Mineo, Andy - Donuts Lyrics

[Andy Mineo:]
Would you still be good to me?
Could you still be good to me?
Would you still be?

Yeah, this one for donuts, this one for all the grownups
I keep my cards closed 'cause I don't deal with jokers
Man, I'm sick of bein' dope, but why they hardly notice?
And these the joints that never sell, but yo, they still the coldest, ha
This feel like Philly, a steak down at Ishkabibble
The things I scribble make you think a little
They tell me to choose a side, but I decided to pick the middle
I can handle that, and yo, the kid could dribble
An over-thinker, with the ink I'm like tinker
Hat filled at will, design rhymes in 20 years
You tryna think of mind over mattress
Blinded by the fatness
It's hard to live righteous, but I'm tryna practice
And me and Joe collect the addresses of anyone who ever hated
Went to Hallmark, bought all the cards that said "Congratulations"
Waitin' for the day to pay myself
To mail these cards out, they all say "You played yourself"
That's so petty
My wife said I need a mani
I been nervous, bitin' my nails 'cause, look, I ain't got no plan B
I remind myself that my worth is not in sales
His purpose gotta prevail, we planted a church
Inhale happy thoughts, exhale negativity
With this Macintosh, I make apple sauce
Better believe it
See, in this life there's only three things that you can depend on:
That's death, taxes, and Jesus, they all get you
Aye, and yeah, they all get you

[Christon Gray:]
Would you still be good to me?
Would you still be good to me?

Big breath
This one's for donuts, a sweetness anyone can taste
Words from Uncle Tay
Your relative is crunk and drunken at your function with a Krispy Kreme or a Dunkin'
Singin' through a Telefunken and spelunkin' through the sunken place
For 16 bars, been sick and got discharged
Rap was a wrap like a Swiss wrist watch
He ain't lookin' like a weird mishmash in freaks and geeks
Then I don't understand, damn, am I this washed?
But this get part–till the low flow still flawless
And so lawless, I'll prolly get this bar
Signed seal, get a notary
Wait till they get a load of me
My peeps who molding me could never see this far
Your boy made it out of Fraggle Rock to Iron Man and Ragnarok
And 4K HD straight off the Magnavox
Not to be a chatterbox
Just in my bag handin' out some bars in the real world
All y'all co-stars is folk bars, they the laws in the real girl
Manufactured affection for a plastic connection
But my selection slow and low like brisket
Get a plate, sop it up with a biscuit
On the couch, toes out, with your spouse, watch her, lovin' the lipstick
Took it low, bring the soul, and the mischief
And we do it like this, one time

[Christon Gray & Phonte:]
Yes sir
Would you still be good to me?
Be good to me, baby
Would you still be good to me?
But could you still be good to me when I don't even know where I'm goin'?
But could you still be good to me when I don't even know where I'm goin'?
Would you still be good to me?

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Mineo, Andy Donuts Comments
  1. Heczz RaRa

    Andy as a big Big BIG! FAN I love n support you , all I ask is for prayer for Toby and his fam 🙏 💯

  2. Judah

    My favorite beat in all of rap

  3. Worst Gaming Channel Finn

    Cussing has to stop period

  4. Stacey Gray

    .......... ........... ........... Phonte just......... 🎤👀🏆🚀

  5. Quazar Multi

    Seems pictures stuck in my mind am i dreaming surrounded by schemers who pretend to be God fearing men soon I'll be back in reality again hand on my chin like the thinking statue wondering when I die who gone miss you only a few and if I knew all the the things they'd do too spit coughing on me threw nails in the blender too make me worm food Network i don't have a networth I practiced lees work don't move stick em up from under my shirt came a broken ginsu I know the truth hurts but lies work I trying to stay clean putting in dirt hopes to live 120 but look at what evil men and women do been around plenty but only a few stayed true be careful to see through those like clear glue and taking off their clothes throwing themselves on weak dudes you become a mill not a meal they see food don't let death stick on you most folk practice voodoo not from Louisiana reminds me of long trips to Alabama to see nanna and they practiced roots and was quick to shoot fought roosters in Savannah I played with the chickens and got mud on my timb boots made alot of loot up all night catch us by the coop sweating no water to quench the thirst moonshine and grape juice what's worse im drunk now and gotta drive almost 5 hours back to Atlanta ears glued to the scanner we stayed in snow like Santa All of this apart of my history no longer me Jesus saved me and set me free now I see clearly no more captivity it's not a script on TV it's reality I had to change the channel and break the chains I was told by a wise man ain't no pleasure in pain and when the spirit leaves the body you'll know it's no game and if you leave this world without Jesus then what did you gain or what did you earn your money stay hear to get used but your soul burns it's heaven or hell time a tell as the world turns it's terms in the Bible and it'll be wise to be concerned pick it up and do your best to learn salvation is a freebie and blessed is the man who hears the Word of God and keep it!

  6. Taylor Rich

    Phonte is a fuckin beast 😮

  7. Benin Badyal

    S/O to everyone who caught the Ishkabibble line

  8. TTown Brown

    Yooo how did i miss this smh.... 🔥🔥🔥.. Had to look bout three times to make sure I read the feature right lol.. Song is dope!! Hope we get another feature with tiggalo!

  9. Nate Michal

    My favorite song!😎keep it up Andy!

  10. Zoe Danisa

    who else felt hungry after this song?

  11. Isaque Nascimento


  12. 4th Watch

    They all getcha had to be repeated. Dope Mineo!

  13. Joronne Williamson

    Who produced the beat? It's dope.

  14. Angelea Napoli

    Put the captions on for lyrics

  15. PJPmeridian06

    straight fire!

  16. None None


  17. Jay Seth

    If anybody unsure who Phonte is, he is basically Drakes musical father

  18. Anthony Reyes

    Phonte a legend 🙌🏽 Mineo goes in. Oh God!!!

  19. Michelle Allison

    Wow! And "people" say that white people are racist.

  20. Simba Greer

    Bruh, this is applesauce. Lol

  21. Maya Rodriguez

    this is a horrible song

  22. Reviews weekly and stuff

    Could God still be good to us

  23. Mr P

    “Yo boi made it from fraggile rock, iron man to Rognaroc....” kill’t that....

  24. Raphael Mwadori

    This song is something else!! PHONTE! !!!

  25. Awiggins64

    Had a black Starr and Black Thought vibe. All that to say it was great. I was waiting for bars from Christon Gray if I'm being honest. #remixmaybe

  26. Perception Iseverything

    Straight up Fire!! That Flow!!!!

  27. Shawn Byers

    That’s petty I meed a mani

  28. Q. Monette

    This 1:30 mins ,seconds Great for My Work out Routine + Study+Read Books while I Listen to + +Chill Do Arts-Work to+ Listen .Thank u + i thank GOD N Thee Heavens.

  29. swainoh 64 swainoh


  30. King2003 Cam

    What is the half face and boat suppose to represent?

  31. Cool Nerd Creative

    Mineo and Phonte... Bars for days

  32. Terrance and Emily Clark

    One of my favorite rapper

  33. iamjmp


  34. F Flores

    “I remember myself that my worth is not in sales” ouch that hits home! I get sidetracked. Thanks Andy!

  35. Vanubia Robinson

    Andy finnaly dropped a Buddhist song for his stomach!

  36. Mario Carrasquillo

    I wanna hear a Co Campbell &Andy Mineo album

  37. Joshua Dicker

    Did he sample MOONCHILD‘s wind instruments

    Ty Grier

    Joshua Dicker I was thinking the same thing!

  38. Lertoons

    loooooove the cover

  39. Jada Bates

    this lit.

  40. Marc Barrios

    This song is like a cozy fireplace in the winter.

  41. jholliday3

    This song is soo hip hop at it's finest. The collabo killed this track. I'm old school so I can appreciate this track on another level.#BEAUTIFUL

  42. Eddie Johnson

    This song is a masterpiece

  43. Misread Llama

    The ship animation low key breaks every time you hear a beat/ snare

  44. cavanwacker

    This whole EP is so good

  45. InaBindProductions

    Nice like Phonte on here.

  46. Fish Texas Coast

    Not a Pharisee here... but I think the reason people, and myself included have an issue with the cussing is we have spent years trying to validate this stuff as a ministry, not a music choice. If I played this on the stage at my youth church and got weird looks I’m sure its not because their “religious.” I’m not perfect, so don’t hit me with the plank/ eye stuff, but before I promote something in my ministry it has to follow some sort of guide lines. I can’t be the minority here, right?

  47. Sam S

    “With this Macintosh I make apple sauce” Bars Andy!

  48. David Martin

    Phonte's verse tho...

  49. Ben Spera

    This reminds me of a late 90's rawkus records track, at least it makes my head nod like one. Love it.

  50. E.j Rodezno

    Phonte of Little Brother Ayeee.... Vibin’ back in the days when I was playin LB in the summer time. Andy you’re such blessing with your music brotha. Inspire my kids when they hear your music yet you make me feel the inner me to start producin beats. We’re praying for you and others Andy🙏🏾🙏🏾💯👏🏾

  51. EmmaNuel Muwanguzi

    Every Christon x Andy Track is flames...

  52. Yah's Truth

    This song shhhmackssss

  53. Adept

    This beat is so smooth and the flow is great. Plus the content is deep. These last two projects definately Andy's best work.

  54. James naheh

    phonte bruuuuh!!!! Woooow

  55. Justice Benson

    The things I scribble, makes you think a little 👏🏽

  56. BigWill4Christ

    This is great andy but how come "being open and honest" means we have to tolerate swearing?


    @BigWill4Christ Well, as far as I'm concerned? No I don't swear. I don't believe its something necessary to do, nor do I condone it. But I do understand where he's coming from, and therefore don't believe he needs any hate for it:) And again, where do we draw the line at unwholesome talk? That could reach from frick, to anything considered a swear word by this world, to a joke told by a 5 year old. It varies, and theres no actual solid negative. Just sayin we can't say anything about what he says or does, s'not our job to judge:)

    Christian Jedi

    It seems to me that he is contradicting himself a little bit when he says that telling him he's wrong is none of our business, but if we don't tell him we think he's wrong it is not what a true friend would do. I think that he is wrong if he allows swearing in his song but that is none of his business, but not telling him he is wrong is not what a true friend (or fan) would do.


    @Biovox13 First, I apologize, you seem to have believed that I was attacking you, I was not. Nor was I insinuating that you swear. What I am asking is this; when did it become accepted for us as Christians to swear, curse, use unwholesome talk, to be relate-able or to fit a "context" and appeal as palatable to the secular world?

    This is the problem I've been having with Christian rappers (and I love hip hop, I've been listening to Christian hip hop since MC Sweet & ETW, you'll probably need to look them up). I understand being a light to them and being an example, however, I only see Christians allowing secular artist on their albums to do a song, and every once in a while (not all the time) those secular artist will swear/curse or talk about things that have nothing to do with God, and we are supposed to just accept it because, "it fits the context of the message" or it somehow adds a sense of legitimacy to the christian rappers reputation.

    THAT is what I reject. Because I never see it the other way around, I never see secular artist letting Christian artist on their tracks to talk about Jesus, never. So again, when did we start allowing sin to dwell in an attempt to be "in context"


    My apologies for having given you that impression, I was just using myself as the example for Christians:) ETW is amazing, agreed, and I understand what ya mean. Why conform and join the secular world when we're called to stand apart from it, and thats the only point where I disagree, what qualifies as standing for and against the world:) Either way, the Christian body disagrees on a lot of stuff, ultimately, we all believe Jesus died and rose again, and we all believe He's comin back for us:)

    luis dominguez

    BigWill4Christ what’s the swearing?

  57. StanTheMan

    Not crazy about the cuss word. Cussed in family photo and now this song too. It’s hard to edify with language like that. Loved the beat. Was disappointed when I heard the cuss word. This won’t be played at church camps or youth gatherings because of one word. Why not just leave it out. Seems you could reach a lot more people without it.

  58. mrceazohawk

    Any Foreign Exchange fans up on this track??


    @D Ross my man

    TheHomey NowUKnowMe

    @mrceazohawk *Yessir, from "Connected", so respected, to "Leave It All Behind" as aged as fine wine, "Authenticity", not a mystery, "Love in Flying Colors", like no other, "Tales from the Land of Milk and Honey", upon me....word! ;) FE 4 life! ;)*

  59. SWERVE Teen Talk Radio

    This vibe tho...Dope Album

  60. Victoria Appiagei

    awesome good music hip-hop sound jdilla dope

  61. Brooke Lewellen

    Iron Man and Ragnarok;)

  62. Trevor Keeney

    Slightly reminiscent of some Midnight marauders. Well done. New York!

  63. Thomas Ortiz

    Hey Pharisees... they say "damn" in this song too. When your worried about one word rather then the people who are being reached. smDh... grow up.

  64. Daysha Hill

    How can I get a physical copy? I love buying my music the old fashioned way.

  65. Joseph Walker

    This album is magic

  66. Steven Williams

    Oh my gosh. What a cast. Killin' it Andrew.

  67. Yello Darkness

    Oooo who Phonte he’s hella fire

  68. Laka Waithaka

    YOOOOH! Andy!!! Been following this cat from days of C-Lite and Saturday Morning Car-tunez, SO PROUD OF YOU BRO!
    Mad love from Nairobi, Kenya! Get here already!

  69. Samuel Perez Jr

    keep up the good work Andy...love your music as long it's inspired by the Holy Spirit!...All Glory & Honor to GOD...our Lord & Savior!!!

  70. Angel Smith

    Going to look up the lyrics

  71. Coffeey

    The beginning of this song almost sounds like a tribute to Mac Miller...Dilla typa bop. Great song! ❤️ 🔥

  72. 0 0

    1 eye again? For real a sell out. Trash music...background to the left looks like a dragon face. Hair looks like 666 and the letter N is the opponent like goat head lucy posing. Lastly music doesn’t even have deep meaning just hearing outer basic tickling ears.

    Isaiah Jackson

    Who are you are you an artist no so stop being a judge the only person that should be judging is God and Andy didn't even make this artwork it was one of his close friends

    Isaiah Jackson

    This is the reason why people fight

    0 0

    Isaiah Jackson oh so I have to rich to be a someone.. Is this how Christ died for.. It's plain sight whats in your face.. You can look up to him like he's your god..the reason why we fight is because people like you are sure lost. Like for real one seeing eye? That's what you see on your dollar bill it's everywhere on our faces..and the devil is real When the artist could of done something different.. Isn't artist supposed to be creative. But why ended up making him getting in to questions. The fact these are fake christians and you really support this one? They are older than you.. They should of known better yet they acted like you. Where's your brain? When is the last time he really talks about Jesus in his music? Not much anymore. Did God stopped himself and lied to us about He is the beginning and end? No.. We are here to be believer still untill he takes us away. And don't tell me I'm judging when this dude is straight up blinded you with lies. It's better to tell the truth than to keep on lying. One of his 116 music light work. If you look at the pic the word said light bearer..did you not know it mean Lucifer? Now about his I love you sign language.. It doesn't mean that.. It's an American sign language. Who created America to this day? The elites who control the masses. There's a reason why it's called American sign language.. It's not that complex to know.look at your dollar bill look at the hand 666 sign or that one eye cover. Even celebrities does it.. But when it comes to them.. Oh no they are different and all.. Welp if they are diffrent than why are they doing this that is of this world. It's basic yet they are acting like a Christian who you defend like he's your God. When is the last time he even commented on yours.. None. But people who is a no one like you said.. Who is your brother who trying to help you out.. Yet you don't have am ear to hear. I have to be a someone? Aren't we supposed to be like Christ? Who was a no one? Even when I told you these things you wouldn't hear it.

  73. Zuldec

    Yeah Yeah the Best.
    I like this music.
    Big instrumental and the voices.

  74. Gabrielle Gayle

    Yassssss Andy and Christon!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿😃✨

  75. BigWoozi

    The fact that Phonte got on this amazes me! He went off on this!

  76. bananabread tan

    Yooo anyone else catchin some De La Soul... J Dilla vibes off this?

    The GOAT

    "this one for donuts"

    Ishmael Trainor

    Donuts was Dilla’s thing

  77. Chris Wreckz

    This is a banger for me

  78. rebornofnewseed 18

    Three things you can depend on debt tax and Jesus...Amen to do that. LOL

  79. GoodGoodDay

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed in a Christian song as I am with the first verse. Great Job Andy! Thank you!

  80. Fira

    Easily one of Andy's best joints

  81. Gcina Nkomzwayo

    This is my favorite track from the EP

  82. Matt Anderson

    Illuminati symbolism

    Isaiah Jackson

    Where 😂😂there is none

  83. Genesis Reed

    When I hear a curse word in Andy's music :(

  84. Randy Holbrook

    Love this one here....takes me back vibe!!!

  85. More Than Music

    Where the merch at?

  86. masoud johnson

    bruuhhhhhhhhhhhh *mind blown*. I honestly feel like with these EPs its given you a chance to e more real and help remind us of how difficult this life can be. Which is why each day we are reminded of God's mercy and grace. Thank you for putting this stuff out, its never easy to share your life. ps I cant belive you got Phonte on this track #littlebrother.

  87. Perception Iseverything

    Great Beats!! Great Flow!! Fire!!!

  88. Enoch Luimbu élève

    Don't know why, but the fact that people here are triggered by the word "damn" makes me cringe and crack up at the same time.
    Other than that, the song's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. JD Allen

    For anyone who actually studies rap/bar structure/ rhyme scheme etc. 1:41-1:54 is the perfect "bar". 🔥🔥Dope way to start a flow.

    JD Allen

    @Conrad Carpenelli You learn it/study it from listening to music critically. The comment hit home for other people that are artists or poets or writers. There's a documentary called "The Art Of Rap" that delves into the different styles and flows from certain eras and genres etc.

    JD Allen

    @Conrad Carpenelli This will help too. After watching this you'll start to take notice when you listen to rap https://youtu.be/ooOL4T-BAg0

    JD Allen

    @Conrad Carpenelli To answer your next question "What Makes It Perfect?" is due to the fact he hid his initial end rhyme within internal rhymes that moved you off the base of the "A" sound you were accustomed to and just when you got good and comfortable he brought it full circle and closed the bar.

    David Ortiz


    Eli Nolasco

    Sounds kinda like Jay Electronica’s flow.

  90. luis dominguez

    Phonte got barsss🔥

  91. Tyler Gowan

    Yes! Christian Gray

  92. Davaughn

    Best track on the project.

  93. Eternal FIYAH

    Sounds like something from Dilla's Donuts.


    Eternal FIYAH finally someone said it!!!! Yess!!! This sounds as if he went into J Dilla’s attic and pulled this out!! Lol!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. D Drop Them Beats

    Banger. Straight banger. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. Jadiey Bianca

    Luv, Luv, Luv...❤❤❤

  96. SanctifiedWarrior

    The second swear word that's been allowed ona reach record. Time to unfollow.

    David Onyinah

    You do that then.

    Elliott Warnke

    Just give them a chance bro!

  97. Will

    This is actually fire