Mineo, Andy - HI-FIVE (LOADING) Lyrics

Say hello to Magic and Bird
Magic from downtown
That's a triple
Bird from deep

Kids, Coach Girthman here
Today we're gonna be talking about teamwork
Now this is important, I need you to pay attention
You don't learn team work
You'll be at a used car lot in central New York
Selling at Billy's used auto mall
Doing paper work in the back
Getting your palms greased to get a guy a loan approved for a car he can't afford
Now I understand that there's a lot at stake here
Life is a high contact sport
And if you're not prepared
It will knock you square on your keyster

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Mineo, Andy HI-FIVE (LOADING) Comments
  1. Bard the Only

    Love this album

  2. Jose Cortez

    Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed - Magic And Bird Free Full Albulm Download
    - https://mp3knight.wordpress.com/

  3. Reach Records

    Subscribe to Andy's channel to never miss another drop! 👀 http://bit.ly/andymineovevo

  4. Jacob Osborn

    It'll knock you square on your keister. lol

  5. god563616

    That PICTURE...😂😂 like a true AFRIKAN LOLL

  6. Jay Pac


  7. Josh Baldwin

    I wish they would've made a skit for this. 😂😂

  8. Jaron Austin

    FIFTH!!!!1!!!!!! lol

  9. Jennifer Okerenta


  10. Zacchaeus H

    I love the name Girthman. Like, I wanna know where that came from

    Bard the Only

    he's a girthy man

  11. Pot_ _roast

    Pay ATTENTION !!

  12. Fred Dawg

    Teeeeam worrrrrk