Mineo, Andy - Family Photo Lyrics

This next song is about my father, Joe Mineo, the legend

Look August 23rd, how could I forget it?
Getting ready in my suite, it's the morning of my wedding
Invited all my legends, man it's set to be epic
And then I got that message I was dreading
My momma said it, "Andy I don't think your father gon' come"
I just laugh, said "oh well," and tried to be numb
I learned to stop getting hopes up
As a kid, growing up, that made the let down easy, when he didn't show up
But deep down I had this flicker of hope
This one time he pull it together, make a effort but nope
I'm standing at the altar, he nowhere in sight
How I'm thinking about him now instead of my wife
Best man Ray to my right said "you'll be alright
At least you know you're gonna be smashing tonight"
Then the doors open in the back, wearing all white
This the first day of the rest of our life
Father by her side while she came down the aisle
She's was looking all ow, then we exchanged vows
Long winded self, should have passed me a towel
We both said "I do," we team Mineo now

So, everyone, everyone smile for the family photo
But everyone, everyone ain't really in the picture
So, everyone, everyone smile for the family photo
But everyone, everyone ain't really in the picture

Now the ceremonies done, I know it sound dumb
But I thought he might come because the night was still young
I couldn't feel this space was like a hundred to play
I kept it just in case he praying he show up late
Then I wait, and I wait
I looked Cris in the face and tell her nothings gonna ruin our day
I hate the fact I still love you
I wish that I could turn you off, take the cord to my heart and just unplug you
Damn man, you my dad, what I did to ya?
To make you not love, mean what I should to ya
Look I don't understand, I'd jump off a bridge, I'd take a bullet to the rib before I'd hurt my kid
You know that Mark told me something that I won't ever forget
Sounded just like you, that's how I know it's
You know you go to Andy's football games but not lacrosse
Why, you told him you don't like that sport
Well do you like me, it's sad I got to ask
You either cry or you try to learn to laugh
Look I figured I'd be past this hurt by now
But after all this time it's only worse right now
'Cause when you bury emotions, you bury them alive
They only come back stronger, somewhere later in your life
And on the honeymoon, I got your text
But I ain't reply
Said "congratulation" like what a guy
I ain't ask you to be perfect, that's only God
I just wished you would have tried

So, everyone, everyone smile for the family photo
But everyone, everyone ain't really in the picture
So, everyone, everyone smile for the family photo
But everyone, everyone ain't really in the picture

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And wisdom to know the difference
Living one day at a time
Enjoying one moment at a time
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace
Taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world
As it is, not as I would have it
Trusting that He will make all things right
If I surrender to His Will
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
And supremely happy with You
Forever in the next
Amen, amen, amen

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Mineo, Andy Family Photo Comments
  1. Jenny Cha

    I think him using "damn" is ok because he's obviously not using that word lightly. The reason we shouldn't through that word around is because it's so serious, and we're not to make light of it (just like the word "Hell" because the idea of Hell is too serious. Saying it casually is vain.) He's obviously hurt and broken, and I believe that a parent hurting their kid the way Andy's dad hurt him IS damning.

  2. Brenda A

    Wow. I'm just getting to this EP on new year's day, 2020. Just wow. Thank you Father God. Praying for father and son.

  3. Asha

    Great song, so many can relate.

  4. Gisselle Granados

    I wish it was longer. Love this song

  5. Used Burrito

    Are u really gonna let one word you probably use on a daily basis distract u from the meaning of the song?

  6. Nicholas Velasquez

    you guys really get butthurt when someone doesnt live up to your standards. WOW

  7. Dbc West

    Still touches me each time I hear this song...


    Legendary song bro u did your shit ❗️💯

  9. Julian Maldonado

    Man i am 13 and this ours true my dad was never there for me and i brush it off and i still love him but hate him and this spoke to me.

  10. Jessica Beee

    *SoOooOoO I don't watch Love & Hip-hop but was bored one night & watched. This song came on. I spent 10 mins trying to type the few words I heard into my Google Search. Well, I made it. This is the dopest beat and grooviest song ever.*

  11. Maiah Loves

    Love and hip hop brought me hear. This song is dope a.f 💯

  12. I Barge

    Love and hip hop bought me here!

  13. Dillard family channel

    That boy got that joyner lucas flow!

  14. PrettyScissor Hands

    I heard a snippet of your song on LHHH searched and your song referenced my LIFE from absent parent to wedding date definitely struck a cord I thought was numb..keep up the GREAT WORK🙏🏽

    Le Quack

    PrettyScissor Hands same!! So glad I found it!!

  15. Miracle Sales

    Most underrated song on the planet

  16. Maddison Raymond

    Me parents separated when I was 9.(I'm 13 now) I was so confused and angry. I never really knew why my dad left. I just knew that he didn't love my mom anymore.my dad started making excuses, and not showing up for different thing.This song spoke to me so much. Thx, Andy mineo

  17. nicholas johnson

    I'm sorry did he cuss? C'mon man you gotta speak life

  18. radioguy801

    Andy, is your dad joemineocreative on Instagram?

  19. Michael Jenkins

    People are really tripping over a word? It a word.damn.

  20. destiny gibson


  21. Tommy White

    NYC 2019

  22. Ryan Pewds

    This is one of Andy's best tracks.

  23. Mark Rivera

    Love this album, love how Andy is so deep. We all need it. 🔥😇🔥😇

  24. Candice Free

    WOW this song makes my chest hurt. The pain that is felt is perfectly worded. "I know it sounds dumb but I thought that he might come" EVERY SINGLE TIME. That is the reason I won't consider getting married the thought of him not showing up makes me tear up. I'm still waiting on my dad to come see me after brain surgery, it will be 4 years in July.

  25. Mary Capps

    I never really realized how wonderful my father was till I heard this😟

  26. Gnarley Lad

    Why say D***? no need...

  27. Stop Motion Commotion

    Everyone freaking out about him saying "d*nm" could NEVER listen to sevin

  28. trysten petit

    He’s under rated

  29. joann lopez

    I can relate to this song so much its exactly how I feel toward my dad

  30. Tricia Garrett

    I thought he was holding the glass till 1:14.

  31. Breanna Black

    family photo really made me cry

  32. David De Souza

    Was the blood special FX or visualFX

  33. Ezra Williams

    That's deep!!!

  34. ME HER & BABY

    Love the transparency deep bro! when I found out I was having a daughter I was scared to be a father because.. I never had one.

    Also I didn’t know “damn” was a cuss word. I don’t have a habit of cussing but I often use the word damn as a similar word to dang. Even analysing it now I can’t see it as a cuss word it just sounds like a “darn it!”


    No word is really a cuss word because theyre all used a mesningless fillers. (Unless you use Gods name in vain, then that's a problem)

  35. None None

    I feel u brother I don't have a dad either.

  36. Statsanity

    You were awesome at DNOW, you now have a new fan!

  37. yungfed 25

    Whoever dont like this dont kno music this is so badass

  38. Pg AzTecz

    Andy don’t write raps anymore. He writes books. Stories. Ones that a genre couldn’t tell.

  39. Thabo Dennis

    The people who busy saying he cussed, cant even write 2 bars to save themselves... learn to appreciate...

  40. pp smol

    I have a good relationship with my dad and now I dont even know anymore 😂

  41. Simone Hightower

    Lyrics are so real and relatable 🤦🏽‍♀️‼️

  42. Rebecca Pratt

    I’m very disappointed.

    Madalitso Mwanza

    Rebecca Pratt why?

  43. YourGrammarSucks

    Who else thinks Andy mineo HAS TO make a collab with NF to create a deep song like this

  44. TheRoyalCat

    This isn't the full song. Come on youtube. Find it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcICtgCZ374

  45. Bobey Smith

    I listen to the song so many times I mastered the lyrics

  46. Sarah Duke

    Thank you for this song. Neither of my parents came to my wedding. And your song nails my almost exact emotions. God bless,

  47. Dayna Gonzalez

    This is deep,damm

  48. andrearonaldo11

    What’s up with these Christian artists cursing? I don’t care if it’s the f word or the d word cursing is cursing and not Christ like. Period. I understand he’s expressing hurt and pain and that’s perfectly fine, I don’t see why cursing needs to be in it, especially as a Christian. I still admire Andy immensely and what he’s doing though! Prayers.

  49. Ellie Rosenberg

    I cry every time I listen to this. It's like someone is singing my thoughts.

  50. iJoshuaVentura

    DAMN. This is a deep song, and if you are offended well, damn. You know what, if you are offended then you shouldn’t be listening to Reach Records because damn they are outspoken.

    One word that is not close to other horrendous words does not define you. Do what you got to do, but damn get over it.

    You have to be a extremist Christian to go into full detail for a word that has no meaning besides the meaning that you give it.

    When I saw Andy performed this on BLTN tour, he emphasized the word many times to get the point across. It’s just a word, he wasn’t “cussing”. Far from it, so just relax, damn.

  51. לק אקסנריטר

    Can you imagine being Andy's father and seeing this video?

  52. J.O.E

    Bruh... really felt the song...

  53. Kareen Vargas

    this is so sad. but i so applaud the raw honesty. makes me think of my own dad

  54. Felicity Dargis

    It's so sad...

  55. Laura Niedzwiecki

    Andy thx man you help us all

  56. Nirel Sithole

    Props to Andy Mineo this is amaizing

  57. Dazdy -

    Nice song love it

  58. Ethan Daulton

    This always brings me to tears.... I'm in the same situation. Wishing just once he would pull it together. But it never happens... Keep speaking truth Andy. You're helping people get through tough times.

  59. brandon shaw


  60. Sarah Millers

    I was listening to this song and realised it was your anniversary
    Happy Anniversary 😀😀

  61. Sandra Hampton

    Real deep...Don't take it personally...Don't hurt yourself because someone else issues....Sometimes it has nothingr to do with us, it's their guilt, sin, childhood hurts, demons they're fighting themselves, instead of giving their issues to Jesus....At the end of your wedding, he at least he texted you and that was LOVE and a prayer answered...keep praying for your father, God is working on him Andy Mineo

  62. Shawn Roberts

    Hit me hard 😢

  63. C.H. Outdoors

    The Bible says let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh lord, so why you started cussing in your songs bro?


    What does that have to do with this?

    C.H. Outdoors

    Hamb that is an ABSOLUTELY, 100% clear indication to why swearing is unacceptable, how does that not have anything to do with this?


    That's talking about the wrong "Swearing", that verse is talking about making promises you can't keep.

    C.H. Outdoors

    Hamb the definition of swearing is “The use of offensive language”. The definition of swear is “Make a solemn state or promise undertaking to do something or affirming that something is the case”.


    And that verse is talking on the 2nd definition

  64. Nélio Cumbane

    Family Photo 📸

  65. Leticia Fausto

    oof many soooooo sad

  66. Zuri Scott

    1:46 watch your pody mouth lol


    Zuri Scott I hope this comment is a joke

  67. Chris Hartzell

    Low key fight tears back Every time I hear that raw emotion in your stories this not rap this is art

  68. Sifa Gabriella

    While everyone’s worried about the curse word I’m hung up on the “smashing” comment. Sex is a natural thing, but that word in particular is derogatory towards women ): Anywho, powerful song!

  69. Matt Smith

    This song is incredible. Same deal with Andy. Incredible.

  70. Hernes Abante

    yo andy i feel for u man... i dont have the best relationship with my fam... i just hope things get better man. u got a great platform and a lot of people respect u and what u do.. all i realize tho is that the most succesful artists in life always had a rough start and it became their motivation and fuel for greatness. Much love from the Philippines

  71. Julius Hurst

    How does this not have more views???

  72. David Donnelly

    Andy did not cuss. Change my mind

  73. Alex Strauss

    i like this so much. "damn" was risky but I like it, something about it made the song more effective.

  74. lay w

    I like the song

  75. Ashanti Q.


  76. Family Lines

    A father's impact is so powerful! Family Lines is about MENDING LINES | a Family Lines ORIGINAL - 6 Part Series for Father's
    Thanks for writing such a powerful song!

  77. This is My name

    You have no idea how much this song means to me and prob never will my dad was never around for my life I’ve only met him a few times and it’s always been a struggle with just my mom and I I just want you to know on the slightest chance you see this that I appreciate you so much and the work that you put into your songs is noticed you’re a role model to me

  78. My Beba Life

    There's like an entire minute left of the song and it's the most powerful part.

  79. My Beba Life

    The end of the song is so powerful. Where is the rest of the song?

  80. Kelsie J

    Wow. Just wow!

  81. A nD

    Beautif,just beautiful. amazing

  82. Steven Drake

    He changes his style all the time and still stays my fav rapper

  83. KBMediaOnline

    This song/video is epic...Only 200k views??? The good stuff gets lost with all the trash going around....

  84. Nylas Point Of View dalton

    He who has not sin cast the first stone.

  85. Christine alexandra

    Does the blood on the mirror symbolize self harm?

  86. Big Ced

    You my dad what did i do to you i felt that line

  87. lukan vlogs

    Why did he have to swear like come on u better than this


    What's wrong with it?

  88. isaak ring

    Wtf people r actually getting mad over the word damn? This is so stupid...


    I'm thinking the same thing

  89. Josue Gonzalez

    Too real... too close to home... too hard for me to listen to...

  90. Milliani

    omg its not that big of a deal yall lol

  91. Jordan Valdez

    I like the way it's called family photo makes sense

  92. Jomale Collier

    This is a great song. I lost my father around this time some years ago. So this song really resonates with me. I don't know if these comments ever get read, but thank you. I pray that God blesses your marriage.

  93. Neelie G

    man, feels x10000000

  94. Bremflux

    I Love this guy. Skillllls! Praise Allah

  95. Haley Robinson

    Did he say the d word ????

  96. xkygerx

    I like that he said damn because he need to show all the emotions in this... and on top of that I just proves that you can be a Christian artists and still cuss

  97. Shawn Crabtree

    This is the song that made my dad like this kind of music.