Mineo, Andy - 1988 REMAKE 2_Nottz_42North.wav Lyrics

Time, you just keep going
And one day you're going on without me
Time, you just keep going
And one day you're going on without me
Time, you just keep going
And one day you are going on without me
Time, time, time, where you going? Come back

Every coin got two sides, every sword got two edges
Life begins as one ends, how will I be remembered? Mortal men
There's something 'bout 30 make ya contemplate the journey
Ya heard me? (Uh)
I told my momma, "Can't believe I'm gettin' older, wish that I could stop it" (Huh)
She like, "What's ya other option?
You either in the grave or you get another year
So blow these candles out, we just happy that you here"
I found a picture of me back in college
My skin was a little tighter, body was more brolic
My baby face got a new wrinkle up on it by my eyelid
Told myself it must of been from all this smiling
Life, no one survives it
As much as we want to control it, it just throw surprises
When I was younger all I heard was, "You got potential"
But I don't hear that no more, I hear, "The rent due" (Uh)
And every birthday is bittersweet, it mean our time is shorter
Before I see the Lord, I want to get some things in order
29, this the victory lap
My fellows gather 'round, we just opened my gold plaque
Thought I'd feel more excited, but really I'm kinda sad
Can I do it again or are my greatest days in my past?

Time, you just keep going
And one day you're going on without me
Time, come back, ayy, YERR

I don't want to do this when I'm 48
Well, I could, but, look, I ain't cool as Jay
And I ain't cool as Ye
I'm kinda cool with grey
So when the salt and pepper look come, I'm ready for that day
I don't want to stretch before I play ball or go bald
Or lose strength today worrying 'bout tomorrow
I had this moment, I was walking through the park
Saw a boy playing catch, a woman walking her dog
I thought, in a hundred years none of us'll be here
Replaced by new people that probably never cared you existed
Just living they life, minding they business
No matter how famous you get, they still forget ya

Remember the time the Beatles said that they more famous than Jesus?
I still think it's funny
Some people didn't know who Paul McCartney was 'til he made a song with Yeezus, but
Millions still gather on Sunday

Life is less of a line, more like a circle
We can't wait to grow up, and pray for the reversal
Or pay for the reversal
Along the way I learn to enjoy it while you have it and forgive whoever hurt you 'cause
In the end if you don't get healed, you get revenge
And even though it feels sweet, you never really win
It's hard to sleep, lay in bed and have peace when
You became the very thing you hated just to get even (Uh)
So tell me what you believe in
It's nothing that you say it's what you're doing everyday
29 years of life, look what I became (Momma)
'Cause I'm a little less eager to prove something, more confident in who I am
It doesn't make for good TV, but make me a better man

Time, you just keep going
And one day you're going on without me
Time, you just keep going
And one day you're going on without me
Time, you just keep going
And one day you are going on without me
Time, time, time, come back

Happy birthday, dear Andy
Happy birthday to you
Alright, okay, alright, here we go, alright
Make it a good one!
I had to think about it
I'm in here

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Mineo, Andy 1988 REMAKE 2_Nottz_42North.wav Comments
  1. Clinton

    With Love n Respect. The cool as who cool thing, Bwoi U the Diamond that holds a Flame that don't cool, the front runner doesn't usually watch the other runners, specifically when keeping 1st place is made to look so easy.
    Please keep Roaring Lion, jungle's getting a little dark because some of the other inhabitants like the shade.
    Love n Blessings Family!!!

  2. Armando Casas

    Been following u for yours
    Im 29 and i think the same way u do in this song.
    Take one day at a time
    And walk in your purpose
    As a musician to reach the masses
    As a husband or whatver else God calls you to do andy

    Much love bro

  3. Dylan Garcia

    2:10, that verse goes crazy.
    Straight Fax sadly 🥶🥶🥶

  4. Dylan Garcia

    These songs hit hardddd

  5. Isaiah Arnett

    Andy this a work of ART. Listen with earbuds at 2:24. Amazing work bro

  6. Timmytuner

    life... no one survives it

  7. stonechild4him

    theres something about being 30 that makes you contemplate the journey... sames.

  8. Sir SupesAfro

    2:24-2:36... amen.

  9. Nathan Dee

    Awesome song bro! Looking forward to the album!!

  10. R. M.

    This dude cold 🥶

  11. Mike W

    Yeah this sound right Andy! Need full album with that same sound. Flow and Beats!

  12. MeMe Marie

    I love when he raps about his mom r.i.p to her

  13. Patricia M Brown

    This song made me really think. Times I thought about stuff like this.


    well done album art and well written song

  15. Zero Moreno

    I needed this, Andy. Thank you.

  16. The Best Rapper You Never Heard Of

    I feel this one, 30 is mocking me from around the corner too. But like his mom says "what's the alternative" thank God for another year!

  17. David DeRego

    NYC Represent Andy!!!...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeTnog5RRQo - Great work of art.

    David DeRego

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjxtRehIz2Y ...NYC - Andy is ill4real

  18. Longangi Antonio

    Everything about this song is right, well felt and thought. Thank you for this classic Andy. I will be 50 playing it to my kids!

  19. James Normandeau

    This could be an AMAZING music video

  20. Amare Adonai

    Love this... 1986 for me... but still relatable..

  21. DavidG1982

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJF_IGKMxTc Remix

  22. Sashko Murza

    He copycatted NF.

  23. Sashko Murza

    He supports gaypeople

  24. Sashko Murza

    He supports gay people

  25. Carlos Esquilin

    Who remembers this from the SoundCloud record

  26. Jared Johnson

    Loving this art

  27. The Church Tribe

    1988 I was born. Life goes by so fast. My oldest will be 15 this year 😬😱🤯

  28. Mischa Turner

    My dear brother exalt the One who was everywhere present before time. How does a professing Christian have a platform to reach tons of people and not exalt the the name above every name Jesus Christ the Righteous. (Mighty to save) "Be very sure, be very sure your anchor holds and grips the solid Rock. This Rock is Jesus yes He the one, this Rock is Jesus the only One."

  29. GCI Sportz


  30. G&A Worship

    That bass thoe!!!🔥🔥🔥

  31. Benard kings

    Andy been vet since

  32. Speaks Dapallo

    Andy with Nottz... Please 🔥 🔥

  33. Juan Magana

    Yeah what gives 2 Christian artist coming out at the same time hmm seems like envy from one of them I might be wrong but something is going on!

  34. Joshua Belton

    Love that line where he roasted the Beatles.

  35. David Bramlett


  36. Austin S

    NF and Andy on the same day is getting me thinking... Andy x NF?

  37. Austin S

    Am I the only one that listened to Time by NF, then listened to this, and realized they are both are on time?

  38. NuRone

    I have this on replay. Have me thinking alot but this beat is alot better than the other one

  39. Caleb Stohr

    Beautiful very beautiful art

  40. opponent 116

    Only real fans know this came out when it was his birthday

  41. Mati McKinney

    My goodness 🔥🔥🔥

  42. cmv3

    My Life Be Like Ooh Aah Ooh - Grits - Same energy

  43. Michael Rivera

    Good news yall! Nf and Andy are going to colab!! 🔥🔥

    Kyle Allen

    Do you know this? I've been wanting that collab for a long time!

  44. cmv3

    Just started listening and I remember the line "I lost my watch, where the time go?" Go Andy. Spitttt.

  45. Anthony M

    I love how Andy’s songs for this album are labeled as unedited documents. Like he’s still working on them and unfinished. Ties to the name of the album so well! 🔥🔥🔥

  46. MR_OOF BOT

    One word, fire.🔥🔥🔥

  47. Nicholas Nehaul

    Loving this version of andy that keeps dropping songs! Thanks brother, supporting you. This one was gold for me.

  48. Judy Watson

    I want to work on a song with Andy like if u want to also

  49. mario Cazares

    :0 I remember hearing this on SoundCloud I love it

  50. L.E. DuBois

    Dope song!!! Love this style, @andymineo

  51. Jaco La motta

    2.35 - 2.38 esoteric

  52. Simon Peraboh

    This is an old song

  53. donlala33

    NF doesn't rap about God he talks about being emo, he's Eminem just tamed...

  54. Crystal Clouds

    I have a conspiracy. Literally andy released his country song and nf released his "the search" at the same time. Then Andy puts out a song that pushes people away, something that NF raps about normally. And around the same time, NF puts out a song about becoming a rapper. Which has a vibe that Andy's style of hip hop would have (lyrically). And now they both have songs about time. So I'm thinking that these guys are either up to something, or God is telling us something with these dudes. Idk man, seems super suspicious.

  55. Kenny Kristanto

    This one quite good but i like original one..

  56. Joshua Huihui

    What is he saying? I'm lost.

  57. Hiram Reyna


  58. shaqua newsome

    Dang this song is very powerful

  59. HolyRoyal Princess

    WOW!! PERFECT for my son's birthday. Number 27. Time...

  60. weenieboys 2

    I haven't heard the first version, but these lyrics are truth and some of them are an unfortunate truth. I didn't know about The Beatles being more popular than Jesus.😭

  61. the one

    Straight up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. serah garza

    I was just evaluating my life and what am I doing for the LORD... A slow wasteland only if we're not living or serving a purpose... Time for me to get back to my first love

  63. Hayden Littlehales

    I listened to this just this morning. Then saw that NF dropped a song too. Saw the difference in views. Andy is way way way too under appreciated. In my opinion Andy should be on top, NF is still good, but he’s been on this whole depression and darkness thing for too long.

  64. Jackson PSF


  65. Corinth Williams

    Love the art work. Got feels similar to your first album Formerly Known. I like this it's a chill just vibe head nodding yeah

  66. Johnathon Wright

    love.. this!

  67. Enigma Towles

    Very impressive record! I can’t see how Andy talked himself into vaulting these songs.

  68. La CBA

    Bruh, this was deep. Like sinkhole deep. And I'm here for it *fire emojis*

  69. Jamiel Horne

    What a time to be alive. Andy is blowing nothing but fire

  70. Ricky Ricardo Amador

    Great song ❤️ the instrumental reminds me of the song “tiros pal diablo” by Almighty 🔥

  71. Chris Aguilar

    Sounds like this song title should be🤔... Time. Andy and NF dropped at the same time, time fly’s, don’t waste time, in God’s time. 🕛

  72. Justify This

    I’m starting to see a trend of Andy follows NF

  73. Outcast W

    Here after NF release

  74. Silux Khan

    Andy Mineo is so awesome!!

  75. Jay Martell

    Time moves on so do we make the moments last in life or I'll still fall short and so will you

  76. FRANCIS 01

    Algum brasileiro por aq? 🔥🎵

  77. Alden Augusto

    QUE LETRA ÉPICA, para se meditar e absorver toda sabedoria derramada nesses versos, Obrigado Deus pela vida do Andy e obrigado Andy por sua arte

  78. Segun Lawal

    TIME is the Word in season.

  79. CactiiJuice

    I was wondering what happened to this song, I heard it a while ago.

  80. Brandon Roots

    🔥 but forget the not,cool as jay or yay. Yuck. Theres only one andy mineo!!

  81. Are You Coherent

    Great rapper but not so sure about a singer.

  82. Christina Aviles

    Oops survived with out god Andy

  83. Christina Aviles

    I never survived with god Andy

  84. tae anyi

    These drops have been 🔥

  85. Noreate

    Dang, NF, Andy Mineo, Hollyn, and Tenth Avenue North dropping great songs on the same night?! This is crazy.

  86. Jayfrost

    All of NF's stuff this year and Andy's stuff this year have all dropped on the same days... Hmmmmm

  87. davidamagesù

    This is the second time Andy and nf dripped songs in the same day🤔 could there be a secret collab coming??

  88. Tywon Bailey

    I love the song but not for the beat but the message. It’s interesting how you can take a song like this and it be so drawing with having a catchy phrase or a super dope beat (not that the beat isn’t good). This song Is really good bc it makes you think about how much time we DON’T HAVE to waste. And I feel you on getting old to bro I’m 33 now and it’s the same for me lol....stretching before basketball etc....lol. Good song Andy! #time

  89. Adam Busta

    Stop tripping over NF release and just focus on how good this song is tho ! Andy spitting liquid fire over here

  90. Abel Domingos

    Maestro Andy mineo 🔥🔥🔥

  91. Roger Castano

    I love how everyone is freaking out that NF and Andy dropped at the same time. They have very different styles and I can’t really see them doing something together.... even though yes it would be pretty dope

  92. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Wow! More fire given by the spirit, spoken to hearts.