nsadi Lobondi

    @David Melendez you people are so misinformed it's really sad....I'm praying (no cap)

  25. Asia Badger

    Love and live for his music and for God❤️

  26. DJ Supahiro The Official

    Awesome track 🔥
    Check out my Andy Mineo type instrumental right here ⬇

  27. Peyton 3121


  28. Seth Iken

    "Give yourself away, that's the highest form of living". Facts. Just what Jesus did 🙏🏻

  29. Ashley Landin

    Me a gustado mucho, está genial..!

  30. November


  31. Smash ZillaTV

    Message is as solid as smooth ice baby

  32. coldasice7x

    cool so ill just send my tattooist all the lyrics

  33. Jean-Paul Harrison

    This is a thing of beauty

  34. Rob Darville

    That ending... it's the same as "I've Been..." from I:The Arrow!!

  35. goof Norton

    Keep producing real stuff guys!

  36. Kevin Frazier

    mmmmmm this is super ill......

  37. Seth Perotti

    It's nice hearing these before it blows up.

  38. Farai Mutatu

    This is a whole vibe 🙌🏾

  39. MauroDjisas Gonçalves


  40. Jeremy Diesel

    Raw honesty

  41. 1K TRUTH

    Check out my youtube channel TRUTH'S Beatz just the way its spelt

  42. King K

    Andy spitting spitting facts

  43. Jeren Kent

    Love the content, but are you done with the arrow and sword EP storyline?

    Blue Ninja

    He said there would be 3 and it would all together make neverland 2 and this was dropped to keep us busy until he drops never land 2 in spring 2020 with a fall 2020 tour

  44. Aust-eazy Austine

    Too dope,we've been waiting.

  45. Michaela Rose

    Love it💗

  46. Niquay

    Ayyye here before it blows up

  47. Orbit Low-Fi


  48. Erick is bored

    Very good song