Mineo, Andy - OT OD (sketch).mp3 Lyrics

They say I play too much, you right (Ha)
They say I play too rough, you tight (Hmm)
When I play, I don't play, that's wordplay
My jersey, is home team, that's e'rday
And I tee off like Earl Grey
I eat y'all like cheesecake
On my cheat day, that's easy, to the DK
Tell me – tell me what you mean (Huh?)
If you pull a fast one, go and buy the seam (Ooh)
Everything ain't always what it seem
Root, root, root for the home team
If we don't win, that's a shame
But I never been that, since I came up in the game
I defend that current title, Word the Bible
Sweep ya, see ya later, bite on
As I slide home, and my goals always the same
I'm only up against me, woo
How many of y'all push yourself to get up at 3:00?
Do push-ups, man, I'm on my feet
I got a couple tricks up my sleeve
I came from pushin' the buttons to bucket seats
Couldn't afford the bucket from the KFC
Now my bucket list is lookin' like ain't nothin' to see
You wanna start somethin'? Pssh, ha, nothin' to me
'Cause they know I'm gon' finish it
Home jersey on when they visitin'
Here for a blink then we gone, are you listenin'?
Man, I'm only on for a minute then we out
This all ain't a slot of colossus of clout
The great bambino drink that vino
Death don't pay that C-note
So, playboy, you know we don't
Okay, I'm done

Praise to the Lord
That's my whole team, uh
Money well-spent
That's for the whole team, ayy
I gotta win
Put in that OT, ayy
I said, I gotta win
Gotta go OT, ayy
They say fake it 'til ya make it (What?)
No, sir, not me
They say fake it 'til ya make it (What?)
No, sir, not me
I gotta win (Win, win, win)
Puttin' it in OT
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
I gotta win
Yeah, gotta go OT

Okay, people, move along
Nothin' to see here

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Mineo, Andy OT OD (sketch).mp3 Comments
  1. Tesh C

    Bruh! Like, thank you.

  2. MrIsaac6


  3. Dan A

    It had to be fun making that video

  4. Clinton

    With Love n Respect.
    I would c having U come to the North n do a sho in TO as crossing something off my bucket list but U don't put Diamonds in a buket U wear them in eternal Crowns, unless your the unappreciative elite. But eh Our FATHER makes it to shine on them ( them is We they just would rather not have to admit to a Very Factual truth) too.
    Love n Blessings Family!!!

  5. Joshua Smith

    His head gotta hurt after this

  6. Wonderland

    Stop making the hottest beats ur shortest songs!! Ahhhhhh kills me!!

  7. Gabby _N.A.P.C

    i just noticed where he came out of at the start of the video despite having watched this more than 100 times lol

  8. Jayden Monsalve

    Tik tok???????????????????????????

  9. stepgirl305

    Is this Christian rap or non-swearing rap/positive rap. I didn't hear God's name one time.....while Kanye comes out with a WHOLE album praising/referencing Jesus. 🤔 When the Bible talks about God coming for the church that's outside of the church....welp 🤷🏾‍♀️ prime example. I remember when all the members of 116 weren't afraid to say Jesus name. Now, I have to assume who/what some of them are talking about. There should be a distinction.

  10. Angel witH a temper

    Andy Dope tune, we may have to do a song together bruH, any thing about GOD!!

  11. - Jamie -

    Absolutely lit 🔥

  12. Apxllo GD ツ

    I’m reality he is flexing his house

  13. Taneika Pinkney

    THATS RIGHT ANDY 😃😃😄😄😄!! you sing good by the way

  14. andre 8

    we need andy X kanye

  15. Asha K.

    Fake it till you make it.....??? Idk Andy...

  16. Machanule Vlogs

    Crazy video concept 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Ajunte Burns

    Dang! Andy went in!!!

  18. Hidie Danders



    I saw a tree

  20. larissa nicolas

    Talented as heck love it, the energy is intoxicating

  21. Franky Mendez

    0:7 had me dead

  22. Franky Mendez

    0:40 I was dead 😂🤣😂

  23. Jesse Winckler

    Watching at speed .5 looks like what it was recorded at

  24. Only Chief

    Wish song was longer it was jamming

  25. Brittani DeTiege

    Playback @ 1.5x speed. That beat is fun.

  26. Dennis Vidot

    Alex Monaldo
    UFOs & Aliens: UFO Secrets - Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & New World Order (Extraterrestrial, Alien Abduction, Conspiracy Theories, ... Alien Technology, Alien Races Book 1)

  27. Rachel Barton

    Baby Girl was killing it on that ping pong table 😂😭

  28. LMichelle

    Love this

  29. Madd3nM0bileKid

    Does he say look at DK

  30. Twins Blake

    Hey everybody please read:
    👑JESUS👑 loves you and you are not alone and cool. 👑GOD👑 is with you ❤

  31. Unashamed90

    This song and video is so lit. It's crazy how sick dem beats are man.

  32. Jonathan Simpson

    The whole video with no cuts! Love it

  33. Blake McBride

    I've been a fan of Andy Mineo for a while now, but I am really becoming a huge fan of his most recent stuff. I don't see him doing as much of the "tough" or "gangster" rap. Rather, he is just making what he feels and he is honest though his music and I love it. He isn't "tough" in his videos, but he's goofing off and looks like he is simply enjoying what he is doing. I just love it.

  34. Sashko Murza

    Can you release songs without the .mp3 and other stuff. Looks so unprofessional.

  35. D PARK

    Listen bro love your sound but chill with the awkward music videos😂 much love bro

  36. Jupiter988untidy

    So weird, I love it

  37. Danny Cisneros

    This man tooo smooth!

  38. Esteban Kianes

    What's going on with All this Christian rappers this song I'm not to do about speaking God's word that lifts up other people so they can know Christ Jesus in my Bible kjv Hebrews 6:4-6 that just sad they just using God as a pedal stool let's get people to listen to their music their music don't even speak the word of God not even through this video a lot of Christians watering down the the gospel no one wants to tell

  39. jcb_bsbl .1

    If you like Cristian rap go to my YouTube channel

  40. jcb_bsbl .1

    Andy go crazy

  41. Maggie M. Garcia

    OT OD? What is that? This song did absolutely NOTHING to edify me. What was the message? Help me SOMEBODY! And When you start getting compared to Busta Rhymes......


    Yo is Andy filming at Lacrae house ...... sheesh so many rooms

  43. Ace Alexander

    Hot track and video!

  44. Hector Herrera

    Andy stop being buddy buddy with the world..read your bible stay set apart.

  45. Josh Trojanowski

    I feel like this isn't christian rap. I barely heard anything in this . Nothing about edifying Christ or bringing hope. I guess im old fashioned.

    Josh Trojanowski

    @lydi bundy but are you a Christian rapper if you dont talk about God? What makes him a christian rapper . Have you ever went to church and sung a hymn and that hymn didn't mention Christ or God once?

    lydi bundy

    @Josh Trojanowski you can have a relationship with Christ without mentioning him in every conversation, correct? Same with music. I agree the old fashion way would be to mention Christ in every song music... but there are Christian artists who do do that but aren't even right with God 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Josh Trojanowski

    @lydi bundy I think your missing the point. In his songs it talks about turning up and secular slang. Yes he doesnt curse and talk sexual. But it's the same concept as the artist who do. Instead of being called a Christian artist maybe call you self a conservative artist. If you talk to someone who never listened to christain music and isnt saved. And said hey check this Christian song out. And in the song it doesnt mention anything about Christ or God. He would look at you and say " this is a christian song?" . People just need to beware or Christian rap. Because alot of it is too secularized. Maybe not in verbal for but in underline connotation it is. What does the bible say? In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will keep your paths straight. What happens when these artist dont acknowledge him in there songs? It becomes secularized and up for discussion that artist meaning of the song and Intention of writing it. Just like the discussion we are having now. If people who aren't following Jesus Christ cant recognize if the song is a christain song or not by listening to it. Then theres a problem.

    lydi bundy

    @Josh Trojanowski I definitely do not prefer to go back and forth but I wanted to leave with this: I acknowledge there is a standard that Christians should have.... I'm not going to argue with that point because I actually agree it. Both Lecrae and Andy say "Jesus" less & less in their new music which makes a lot of us go "hmm?" However, can we acknowledge the fact that a lot of young people today are anti-religious? As soon as they hear "Lord, Christ, Jesus" they turn it right off. That modern day slang he is using can actually pull people in, showing them that clean rap is cool too and giving them the opportunity to stumble upon more of their Christ centered songs. I have gotten a lot of my friends onto Lecrae by starting them on "Let the Trap Say Amen". There are different strategies to reach people. Yes you can argue we should be set apart and yes it is are job to correct our brothers,, but 1) we are in a new age where the old way to reach people isnt the ONLY way to reach people 2) God gave them the creativity and the creative FREEDOM to write this stuff. If they're heart isnt in the right place...they have to take it up with Him.

    Kenneth Sanders

    lydi bundy I agree with Josh

  46. Levi Keen

    Ewww whackkkkkkkkk

  47. GLU

    Love the beat is AMAZING

  48. Mr P

    This beat goes hard....only thing with Andy is never says anything.....”....when I play I don’t play.....”.....wish boi had more substance. This hits tho...


    LOL. You wish Andy had more substance? Have you listened to the Arrow and Sword EPs, his Uncomfortable album and the rest of his new album Work in Progress? He has PLENTY of substance lmao.

    Mr P

    The uncomfortable album was/is classic....the 2 lp’s you mentions good (with substance)....but I was referring to these “quick drops” he has been putting...esp with Wordplay (I think that’s his name)...IJS...and “[email protected]” prob isn’t the response to this genre of music.....again IJS.


    Mr P urm.. Magic & Bird was just meant to be a fun mixtape that Andy released while he was working on the EPs. Plus on his latest project “Work in Progress” in which this track is on, there’s plenty of substance. Listen to Reflections, I Don’t Need You, 1988, Honest 2 God, Family Photo, I Ain’t Done. I really don’t see your point?

  49. R Middleton

    One of the hardest videos ever hands down!!!!

  50. Stephen Guetterman

    Holy cow that's like 20 acres of houses just stuck together

  51. Willy

    Liked this instantly!!!!

  52. Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    overall , not a fan of this project. but i like this one.

  53. Eric Franklin

    how to effects ?

  54. Lyssa Joseph

    come back to Antigua Andy WE MISS YOU!!!!!!

  55. Clean Slate Living


  56. David Jimenez

    I don't play when i play🔥🔥

  57. Alysa Christian

    when he jumped those three steps, that reminded me of me🤣

  58. Stephano

    anyone ever wonder if Andy's fan base is partly boted? i mean just look at the over use of emojis and repeat comments......

  59. Stephano

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Christian rap comments: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯💯💯💯

  60. LeoTheArtistOfficialPage

    Wordsplayed looking like childish gambino in #ThisIsAmerica 💯

  61. JTP

    bruh... too fire

  62. Bando Surfer fpv

    Getting that OT jamming this 🔥🤙

  63. Sergeant Williams


  64. Unknown2Yoo

    I know why people liked this album, but really this is the only song that has the Andy I that caught my ear when he dropped Sin is Wack. Yes, I've been here since C-lite. The rest of the album really feels like he's grown into a person he wasn't really meant to be. I know people would disagree, especially Andy, but I can't deny what I hear, and I miss seeing that artist grow rather than this artist change form.

  65. Spencer K D

    I’m deaf and I couldn’t stop watching Hear My Heart. Can you please make more ASL music videos!!?

  66. Gage Smith - InGodWeRock

    Daaaaaang this is fire!

  67. yaw mfoafo

    Mineo is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 All day

  68. Steven Dew

    You should do a song with NF

  69. Neil Howes

    This is absolutely amazing! Thank god I'm being pulled into the light. I been producing,rapping,arranging and writing hip-hop music for years but it wasnt for the lord. I'll be catching up quick

  70. Trick Bros


  71. Immortality - Rapper

    Andy Mineo is definitely one of the best. I nominate Andy for a Grammy.

  72. Ocheru Onuh

    i got here and it's 116k views *wink wink *

  73. MC R-Techz

    Andy Mineo gone beast mode


    where mArty Mar @?

  75. Chromatichavoc

    Yo that was lit.

  76. Ashbro Gwin

    Knowing wordsplayed there probably a super deep an genus resaon on y hes shirtless 😂😂

  77. Ketch Deborah

    Funny :D

  78. Brandon Ninja

    Deftones shout out.

  79. TJ_Cash

    Put it 07.5 it looks like if he did it regular

  80. Neo Vincent

    i am diein here plz call 1011...
    This song is on fire !!!

  81. Collin Borsheim

    Kinda weird without his glasses...didn’t recognize him at first...just thought it was some random dude dancing to Andy’s track😂

  82. Adrian Tate

    This dope, he so 🔥

  83. Dee

    niggas don't tan!!

  84. Tony Vetrano

    Wack !!!!

  85. Benjamin Moriniere

    That was unreal

  86. AAYCH *

    Remember watching you perform this song in 2016/2017
    And in the part where you say you wanna start something pshh that ain't nothing to me
    You said you ball so hard that ain't nothing to me

  87. vince wilson

    Can’t stop listening to this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  88. Lovelyrose221

    Where was Christ mentioned in this? Now is the time we truly get back to the glorifying of the Lord Jesus is coming back someday we are in the end times Andy Mineo an others REPENT for the kingdom of God is at hand or you will perish get back to worshipping him in spirit and in truth get right with God while there is still time time I will continue working on my faith n relationship as well take care 🙏🏼💞

  89. 1 Shepherd

    Thanks Andie it's entertaining

  90. DreLA 7

    Nice.....best side BLESSED SIDE......

  91. Erica Williams


  92. Choolwe Mainga

    The energy in this video 😂🔥

  93. Hello boiis

    Hey Andy don't forget that you're a man of God don't lose your way

    emely holguin

    Grit the rapper yup

  94. Sonia Rocco

    Videos and song FIRE!

  95. Everett Plater

    But I ain't hear nothing about God or jesus doh🤨

    Brandon Ninja

    He doesn't have to.


    @Brandon Ninja Uhh as he has mentioned before he calls himself a Christian therefore he does need to unless he is not a true believer in Christ he used to keep the faith and the Lord in his lyrics he is steering away from it and becoming like the world I'll be praying he comes back to the heart glorifying the true God and doing music for him not people cause if he doesn't get it together now n repent he will be judged by God on judgment day and into eternal torment 🙁💞

  96. RelEight

    That's what's up bro. Just having fun with ii 💯💯🔥🔥🔥💯🔥

  97. Jonathan Edwards

    Wordsplayed. Ripped.

  98. Thought Blessed