Mineo, Andy - METRO (Skit) Lyrics

I lost my MetroCard, was a little salty
I was like, I just got off the bus with my MetroCard
You lost your Metro?
Yeah, man
Stop... The unlimited one!
How many days you got left?
Till Monday
Man you alright?
Nah, man it hurt, hurt, hurt. Cause I didn't go to work yesterday, so I only used it Monday Tuesday. That hurt, that hurt, that hurt
So it's a weekly unlimited?
Nah, nah, nah, nah, it's weekly, so it still, it's still itchin' the bank account, I just saw it leave
It's okay, it's okay. The Lord's gonna redeem my money. Never left me, ever

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Mineo, Andy METRO (Skit) Comments
  1. Melissa T

    nah nahnah, hurt hurt

  2. M S

    Aye metrocards #NYC

  3. AKfusion

    I don’t understand what’s the point of this filler track.

    Theophilus Onime

    A valid point: Hero's and Lando's comments as well as the last thing she said are so real to me, personally and as a resident of the Metro, so I think people like that can appreciate it!


    "The Lord will redeem my money." Amen! And if not monetarily redeemed, then in different ways as He sees fit. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Theophilus Onime

    For sure
    My privilege.

  4. Lando Merando

    The unlimited ooooooone

  5. Lando Merando

    😂😂😂 these skits are so funny

  6. Terrell Hayes

    Who's tht talkin tho?

  7. Reach Records

    Subscribe to Andy's channel to never miss another drop! 👀 http://bit.ly/andymineovevo

  8. Hero

    dah hurt dah hurt dah hurt

  9. Nathon Fleming

    this skit makes me so uncomfortable


    Nathon Fleming LOL



    Steven Hammerle

    I agree. I wish this wasn't on the album

  10. GBFLYY

    Her voice makes me wanna clear my throat

  11. nick ebersole

    Couldn't understand a word she said

    Daniel Offei


    Theophilus Onime

    That's a little dramatic don'tcha think
    Unless you can't aurally comprehend English but can write it 😏

  12. Kiva Gordon

    Get yo metro for the word

  13. Chuck the Prophet

    90th view