Mineo, Andy - Clarity Lyrics

Sometimes you can just be in a funk creatively or you know, as a person and it's like there's a fog around you and you can't see out of it, but, that's part of the journey
Hm, patient, this beat done took its time
Well, then so do I

Look, uninspired, undefined
Now somebody's gettin' fired
Terrified, paralyzed, Twitter game verified
Married life, very fire
Understand I'm on demand
Undermanned the Son of Man or Son of Sam
Somewhere in between the two, the meaning too
Spend the evening, be with you
Oh I know, I need it too
Do I believe, believe I do
On my faith walk, took the cynic, I mean the scenic route
Get lost, I be aloof, Adidas on, still need the boost
What was the Eden fruit? I'll ask Him when I see Him
Daily bread, that's Paideim, but I'm fastin' like a BM
Ridin' past ya in the P.M. in a stolen car, that's fleein' from the scene of a crime
Apollo Creed, in his prime
Rocky verses, I'm a person that's tryna believe I'm worth it
I'm workin' through it, but work is, well, work, but well worth it
It's hella churches still hell is workin' fine
What's that tell us, fellas hurtin', it's like melanin a crime
That's the elephant we hide
Truthfully, we probably lied
Rather have a tribe than unity, so you and me divide
I'm hellish and divine
I'm trillest and divine
I'm tellin' me, "I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm, I know better"

All I, all I want is clarity, clarity
'Cause all of my heroes are frauds just like me, just like me
So let every man be a liar, let only God be truth
And all of your heroes are frauds just like you

I can't see through that smoke in the air
That's the smoke in the air
That's that smoke in the air
All that smoke in the air

A mind of doubt is to keep you open to God's revelations
When you don't doubt, you don't change
If you have to have finite answers to infinite questions
Uh, you're not gonna move

Yeah, built my life on this (huh)
Half my adult life like unlearnin'
Lies that I heard in a dumb sermon
What I unearth got me uncertain
More knowledge and more sorrow
Worryin' that never fixed tomorrow
Just take away all my strength today
It was black and white, not paved with gray
Maybe that cloud that I've been stuck in
I construct it, I conduct it
Orchestra of noise, I don't hate your voice
I done made a choice, mic assumption
A TV cabinet, tweetin', twerkin', grand man, gamin', rappin', workin'
Fashion work, and work, and work, and work, and work, and
Can't tell if lost
My mind or just made it (lost)
My faith or misplaced it (lost)
My pain or upgraded
Lost my happy thought, then I got jaded (lost)
Focus in my direction (lost)
In details and perfection (lost)
All my faith in white Jesus and my leaders (found)
They aren't who I thought all these years (found)
They weren't even worthy of tears (found)
The opposite of faith ain't doubt
It's when I get it all figured out
Some days it get in all my trust
Some days I can feel so empty
Some days I feel like You love me
Some days I feel like You left me

The second I'm furious with God, I'm tumbling close
Because you cannot be furious with somebody who's not there

All I, all I want is clarity, clarity
'Cause all of my heroes are frauds just like me, just like me
So let every man be a liar, let only God be truth
And all of your heroes are frauds just like you

I can't see through that smoke in the air
That's the smoke in the air
That's that smoke in the air
All that smoke in the air
Through that smoke in the air
That's the smoke in the air
That's that smoke in the air
All that smoke in the air

I want God to wrap me in the everlasting wings and say "There there, it's alright"
And that cosmic affirmation of "Yes, I know it's terrible, I know it hurts, but be patient, it's gonna work out
I'm not gonna lose, I'm gonna win, it's alright."
And that's the, the, the basic affirmation that I think only true doubters can come to

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Mineo, Andy Clarity Comments
  1. FourFingerGamer

    am i the only one who likes this song but doesn't believe in religion.

    Sweet Salvation

    Yeah you're alone on that one

  2. john doe

    2/21/19 You were gone for a bit. I saw you on the phone line next door. Here, not there, everywhere. You gave me these moves. I owe this to you. I'll fight for you. Keeping my head up Andy. Pac. You called me the devil in the flesh once. I forgot, devil read the other way around just means, that I lived in the flesh. :) This is from Jesse <3 Weebles Wobble but we don't fall down. WWWWWWW 88888888 DDDDDDDDD

  3. Cal C


  4. astin 33


  5. reuniteireland

    Maybe the best I have heard from Mineo yet. Thanks for baring it out Andy, we all have our struggles no point in sugar coating it.

  6. Cal C

    Oh andy made something afterall

  7. Cal C

    Thank Jesus for a scabby head

  8. Cal C

    My head is scabby from scratching

  9. Cal C

    I didn’t know this was in the Bible or are you not quoting scripture

  10. Justus

    "Some days you're gettin all my trust,
    Some days I can feel so empty,
    Some days I feel like you love me, some days I feel like you left me."
    Power right there.


    This vato has bars...lyrics deep. I dont really listen to cristian rap...but this i like. I was looking for a spanish cover from NF.... JUST MAYBE...

  12. Ricardo Pena

    This song got me through the some of the toughest times of my life... *rain, cold, despair, pain* All I remember is these words having an incredible power to help me cope with it and overcome.

  13. Vince Murphy

    This seriously is exactly what I'm going through right now ... Struggling with faith and doubt

  14. Cal C

    An isolated light diving

  15. Cal C

    Thank God

  16. Cal C

    All the way

  17. Cal C


  18. Hooked Otaku

    This song has moved me time and time again...

  19. FrankieV 116

    Andy rocked this man. Great video, awesome song, even better lyrics!! I keep coming back to this one.

  20. Brandon Phifer


  21. Mr Brutality


  22. Christina McCrory

    My Absolute Favorite Rap Song of My Year!!!

  23. Kofi Ocran

    Getting real with our problems is great. Feeling all vulnerable before God is okay. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. Apostle Paul would rather boast in his weakness for therein is God's strength made perfect. I think as a church many have lost it because we are afraid to share our struggles with fellow believers to receive encouragement to go through the process. Everyone wants to appear as a "superman", having figured all of it out. The beauty of our walk with God is that it is very relational and as our Father, we can share how we truly feel (doubt, fear, anxiety, etc) and He is sure to remind us of His rich promises through His word and any other means He deems fit to build us up and grow in fellowship with/in Him.

  24. Shelby Tudor

    Im in a major funk rn creatively and personally and really needed this. Im listening to it on repeat!! It's so good! An Im just being patient and trusting. This time is really hard but I know I'm growing and God is good and faithful. And for that I am incredibly grateful!

  25. Joseph Ram

    If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God... But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. James 1:5-8

    Joseph Ram

    Instead of embracing doubt, or just hope to ignore it, we should be on our knees pleading with God for help like the man with the possessed son:
    "...But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” Immediately the father of the child cried out[d] and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!” Mark 9:22-24 I love you guys! We'll cross the finish line together!

  26. Joel Hayes

    God bless you all, and may you all go on to have blessed days, in Jesus' Holy Name, Amen!!!!

  27. iamdanieldaman

    This is how I really feel in my life

  28. Mike O'Barr

    This slaps. Dope beat and flows on point.

  29. David Romero

    Been searching for words to describe where I've been for 3 yrs. This song spoke to me in a real way! Thanks Andy!

  30. iamdanieldaman

    All I, All I, want is, CLARITY CLARITY! ✊🏾

  31. Grand Master Yoda

    He sounds a bit like Kendrick lamar

  32. L C

    Dude can get down & keep it real & true

  33. OustFoX

    That flair that forms a cross with the light poll is a stoke of genius

  34. kevana valdez oficial


  35. Alysa Christian

    Oh my.. Bruhh.. like BRUHHH this like— BRUHHH. No words like bruhhh❗️🙌

  36. Victor G

    There are 666 dislikes...

  37. Jeffrey Hawkes

    You can doubt your whole life and not change. It's impossible to have faith and not change.
    "If you don't doubt you dont change" is not true. I love Andy Mineo's music but that statement isn't true.

  38. James Smith

    Bruh andy mineo is on another level. Everything he is dropping is straight bars 🔥🔥🔥💀🤷‍♂️ keep em coming yo!!!

  39. lord korsah

    I love it, very clean. The beat even kills me.

  40. lord korsah

    Awesome! go Andy Mineo. You're great coz you're bless.

  41. Justin Adams

    This project hit me real hard. I love the talent, transparency, and openness, critics will critique, but those who’ve been through somethings will understand. Deep isn’t the word.

  42. Angel Dotel

    This is one of the hardest songs he’s ever made. The lyrics, beat, concept everything blew me away. Love this man like a brother cause I’ve been through it too. 🙌🏽

  43. Amanda Kay

    If songs could be food, today's current rap on the radio is refined sugar and this is a full course meal.

  44. Tebogo Thomas Ramakgoakgoa


  45. Susie Cervantes

    Love your song and hope

  46. Jana Batten

    This is like my struggle with OCD.

  47. Kristie Molina


  48. Deqod Pr4l

    Read what the pole says when it passes him

  49. Evan Wiley

    Got this song stuck in my head all day. #clarity

  50. Andrew King

    I can just imagine driving by a parking lot and seeing a dude murdering beats under a street light.

  51. Ant W

    Love everyone on the this label

  52. Thomas Tiffany

    Is it just me or does the bit that says thats the smoke in the air sound like smokin the herb

  53. Farrah U

    How are there even dislikes?!?

  54. James Peters

    I l9ve hownpersonal u get in ur music

  55. abmon24

    A few ways to describe this song: dynamic, individualized, climactic, well made, tied up in a pretty little bow, structured.

  56. Nancy Zepeda

    what a blessing of a song!!! better than many death sermons!!! Thank you Andi Mineo God Bless you!!

  57. Dan The Man


  58. K Manwarren

    Read your Bible, Andy. Hell is the price paid for a decision to deny Christ. The local church, plentiful or not, isn't responsible for those who go there. Honestly, believers who mask sinful behavior as "honesty" are the ones that do the most damage to those in search of the truth. Stop cussing in your songs. If you need to get something off of your chest or you're all in your feelings about the way the world is, you have a few choices:
    1)read your Bible, it's supposed to go this way and more people will reject the Lord than accept Him(Matthew 7:13-14)
    2) get counseling, Christian, preferably.
    3) take that passion and use it to motivate you to spread the true Gospel (repentance and then acceptance of loving forgiveness from the Father who desires to be reunited with us in righteousness).
    Love you, Brother. Hope you let Holy Spirit help you in this.

  59. Rashida Taylor

    You're doing a great job, Andy. Keep up the great work.

  60. Stringer Bell

    This is his best song. Hands down. The mellow beat switches to a banger like ‘First day out’ and ‘Dreams and Nightmares’.

  61. temi akingboye

    The words and delivery are more powerful that a lot of Sermons I've heard. This piece of work in up there on my gospel list. Simply AMAZING work.

  62. Rashida Taylor

    Have a great time in FL! Enjoy the weather!

  63. None None

    I love this u can get through this stuff Andy

  64. Ken M.

    Such a good song I legit made a bible study for my youth group with it. Connected it to Romans 1:18-23, God always reveals the truth to us, but since we think we have everything figured out or we’re distracted by everything around us, we blind ourselves / confuse ourselves to what he’s really trying to show us, that’s why we pray for clarity. But without FAITH, we won’t be able to see clearly what God wants to do with us or show us.

  65. Carl Jackson

    Son of Man or Son of Sam...

  66. williams milton

    Andy nasty with that flow. One of thé strongest on reach label.

  67. Frankie Snyder

    "The second I'm furious with God I am tumbling close because you cannot be furious with somebody who is not there" Dang.

  68. The Amanda Show

    He snapped for the Lord 🙏🏾

  69. db db

    Throw Dat Smoke in Da, AaAaiiiiRrRRrr.. Throw Dat Smoke in Da, AaAaiiiiRrRRrr.. Throw Dat Smoke in Da, AaAaiiiiRrRRrr..

  70. Tadashi

    All I all I want is claride claride I just love this song

  71. Faith Jean

    What does that mean when it said "The second I'm furious with God I'm tumbling close because you cannot be furious with somebody who's not there" ?

  72. Jabo's Fun Train

    One of the Most underrated songs

  73. Thomas Murphy

    anybody pick up what that "white Jesus" line is referring to?

  74. Alyson Parker

    This record is such a win. I don't understand why this isn't mainstream...I mean good music is good music! I'm very thankful for Andy's openness. Sometimes articulating what I haven't really found the words to yet. May God keep anointing you in your career and ministry. God bless 🙏🏽

  75. Warrior Link

    I really like this, true art and real self expression. Thanks!


    Keep it up..support me as well great people ..I am up coming..

  77. Henrique Ramos


  78. kimberly phelps


  79. MrStylish1983

    Love how at 2:51-3:10 he shows himself away from the cross and in the dark he says he's lost and then when he walks back to the cross he says he's found. 🔥🔥🔥👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  80. Farrah U

    This.... is so 🔥🔥

  81. First name Last name

    Still 🔥in 2019

  82. J P

    This song is about him not believing anymore lol

  83. Christy Love

    This song makes me cry every time I hear it. At the time—and even now... I’m wondering am I crazy?? Who in the world is feeling like me? I thought I was crazy for feeling how I was. As someone who is a Christian, it can be so hard to admit that you feel uninspired and lost. Arrow came out exactly when I needed to hear it. Thank you God for giving Andy the right words we needed to hear. 🙏🏼

  84. Josiah Fitzgerald

    This song deserves more views honestly

  85. Matthew Malone

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 2019 loud as can be

  86. Jessica Henderson

    Man this song is tooooo hot to handle its SMOKIN!

  87. Jessica Henderson

    Love the Women given Lecture great piece to include

  88. kimberly phelps


  89. kimberly phelps


  90. kimberly phelps


  91. fodnue

    this is genuinely the worst song I've ever heard in my life >:(


    @fodnue YE Yeah Yolo Swag Bling Bling my homie the power of GOD is in u haha how does he feel Yeah SUnlgasses


    😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 Ganubing Man Player Game WorkTwerk Game


    @Matrias Facts man hahA yourR my home Dawg tHo >:) :sunglasses: "TV, Tablet, Tweeting, Twerking, Gramming, Gaming, Working, Working, Working" < tHats the most beast part of tyhe song homeie >:)


    @fodnue NiCe onE God man haha home skillt man haha nice bilble man work gram man hahaha I cNA DriNK 1 HOLe PoP in ONN Sip dlish hahaaaaa


    @Matrias @lolmmm OMG AR you guis any mino sonG fam [email protected] :3 omg ONg my FAVORIT e sonmG

  92. dustymclayton

    Absolutely one of the greats. So many layers and depth with solid tones. Keep it up my friend!

  93. Milton Gomez

    Yes I know it's terrible I know it hurts but be patient it's going to workout imm not going to lose imm going to win its alright.-literally cried with those words. Needed to hear that right now thank you

  94. Milton Gomez

    Yes I know it's terrible I know it hurts but be patient it's going to workout imm not going to lose imm going to win its alright.-literally cried with those words. Needed to hear that right now thank you

  95. Kelly Wright

    "Maybe the dark cloud i've been stuck in, I constructed, I conducted." Dammn. When you realize you reap what you sow... Negative energy breeds more negative thoughts.

  96. MEX_cuz_I_CAN


  97. Jess Right

    Good Business Andy Mineo,
    Young man stay blessed in yo coming and going, continue to walk in the Blessing!

    Artee Smith aka Jess Right