Mineo, Andy - I DON'T NEED YOU (DEMO).wav Lyrics

Ay, look at that boy, huh
Cooking up joints, like
Run up the score, huh
Like, you already know
Never got help, so
Did it myself, now
Doing so well, huh
I bet you can't tell
That I've been... running
Like this my dance
Running man, running man
Like, this my chance
Huh, I'm out here who here left?
Who gon' last? Ain't much left

I don't need you, no
Reject me, I reject harder
I don't need you, no
Act unbothered, give me that Oscar
If I can't get love, I'ma go get paper (no love)
So do me a favor (what's that?)
Don't do me no favors, ay

I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no no
I don't need you, oh no
I don't need you, no no
I don't need you, no no
I'm fine on my own, ay
Right here on my own, ay
I don't need you no, uh I don't

Look at that boy, huh
Cooking up joints, like
Run up the score
Like, you already know, uh
Never got help, uh
Did it myself, now
Doing so well, huh
Bet you can't tell
That I've been... running
Like this my dance
Running man, running man
Like this my chance
Yeah, built these walls, can't feel pain
Don't feel love neither, no it's all the same

I don't need you, no
Can't get let down with no hopes up
I don't need you, no
Get back, get back, don't do close up
If I can't get love, I'ma go get paper
So do me a favor (what's that?)
Don't do me no favors, ay

I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you no no
I don't need you no no
I don't need you no no
I don't need you no uh
I'm fine on my own, ay
Right here on my own, yeah
I don't need you, no no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no
I don't need you, no

I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you

Why you never said goodbye, I don't need you
Why you try to steal my girl? I don't need you
Why you hit me so hard? I don't need you
Why you never want me round? I don't need you
I hate asking for help, my pride too real
I would probably die starving before I ask for a meal
These walls I built, each brick a disappointment
Never told you how I really felt, this time I can't avoid it
I know I said I don't need you, yeah I know it's all see through
But what else do you tell yourself when that many people leave you?
I threw myself into working, trying to prove that I'm worth it
I've been holding this middle finger up so long, my arm hurtin'
But now I'm tired of all this trying, say I'm good, say I'm fine
Ain't no time, cut the pride, I just say it
I need you to listen
When I tell you how I really feel, don't dismiss it
And start laughing, or act like I'm overreacting
I need to know I'm not somebody that you just got to put up with
I need to know that I don't suck if I never had no success
I need you to stop judging me for the things I meant to
And if you don't like it then pretend to
I need you to talk to me gentle
I need your reply when I text you
I need the reminder my potential
I need your time for just a little
I need your word, it's instrumental
I need you to stop tryna humble me
I got a tough enough time loving me
I need to trust you won't come and leave and then pull the rug out from under me
I need a place I can talk crazy when everything in my walk hazy
I know I've been a little off lately, but look man it's how God made me
I need a minute, need commitment, I need God, I need a vision
I need y'all, I need a visit, I need more than I will admit
And I always said that I don't need you
Always thought it was true
I don't need nobody, dang, maybe I do

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Mineo, Andy I DON'T NEED YOU (DEMO).wav Comments
  1. La'Vaughnt Yates

    Yo this is sooooo sadddd

  2. Lilly Nonay

    Wow! That's dope.

  3. Savannah Ashley

    Man this is MY song it relates to me so much

  4. Alexsandro Silva

    Master class Timbaland


    Dios te bendiga

  6. Zesty Nugget

    "I hate asking for help, my pride to real" Words so true

  7. Zesty Nugget

    I can relate to this song and i really spoke to me
    thanks for saying this

  8. Ghassen Anane

    "Andy mineo " and " i dont need u "
    Idc if im high but i spell them sameway

  9. bruce L

    The song made me sad because I can relate to this

  10. Alexander Garvin

    This song speaks volumes, i feel like this every single day, it's hard for me to get over it

  11. Vince Murphy

    I need God I need a vision .....dam exactly what I need

  12. David Duah

    I need you!!!

  13. Cal C

    You need Jesus

  14. Cal C


  15. Cal C

    Nicki Minaj

    Cal C

    I got God’s help

  16. christian fuller

    That is literally so prideful!!!!

  17. United Nations

    I’m fine on my own.....love it...

  18. Kevin Palma

    This song is so real like no joke.

  19. Mano berman 11

    The second part hit me so hard I started hysterically crying and considering tattooing those lyrics on me because it is so relatable and true for me

  20. Jayden Walker

    It’s like when we’re fine we don’t care we’re just not praying or anything but then something bad happens and all of a sudden please god help me we’ll get your stuff together before god returns🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  21. Mr Brutality

    favorite part 2:20

    hits me hard

  22. Mr Brutality

    somebody please make a vegeta amv for this song

    it would mix so well

  23. Dalton Turley

    Did anyone else see the millennium falcon on the right of the screen when he was passing Saturn

  24. andre 8

    we need - andy mineo - i need you feat kanye west

  25. Randomly thing Likes holy cats

    I want to play Minecraft with Andy

  26. Is-real

    Gbu fire track...check me out

  27. Meme Taco

    Dang these star trek movies getting weird

  28. TheBros2theend

    God bless and save you

  29. kirk lol

    thank u for this song man. i gotta stop running. crazy how u can express and see these complexities in ur self. it baffles me. lol. god bless

  30. b harty

    Damn this song is good, how the hell does it only have 400k views.. "Running Running man, like this my chance"

  31. Bruno Santos

    Quem veio pelo Alpha spirit?

  32. Leon D.

    This song is my whole life and I'm sobbing. God, bless Andy. Thank you for your music, Andy Mineo!!

  33. Ash Milli

    Ayyyyyy go head BIG FANNNNN😎

  34. Lizzanne Felix

    Wow my guy...God is using you 4 this generation 4 real. Keep shining 👌🏾🙌🏾

  35. JLee22

    This song is awesome.

  36. Come play with us

    Andy I’m 🙏🏾 for you. You’re powerful and awesome

  37. Donovan Carriker

    About the realist song of his carrier and that's hard to say with so much truth Andy spits... I thought he couldn't get any more real than with uncomfortable but guess I this one proves me wrong

  38. Young Sigh

    Dont run from your Dads. Theres only one direction.

  39. MD M3

    Esta canción esta genial Dios te bendiga Andy Mineo

  40. Judith Osei-Tete

    "...If I can't get love, imma go get paper
    So do me a favour, don't do me no favours..."

    Man, these bars tho😭❤

  41. Chris Procopio

    WOW. People really listen to the whole song and think he actually thinks he doesn't need anybody. He's saying he is prideful and he is trying to learn to be dependent on God and the people God has put in his life.

  42. the one

    I don't need this song

  43. Calloway Comedy

    I get on my co-workers NERVES with your music. Thanks for your work, transparency and out right illness. Continued blessings to you bro.

  44. His Official


  45. Lubosi Maboshe

    nice song!! love it!

  46. Jackson Pittson

    Pretty dope

  47. enoch bentil

    Andy is a lyrical genius 🤓

  48. Superjedidog golden doodle

    This song I feel like is just more than a religious song I don’t think most people see this song as that, I remember when my religion teacher showed me this and I immediately went home and looked it up and now I’m waiting for it to drop on Spotify so please everyone like this so we can get this song on Spotify!

  49. Emery Yaranon

    My girlfriend broke up with me so this song means so much to me

  50. Ricky Thorgerson


  51. Brosis 1984

    Wow. Andy Mineo is alot like me. Thanks Andy 🙂

  52. Franklyn Castle

    For all his fans he's actually talking to God, he walking away from he believes for no pain,no suffering, no trails he wants PAPER ! ONLY SERVES ONE MASTER FOLLOW THE WORDS ,watch his interviews he's gone gave up for fame and fortune FACTS

  53. Brittani DeTiege

    This song is real and like medicine. This video is dope and relative to the song. All I need and want at once. Thank you Andy and team being YOU.


    This hits harder than Jehovah’s Witness knocking on my door

  55. nykea dvis

    Amazing! This just ministered to my soul. I have to repent after listening to this!

  56. venture bullettrain321

    I love this

  57. Nichole LeSane

    Did he kill his self

  58. JEZRE3L

    Andy is underrated man

  59. joeyp978

    I need you to stop tryna humble me, I got a tough enough time lovin me.

  60. monice simon

    my lil bro:lukin at the cartoons
    me:listening to the lyrics

  61. Dr. JMR

    Is he still Christian

  62. Scorzy C

    Here after watching 'Coming in Hot'

  63. t s

    Run up the score 😭😭😭 periodttt

  64. Josue Alvarez

    There needs to be tshirt merch on this!!

  65. Adrian Rodriguez

    slept on frfr

  66. Rachel B

    Dang that was deep. Andy, you brought these emotions hidden deep in my soul out in this song as a mirror and a reminder --- we're all fragile and vulnerable -- some more than others, but never be afraid to ask for help -- lay aside your pride like Andy said, you'll be surprised. I also hide my feelings and put a smile. But soon it surfaced out in the open when I started acting strange. That's when I couldn't take it anymore and fell into a deep depression. If I didn't speak my thoughts and emotions to my close family and friends, I don't know where I'd be. Don't "Act brave" it's brave to be vulnerable and ask for help. There ARE people who actually care, they can't read minds unless you tell. The only person you're hurting is yourself.

  67. Pepa Land

    Andy you are just such a wonderful Artist! Thanks for doing this and being so real! Bringing us thoughts to chew on and ponder and for doing this for Him! We need more and more music like this... lyrics like this... people that keep it real like you! And such encourage us to keep it real too... thanks! We need you too!

  68. NAZIREU הנפרדים

    kd os brasileiros aquiii dá um like hehehehehehehehe

    Gospel Musics


    NAZIREU הנפרדים

    @Gospel Musics é nois!!! hehehehehe

  69. CharlyD 3C

    The new album is full of podcast with all most 22 tracks holly Jesus!! this is not album music i think this are predications

  70. Will D. Skies

    This is song is tremendously underplayed. I can't believe that after two months, it only has 200,000

  71. Jay Lee

    Last Part of the song is the best. So powerful.

  72. Kiazoa Joao

    “I don’t need nobody. Dang, maybe I do” 🔥

  73. Burning Bush Productions

    Dang. This might be my favorite Song Andy’s ever put out. If that junk ain’t real... Not gonna stop listening to this anytime soon.

  74. 21 Egg's

    30% of comments: " 0% drugs
    0% women 0% cursing, etc."
    20%: The "we have bigger speakers down stairs" joke (which isn't funny anymore, fax).
    50%: 💯💯 🔥🔥🔥.

  75. Kristina Dalia

    This spoke to me in SO many ways. Literal tears.

  76. Ernest Fowler

    All of your music's messages are so clear. It's hard to find clear messages in christian rap these days.

  77. Ant Createz

    I can't believe you nearly did not release this. What an injustice if that happened. Relatable on sooo many levels!

  78. MrZooted86

    NEVER GOT HELP!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. joeyp978

    Wow. One of the greatest of all time right here.

  80. anointed4artistry

    Andy's last verse in this song i'd say is the best of 2019. Period!

  81. Christen Rogers

    like your new material, i don't need you no no!

  82. Joshua Smith

    This hits home andy keep your head up bro 👍

  83. Ed the British Guy

    Am I missing it. I’m not sure but this don’t sound like a Christian song. It sounds like a secular song but with out swearing. Andy I like your songs but this don’t feel like a you style song

  84. Julius Nanor

    This is a beautiful song!

  85. Chris Leseberg

    Who’s this song about bro?

  86. Grit the rapper

    Hey man God can do this for you you don't need anyone but God

  87. Person 101

    That second part... damn

  88. Cleiry Kapembwa

    Dang. The is when I'm knowing about this song? The second pat hit so hard.

  89. Davis Alejandro

    Bro, bro, bro, bro... Wow! This is next level. It hit me good when he switched it up.

  90. Kena Johnson

    He been crying lately... Umm Jesus ain't bringing my boy joy and affirmation?

  91. Cindi Rella

    Andy Andy Andy dude I was like where is this going ... Then BAM! The 2nd part just blew up the spot in my carnal persona ... And the Spirit spoke transparency Wooow 🔥 🔥. They sleeping on this song bruh... My grandparents(my best friends) passed and I took care of them and this how I felt about everyone else.. Thx for ministering to us as God lead you to do this song! Endless Blessings!

  92. Justin Gamez

    Love your music Andy thank you for helping me to stay unshame love your music man. 1:1:six for life.

  93. DrewberryMuffns

    The beauty behind this hit me like a train. Thank God forreal

  94. The Yetty


  95. Jamal Robinson

    Check out my up and coming clothing line https://www.facebook.com/LionsLamb24/

  96. TheAnonCaptain

    real music