Mindless Self Indulgence - 3S' Lyrics

I'm the one who's so in love with you,
I'm the one who's so in love with YOU!

Man! I'm gonna fill you all the way,
Oh! Man! I'm gonna screw you all the way,

'Cause I'm stupid, sadistic and suicidal,
Hard to accept, and that's the whole idea,
Behind my motivations,
Now is the part for the radio station

I'm the one who's so in love with you,
I'm the one who's so in love with YOU!

Man! I'm gonna fill you all the way,
Oh! man! I'm gonna screw you all the way,

'Cause I'm stupid, sadistic and suicidal,
Hard to accept, and that's the whole idea,
Behind my motivations,
Now is the part for the radio station

Ow! (do do do do)
Hate it! (do do do do-do)
Yow! (do do do do)

This is what you are,
This is what you are,
And this is what you are, baby,
This is what you are

(ooh, uh, ooh ah ooh ooh ah, ooh ah
ooh, uh, ooh ah ooh ooh ah, ooh ah
ooh, uh, ooh ah ooh ooh ah, ooh ah
ooh, uh, ooh ah ooh ooh ah)

Yo, I really mean it this time, (ooh...ah...)
I really mean it this time, (ooh...ah...)
I really mean it this time, (ooh...ah...)
I really mean it this time, (ooh...ah...)
I really mean it this time, (ooh...ah...)
I really mean it this time, (ooh...ah...)
I really mean it this time, (ooh...ah...)
I really mean it this time (ooh...ah...)

'Cause I'm stupid, sadistic and suicidal,
Hard to accept, and that's the whole idea,
Behind my motivation,
Now is the part for the radio station

I'm stupid, sadistic and suicidal
Hard to accept, and that's the whole idea,
Behind my motivation,
Now is the part for the radio station!

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Mindless Self Indulgence 3S' Comments
  1. Glen Galloway

    My version would be stupid sadistic and sick of wankers

  2. rat

    i feel kinda guilty listening to this song and msi in general because of the lyrics, cuz _oh boy_ are the lyrics something

  3. Anonymous Girl

    When your in love with someone who your not good for

  4. Wrmgutz


  5. Codanine

    This is my feral energy song

  6. Elizabeth Midford


  7. Octavio Bannach

    We all being there. In the three s, I mean.

  8. deflated chungus

    tfw when this was one of your middle school faves 😭😭

  9. Kravdraa

    Creeper aw man

  10. hal900x

    I never knew this band was anything more than the fanmade Pikachu MV of yore. This is the kind of band people love "ironically" but secretly just love.

  11. Dumb Rat 击

    it gives me pedophile and rape vibes hhhhh--

    what did you expect you idiot

    oh no you're one of _those_ mcr fans arent you

    Dumb Rat 击

    @what did you expect you idiot no i swear to god that was a phase-

  12. Cookie Sparky

    this is what you are this is what you are

  13. Cookie Sparky

    this is what you want baby this is what you want*

  14. バニラカルダモン

    man I miss 2012

  15. sugar_ strawberry

    For me thats " gay , masoshist and suicidal" lmao

  16. Meegz wan Fuit Gummie

    Ah yes, early 2000s YouTube Animation memes, my childhood 💕💕

  17. Mado Bruh

    oh my god this song actually bops

  18. oarsone

    Oh my god, I didn't know that this song was made by MSI???
    I feel ashamed now.

  19. Lazy Cunt

    This song reminds me of my abusive father. The "I really mean it this time,, reminds of when we run away from him and he tells us that he will change .

  20. Alice Fateburn

    if this song was about me it would be called retarded, sarcastic, and a fucking dip shit

  21. Emotion Malfunction

    I fucking love this song but . Oh - oh no it's not about a good subject

  22. Sinners & Killjoys

    I think he really means it this time.

  23. Nicole Collins

    I just found this band and my life has a neon virus now 🦠🧬

  24. Pushing Daisies

    I’m gay

    Satan Is Here!

    @feral hog ooh, nice pfp. I love Mikan!

    Pretty dress Anarchy

    I'm straight

  25. Delphinium

    that song called ''sexy naughty bitchy'' is flirting with this song wtf

  26. Lil Ambivert

    Postive vibes...

  27. MikaeL

    stupid , sadistic and suicidal, so.. basically Eric and Dylan lmao

    hoodies and sweet tea

    U m o k

    Pretty dress Anarchy

    go back to tumblr you mouldy cabbage


    Jesus chiropractor appointment

  28. DerpySpirits

    Perverted, Sadistic and Suicidal

  29. Just Um


  30. I'm myself

    🕇 Time...

  31. annie lotochinski

    i used to listen to this when i was 11 asdfsadlksf

  32. Insert Unfunny Meme



  33. oh yeah yeah

    aw man my comments are gone

  34. Crybaby Bree

    If the song was called "liar,sadistic,and imsomniac" I would relate to it

  35. Miguel Garcia

    I miss u Cynthia

  36. Miguel Garcia


  37. Pastel Waffuu

    Literally me RN

    I'm 12...

    overallrug 1

    You're a rapist?

    Alex Is Unstable

    Oh ffs shut up

  38. Umbre%Paw

    Now is the part for the RADIO STATION!

  39. Rose Saramc

    Damn this isn’t on iTunes

  40. -SKY- of Wonderland

    Lovely to have cute fluffy *animatied* memes that uses songs (heavily drugs, sex/rape, and death). Heh~

  41. oh yeah yeah

    Msi is basically a metal breakdown
    edit:oh god i found my old comments..

  42. The jetset life Killed me already

    This should be the song for fitness gram bc I would be runnin

  43. caitlin -

    i heard this song years ago (before i knew about MSI) and never knew what it was and i just found it omg

  44. unknown studios official

    Found it

  45. Jazmine Turnbull

    this song reminds me dazai osamu from bungou stray dogs

  46. cold •

    a triple threat

  47. rot pop

    this is groovy!!

  48. penile shaft skin

    I'm stupid, masochistic and suicidal

  49. violet dawn

    Why do I feel like this is what edgy angst Elmo XD rawr teens would love to listen to?

  50. wee wee woo wa

    I hate the dumbass "animation" memes using this song. It really ruins my opinion on it :\

    Drowzy Darkie

    spoopy gerard 😑

  51. Stacey Scott

    God I miss this band

  52. Lone Traveler

    YE BOI.
    Should've ended with another 0:34 tho.

  53. Yah Gurl KaeKae

    These people in these comments tho.... y’all crazy 🤦🏾‍♀️😬

  54. smieszne meme

    i fucking love this shit

  55. cyx x

    just heard 2 songs of them a few years ago and now i'm gonna discover them fully

  56. Tempmya Brownson

    I came from the memes

  57. exiledPostman

    It wouldn't surprise me if Jimmy wrote this song after watching Future Diary.

  58. Sassy Dododo

    for some reason this song remind me of hisoka and illumi idk xD. hxh fan here???

  59. Kigiru Drewko

    S Stands for...

    Virgin't Snow

    Sexually putting my dick in a vending machine

  60. Xx_emo420_xX

    sweet, sister, service

  61. last young renegade

    Me: Yuck, I hate songs who only sing about sex :/

    Also me: *sets this song as my ringtone*

    Yellow Outrage

    First of all songs can't sing. Second of all, I think this song is about murder.


    @Yellow Outrage Rape.

    Anime lover! 888

    its about rape , sex , murder Everything !




    I guess that means when someone spam calls you it becomes the meaning of this song

  62. Aero Zaxton

    Why does everyone keep saying they can relate? Like no, you'd be in jail lol

    Böök Legy

    people see the word stupid and automatically think "oh look it's me"

    Dorotea Pavlović

    How do you know it's about rape tho?


    It just sounds like a normal sex song.
    There's not alot of lyrics


    We call them edgy as all fuck

  63. Kayley T

    anyone know what this is from? like what album or is it a single?

    Kayley T

    okay I googled it according to wikipedia its a Japanese bonus track off of if

  64. Rosanna Machiavelli

    Scrolling through the comments
    Everyone says that it describes them etc
    But I thought at first it's an parody of pop love songs
    Parts with "I'm the one who's so in love with you" "Now it's the part for a radio station" and not singing long ballad how the love hurts, just shortly stupid - cuz' I felt in love, omg i'm so stupid, only bastards are falling for love, sadistic - describes the deep desires, fantasies when in love songs are just more gently "i wanna touch you" or something, suicidal - because omg, she/he will never love me, i really want him, what can i do, i wanna dieeeee
    I can't tell what I mean exactly
    But anyway you can get it

  65. Umatsu Obossa

    You'll rebel to anything and you'll RELATE to anything. Mindless sheep. This band makes fun of them and they do the same damn shit the songs criticize. How ironic.

    Aero Zaxton

    Umatsu Obossa <3

  66. Beecartes my honey

    I've not noticed the fangs of your emoji at the end, before. (<,u,<)

  67. vincent clark

    if we help people commit suicide we do something good for the planet. kill two people before you die.

  68. Alexander Xiarhos

    Best song for all the anime bitches. ITHINK

  69. mattie27

    The definition of a yandere

  70. Auquilon AJ

    i heard this song a year ago and i loved it, i still do now!

  71. Imblueyo UwU

    And it's a stupid animation meme that I absolutely hate :D

  72. BonChald

    If this was about me

    And Socially Awkward

  73. why am i even

    Remember when this was a meme....

  74. Haylee Elizabeth

    Big Mood™

  75. Rachel

    What is it with MSI songs and fitting Tord?

  76. The Goddess Of Edge

    I'm sappy, sadistic and secretive

  77. oh yeah yeah

    for me its funny, fantastic and cringe mayo

    Capivara Sóbria

    oh yeah yeah

  78. Gigimod

    2:11 The sound of forgiveness. Screaming, and then silence.

    Fucking Degenerate

    That's the sound of people drowning, Carl.



    Glow City

    *W H E E Z E*

  79. Valerian

    I think you guys are misenterpreting something
    This isnt a love song

    Death by Proxy

    Emerald Apple I guess you’ve never heard anything by Lemon Demon or Creature Feature then haha

    Emerald Apple

    @Death by Proxy

    Bruh I love Creature Feature

    Death by Proxy

    Emerald Apple Then you’ll realise not all songs are love songs

    Emerald Apple

    @Death by Proxy

    They can be if you want them to be. 👀

    Death by Proxy

    Emerald Apple Never heard this then? https://youtu.be/c2D9B4qV4vg https://youtu.be/6KH5QBZdvf0 https://youtu.be/kh2NZWBvfWI

  80. Andrés Brea

    Do someone still listen to this

    pp master

    I do :^

    bolu da

    Andrés Brea me

    Projeto Sunlight

    Andrés Brea Me

  81. Lila Sullivan

    more like stupid SARCASTIC and suicidal

  82. Faith No More

    0:33 this part of the song is my life

  83. Faith No More

    This reminds me of rodrick rom diary of a wimpy kid
    for some reason

  84. cel

    all yall in the comments with your sparkledog furry icons i know exactly where u came from yall cant hide it


    What the fuck does this mean

    Eden P.

    @Paneebee It's a refrence to the animation meme community. They love them some Mother mother.

    Strangely Sexy Frankenstein Girl

    Ah scenecore discussion posts on Invader Zim AMVs, why yes I am

    Death by Proxy

    cel I mean I know of the meme, but I originally found the song because I like MSI XP

  85. Lyndsi Nabors


  86. Havyar Üç

    msi best band everrr

  87. Trojan Hell

    Love this song amazing beat and his voice is amazing and perfect

  88. Dana Pie

    If this was about me it would be "Stupid, Strange and Socially Ankward"

  89. South Florida


  90. Epileptic Wolf

    Fucking love this song

  91. Lexie Broedner

    I don't know guys, I can't tell
    does he really mean it this time? he isn't very clear about it
    i don't think he does


    Nice reference

    Yumeko Jabami


  92. Reptiles and random 20

    I've never liked this sort of music but DANG this tune is catchy!

  93. Gabby's live stream account

    "cause I'm stupid, sadistic, and suicidal" sounds like me, I'm stupid at basically everything, I for some reason get the guilty pleasure from the sadness of others (most likely cartoon like or staged suicide and depression, like fanfictions or just watching marble hornets) I'm not too sure if I'm suicidal or not, I had suicidal thoughts, I have a whole plan, and I am very depressed....though I don't wish to harm oneself


    Terrence FNAF 4 I think about how good life for other people would be without me

    Gabby's live stream account

    That one ugly kid yeah I think that too, but I don't really think it's worth it, I think if I just be patient it'll go away

  94. Kx27

    I feel like a cringey 12 yr old emo kid whenever I listen to this song, but it's soo catchy


    Kenny McKormick Salt


    I was a cringey 12 years emo kid when i discovered this song

    berry tea

    @TESSA RIVERA I was an 3rd grader watching animation memes with this song.. this song is still great

    Butter Fly

    Am I the only one who just likes the music? And hasn't had an emo phase. I do like to colour my nails black, but that's all.

    Edgelord The Crusader

    That’s gonna be most of MSI tbh

  95. Abby Izumi

    I like the anti-song better, 3M (Mindful Masochistic, and Merry)