Mineo, Andy - Almost... Lyrics

What if your greatest fears are smaller than you think?
What if your greatest dreams don't happen when you sleep?
What if your a different smile
Maybe this time your fall is a fly
What if you're almost there
Almost there
Almost there
Almost there

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Mineo, Andy Almost... Comments
  1. Stefan Brantley Jr.

    Make this song longer! 🙌🏾

  2. ching

    woah awesome

  3. None None

    I like his singing

  4. Mei Zei

    wish this was longer. Great music.

  5. Sanga Tembo

    Thank you Andy

  6. donut boy


  7. Joe Girard

    I think this is my fav track on the EP


    This has such a good flow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Zuly Solis

    I came from ll: The arrow now here to ll: The sword

  10. Kristin Miller

    This whole album flows together flawlessly. It reminds me of how artists used to write. It's genius! And the message is on point. Andy has officially been lifted higher! Awakened to a new level!

  11. solf08

    Andy plz get off the emo trip !!!! Your sound is little by little diminishing into some weirdo rap sound !!!! Love you bro plz stop u going walk real quick


    This ep is about his struggle with mental health and doubt in his walk with God. Just like Lecrea had done. It's different, raw, and genuine. I appreciate Andy's transparency here.

  12. Spencer Burgess

    "Calcium calcium calcium"

    DeAndre Elliott

    Bro I know I wasn't going crazy

    Christine Moran

    It said cursing cursing cursing

  13. Kenneth Spann JR


    Kenneth Spann JR

    Keep up the good work Reach

  14. Felipe Barron

    This was a waste of track in my opinion... they should of added them into one song or make an extra track instead of this one. It sucks we gotta pay over a dollar for each track wether its 1 or 4 minutes long

    yaowadeez snm

    Buy the album uhduhh lol

    Felipe Barron

    @yaowadeez snm I did but your still paying for it

  15. Dusten's LIVE!

    Red bull it gives you wings!

  16. Jitendra Jaiswar


  17. Frankie Della Ratta

    Is that the shroud of Turin in that drawing?it's in all these videos from his new ep

  18. Andrey Kozorezov

    I’m a big fan


    I have bin here since crowns and thorns

  19. Andrey Kozorezov

    Great song ❤️

  20. Alexandra Freed

    Where is part two though I can’t find it... ?

  21. Musa Les

    ALMOST... forgot to like after listening

  22. Bryan DaBeatMaker

    Any christian rappers out there hop on my beats!

    Kevin Berry

    You have Facebook?


    @Kevin Berry no

  23. Nava Music

    The flow of these songs make me want to do things, there’s this girl I like should I ask her out and say what

    Torf Gorb

    @Lee'Sha Henry Preach brotha

    Donavann Mace

    Shoot your shot

    xX_DjZayZay_Xx ,

    one year later now. did you do it tho

    Elijah Grossetete

    It's always worth it, even if you get rejected. Everyone in your life will always be either a blessing or a lesson. You only live once man.

  24. Joel Willis

    Why did they change it too 2 parts. I liked it better all one song

    DeAndre Elliott

    Because that's how it is on Andy's project

  25. Adam Busta

    God is real

    Antoinette Namuryango

    Jesus Christ is God.

  26. Time Travel

    That's all I can say.

  27. Tre A

    I still like this part

  28. Sir SupesAfro


    Edit: Ok, two parts. I can dig it.

  29. SWAUGGA 99

    And not even the whole song is up

  30. SWAUGGA 99

    Why was it deleted and put back up?


    It's a two part song