Mindless Self Indulgence - Bomb This Track Lyrics

Thanks for the party
And the Maserati
Y'all rocked my body
But now I'm gone', bye
Thanks for the party
The moet, the girls, the front row tickets
Yeah, goodbye
Thanks for the party
And the paparazzi
Everybody knows me
Now I'm embarrassed

Thanks for the party, the house, the girls, the press, and..
Oh yeah, doing my laundry

I want to testify
I was not notified
When did my mother start
Bugging out, getting high
I wanna take a chance
Deep in your underpants
All my little girls
Everybody kiss my ass

Bomb, bomb this track
No regrets
Bomb this track

All my scrawny ladies
And my bony ladies
That's what happens when you take what they is givin', baby

All my horny mommies
And my rowdy mommies
Pop'n shtatic yo prepare yourself for stormy weather
Good lookin' out there baby
Beefs is cookin' baby
Don't you know that they be readin' what I'm writin' baby?
All my scrawny ladies
And my bony ladies
That's what happens when you take what they is givin', baby

Thanks for the party
And the Maserati
Y'all rocked my body
But now I'm gone', bye
Thanks for the party
The moet, the girls, the front row tickets
Yeah, goodbye

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Mindless Self Indulgence Bomb This Track Comments
  1. Burnt Oatmeal

    what a beautiful duwang

  2. Elade waterlow

    Everybody kiss my ass!

  3. NFSjam

    That song has a similar style to Celldweller and Styles Of Beyond's Shapeshifter in my opinion. You know, where you rap the verses and scream the song title as the chorus. XD


    2019 anyone ?

  5. Anime Lover

    0:39 BONELESS SHRIMP!!!!!

  6. Marcie Sincae

    Up until now, I legitimately thought he was saying 'Boneless Shrimp'. Oof.

    unknown studios official

    Marcie Sincae boneless pizza


    Big oof since the song is literally called bomb this track

  7. bolu da

    why everybody start to listen msi when they are too young? I'm 13

  8. W A O W

    I thought this said "boneless shrimp"

  9. Tweek Tweak

    where yall at

  10. Iam L

    Plz feel free to dislike this comment.

    Anime Lover


  11. I remember subscribing to this channel, because of the System Of A Down songs in it, and now after I became a fan of MSI I realized that this channel makes MSI lyric videos as well lmao

    @***** ooh hi hello thank you


    Jamless Salty Sugar how are army everywhere SCREAM


    Jamless Salty Sugar is taehyung w you? if so i don't mind



  12. Kniroid



    XD I think you shouldn't be listening to them unless you understand what their talking about. If you're a 12 year old and you understand then I don't really care.


    I am 21 and found msi in 3rd grade so honestly. Respect for em lol


    Either you're introduced to MSI as a tween, or you don't listen to them.

  13. {Br0ken-Chan}

    Before i knew what the actual lyrics were
    Then bomb this track, was ...



    +Ryuko Aizawa Arts das ist what i thoughtXD BTW ik Danish....not,.....german...

    Jan Berrios


    prying eyes

    But Bob is allergic to shellfish.

    Joshua bonehill

    I thought it was bomb this train lol

  14. Cool Kid

    I love this band I like a lot of there songs but I'm 11 there's something wrong with me

    Melody Nicola

    Hey I'm 11 too lol don't feel left out lmmfao

    EMI V

    ...is that hetalia? .. :)

    Charity Hairell

    This is the reason I have no friends but who needs them when you got msi


    well my five year old sister seems to like them...


    well now you're fourteen congrats

  15. juan alcauter

    Any hot girls wanna fuc

  16. Fender

    And the maserati.
    @Richard Ramirez

    Richard Ramirez

    Shut up!


    Hahaha told ya.

    Richard Ramirez


  17. Carolyn IDK

    I'm listening to this while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf....

    Lonely weeb

    Wrong song listen to animal

    Carolyn IDK

    I love that song too

    Beecartes my honey

    Carolyn IDK Do it with Pr.Layton now.


    I respect you so much


    I do this now

  18. Avani Singa

    GAWD! This song is so bad-ass and hip.

  19. Xinuka

    Is it bad that i have listened to MSI since i was 11 years old? lol

    that one human named jada

    Xinuka same


    i was also 11 lol

    La Sorcière

    Im 12 rn 👌


    I was 18 but to be fair I'm 36.
    I still bomb this fuckin track

  20. Joe Sherwood

    Lol sup belle

  21. Murdoc Niccals

    sup maddy

    Taz Nall


  22. Hanna Heart

    Jimmy is dah best :)

  23. Hanna Heart

    Btw BEST SONG EVER!!!!

  24. Hanna Heart

    This is the best I loved the way Jimmy looked in the begging...lol I had my volume all the way up...I had headphones on -_-# ouch

  25. Murdoc Niccals

    This is  my fav  song

  26. Fuzzy Wuzzy

    I'm going to be having my 14th b-day party/f*cking slumber party at my house on feb 5 and im going to be playing all of MSI's songs there xD


    You're 14 and act like I did when I was 10

    Mamoru Hayashi

    So ur legal now eh???


    +PellieEllie tbh same


    This has been a... ride to read. Even though this was 5 years ago it feels like something straight out of 2009. Good god


    Why did people get so pissy over this omg..... that's actually so cute, even 5 years later.

  27. Kenzye Davis


    Hanna Heart

    F*ck u it's track Bycoch

    Gulawesome Artist

    Sounds like that doesn't it.

    joan the mad

    you ass lol XD

    Cola BotelsOVA


  28. Emily LaVoice

    I kind of love that your avatar is of Gamzee... :)

  29. Ashfire0987

    Sorry it's a year late...but I love your profile picture....

    Steven Delcastillo

    Ashfire0987 sorry I'm 3 years late but I love your profile photo

  30. AstroZombie~

    this song is so freakin' amazing
    I love MSI

  31. faith higgins

    i love this band so much

  32. Alma Saon

    Oh my god, your picture of Grell. *strokes the icon creepily*

  33. Carolyn IDK

    DeathTheKid :O :D

  34. swirls svank

    no it rly works bro

  35. Katherine Weber

    I wanna take a chance, deep in your underpants. o;

  36. Jaime McMillan

    Everybody knows me and NOW I'M EMBARRASSED!! :3

  37. Xander graffSpektor

    So good to hear this stuff again! MSI <3!!

  38. Adrien West

    You are an amazing human being.

  39. sarah knezel

    Lyn-z way is the real life marceline:pale,plays bass,black hair,flexible

  40. samaralyn200

    Omg, get off your fake account.

  41. chickeneatinghobos16

    I wanna take a chance....deep in you're underpants cx

    Steven Delcastillo

    chickeneatinghobos16 yes

  42. DustinD3mented


  43. Mars


  44. Ishouldnthavetodothi

    That's probably true

  45. Hartsock91

    Omg this works.

  46. luiskilo99

    nice tastee

  47. Tigertattoo

    who explains me whyh the fuck exist people who talk fucking fast?

  48. Ishouldnthavetodothi

    This sounds just like Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine

  49. MishkaHides InBoxes

    wow slorr you have managed to put up lyrics to my most favorite bands thank you UwU

  50. 2-T Fru-T

    You should ask MSI if you can hangout with them. They'd love you.

  51. Mizuki Shiragama

    Everybody kiss my ass

  52. T. Millikin

    that would be cool. it didnt make sense to me at first cuz i was thinking of his serious stuff but then i thought of the Real Slim Shady x). that would rule!

  53. AwsomeAdolf

    What does Jimmy's fists say?

  54. A7xrocksyou

    I love this song and the vocals behind it.... But I REALLY want an instrumental.. How sick would that be!?

  55. Bóg jest jeden i jestem nim ja

    verse that starts at 0:18 makes this song very powerful... love dat feeling :D

  56. callmevroom

    :D marry me..! jk :P just check out my channel? :D

  57. Kimiko Yoima

    Eminem, =^.^=

  58. Amanda

    I song this all the time at school. People always look at me weird. XD

  59. Chelsie Miller

    hell yeah <3 C:

  60. Nixxxy Darling

    I just died a little inside. MSI is absolutely amazing.

  61. Lyall Fidelis

    My favorite part is when the music hits my ears and my brain orgasms.s

  62. Zethany

    I'm all singin' along to this and my sister and mom are all O.o...

  63. Danielle Cain

    i like them because theyre so intense :)))

  64. Mike Fougnie

    Sorry everyone, the four dislikes are from the people that live next to me.

  65. HopeElisabetK


  66. Ikke Doch

    @xXxthat1boyxXx ha, I think its quite funny to see you gave negative comments on all vids in your comment history except for this one.

  67. xPravusx

    @matt1161980 You are making me jealous xD

  68. matthew metzger

    @zach5666 one time was at a small club and they were just hanging out before their set, it was awesome! the second time was back stage when they were with The Birthday Massacre.

  69. xPravusx

    @matt1161980 Omg you're lucky xD

  70. matthew metzger

    @zach5666 I've met them twice! I even bought Lynz a drink at the bar

  71. xPravusx

    There is only one life goal I have.....TO GO TO AN MSI CONCERT AND GET THERE AUTOGRAPH AND MEET JIMMY

    anon hater

    xPravusx I want you to look at this now and cringe

  72. bananahwormz

    @karisawa Wat!? Pssshh No..! *shifty eyes*

  73. Brok3nscene

    i love MSI. This is such a good song. thanks for uploading.

  74. bananahwormz

    x3 x3 x3 x3 x3

  75. WiseSharkPaul

    I was thinking the same thing

  76. bananahwormz

    No Way! U do lyrics 4 MSI 2 !? YAY!!!
    SOAD AND MSI fave bands! xD
    Oh, and Slipknot :3

  77. Keelin Park

    whoa lyn-z looks so much like gerard in the pic O_O lol xD

  78. Mars

    second lool jk hate ppl saying first -.- just dumbasses

  79. adasko940

    Omg idiot.