Minaj, Nicki - Warning Lyrics

Who da hell is this?
Callin' me at 12: 47 in the night
While I'm watchin the fight
Lookin' at the phone it's no name in sight
Blocked ID, knew somethin' just wasn't right
It's my girl Kandy from out in Miami
Tellin me that my man with some bitch in a Camry
Car seat in the back like he started a family
Yo Kan stop playin, what the fuck are you sayin'?

Remember them chicks from da Brick 'round nine six
That we seen when we hit a lick by the projects?

Oh, you mean Leah, little sister Maria
I use to go see her in front of the Pizzeria

I didn't say them, they schooled to some bitch that you knew from back when some bitch named Kim
Light skinned flim use to rock a low rim
Followed them to the crib, but the lights real dim
They hit me on the chirp warning me now I'm warning you
What's it gonna be?
Nicki tell me what you wanna do

Damn I'm a have to send her to her maker
Damn I'm a have to send her to her maker
Damn I'm a have to send her to her maker
I'm a send her to her maker
I'm a send her to her maker

They heard about his good sexin' and long erections
Nice complexion, Magnums for protection
They even heard about his tongue game
How the nigga gave brain ain't stopped 'til the cum came
But that's words to Hip Hop
I popped the bitch top, like a corona

Call the coroner, it's gonna be a lot of black dresses and chest vest's if I find out he got a next Mrs'
What you think all the goons is for
Two by the door a few more out in New York
And I feed 'em curry chicken, I'm all about my green 'naw mean? Got some fat bitches in the kitchen
I got a spot like OX and we cook OX tail got a scale for what's in the mail
I got whatever on my nigga Bail, But if the nigga bail
I'll have 'em sleepin with some killa whales
Damn bitches wanna fuck with my man on the other hand things ain't always what you plan
It's the ones up in ya Prom picture
Salon with'cha
Now they wanna creep in ya mans jeep
I bet you Nicki won't sleep
Cause I'm a put the heat to ya beak, you'll bird like TWEET TWEET
And watch you smoke like a cigarette
Shoulda left the bitch a pack of Nicorette
Leave all them foul bitches wet
I give a fuck about you and ya bum crew
Mami I'm the truth they salute when I come through
I'm not runnin bitch I bust my gun in hold on I hear somebody comin

[Police knocks]
Police open up!

Shit, that bitch Kandy set me up yo
Pass the A.R. lemme let these cowards have it

[Gunshots go off]

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Minaj, Nicki Warning Comments
  1. Critiotics

    like before 2020

  2. La Quan Clemmons

    Damn she look way better back then

  3. Brian Pilimai

    Biggie got an Encyclopedia of rap shit. Fake rappers and bitches can copy and try to imitate the great B.I.G. This is one of them.

  4. SkinnyBalddie

    If she rap like this i would like her

  5. B O N N I E

    The hell you all smoking? She jacked Biggies flow and literally wrote over his bars to a point it has the same sounding rhymes and number of syllables. This is not "great rapping skills". This is literally easier than writing your own rap from scratch by far and it sounds trash. Why would anybody listen to this shit if they could listen to Biggie's Warning? The hell you all smoking praising Nicki for THIS out of all things. "Sounds 90's" thousands of upvotes THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS SOMEONE ELSES BEAT FROM THE 90S AND *THEIR* FLOW, not HERS MFS When Eminem put himself on a Biggie track he didn't replace words in Biggie's bars and jacked his flow because unlike Nicki that mf CAN RAP. FFS what's wrong with you people. Considering the comments, y'all wouldn't know rap if it hit you directly in the eyeball

    Chun Ro

    Are you handicapped? In the brain?

  6. Mercedes Mariee

    Idc what nobody say I’ma always be a nicki fan‼️

  7. Gwak Gwak

    What gave her the right to rap over biggie beat never liked her after this song

    Violated Gerber Baby

    Good thing no one here cares about what you like....

    Gwak Gwak

    @Violated Gerber Baby shut cho bitch ass up

  8. JestineJonel


  9. Douglas Loiola

    Wtf, it's just a cover, nothing original...

  10. Dwayne3007


  11. ILL Sean

    This is imitation...not hiphop

    Drea H.

    ILL Sean oh quit hating, she made it better!

  12. PooliePommerenk

    Sounds like a female biggie

  13. Lady Reviews

    Nicki use to sound like a badass chingona. Now she sounds like a bubbly little White girl 🤢

  14. Luis Lopez

    This is tashas intro from power !!

  15. Skylee Fénty

    I'm sick of clicking on Nicki's songs and all the comments mention cardi b. Stop comparing them, they're two different types of rappers. Nicki is a lyricist and cardi is like a hype rapper 🗣 THEY'RE NOT THE SAME. I do love them both though ❤😌

  16. Zinoxe

    It's insane the 11 year difference, she hasn't shown any age, and is still gorgeous

  17. Jelenat94

    all i hear is lil kim

  18. TheyKilledPookie_

    This when she was doin shows With The Butcher Coming NiGGA ...lmao

  19. Damarcus Custom

    2019-2020,I got whatever on my Nigga bail

  20. Ashley Griffin


  21. Mike James

    Nicki Talented.💯✊🏿

  22. machinedrum17

    rap is a form of poetry, period.

  23. Juvoisean Mathena

    Love this girl

  24. eth3realdivine3

    Classic Onika 🔥

  25. Mike Angle

    You can tell she skin bleached

  26. arron baker

    Niki look good before the skin bleaching & surgery.

  27. Scott Free

    She was goin for lil Kim's neck

  28. conceited ass joy

    Happy Birthday Nicki 🥰🦄🦄🦄💟💟🥳🥳🥳

  29. Rome David

    My fav nicki song

    Jonnathan 412

    This a cover not even her song lmao

  30. LovelyQ 2018

    Happy birthday beautiful Queen 🦄🎉🎊💕

  31. Fanfan Liljim

    Oh my God ...she spit it really like The Notorious BIG...

  32. Spartacus

    They could never ever play with ink like the Queen 👑!

  33. Street Dollaz TV

    https://youtu.be/DdJVlvJMa9Y 2019 Nikki mix

  34. Tiya B

    Natural body was so cute and sexy!

  35. brown power ranger


  36. SHB X

    She has come so far! What an inspiration.. QUEEN 👑

  37. tabby314

    She was so tiny back then lol. Love this throwback

  38. Sugarrr

    She looks way more browner

  39. Migan Dysis

    Its near to 2020

  40. *Tonché* *Tonché*

    That's where Cardi B got that video in the tub scene from

  41. Hamad Almaadeed

    Recommended in 2019 ?!

  42. Amazing Amy

    Stop calling me. You're being replaced. I'm the prize not you.

  43. Mahaylah&Rayne Tv

    She was way better back then

  44. chat box's

    She really is the queen man

  45. Zhaquice Hendrix

    still a BOP, I act up when this come on 🔥🔥

  46. L Smaccks

    When she was BROWN 😍❤🔥classic

  47. Concerts Concerts

    The original one was by Notorious but this one has different lyrics


    Wow no fuckin shit


    A Queen !

  49. Prosper Shambare

    disrespected a Biggie classic

  50. Disrepectful

    Kash doll stole the phone parts from her 😂 “ song kash doll everybody “

  51. gavrielavraham E 20

    This bitch now how a split


    How old r u cuz that aint no where near the truth for everybody was inspired belly and this is a Biggie remake no correlation what so ever

  52. Chika Queeneth

    I love Nicki

  53. Starr magic

    November 2019 still listening

  54. Abrianna O.

    It was never continued..

  55. JayDen mcallister

    I bet lil Kim can’t make a rap to this biggie smalls and nicki minaj hands down did good with this song

  56. Zakii Zakii

    Wow nicki queen love you 👑❤❤👑

  57. Junior Meador

    This is why I'll always love Nicki. She came up from nothing. She's worked hard for everything she's gotten! History will tell

  58. taco bélle

    See now kandi one snitch ass bitch she’s all talk

  59. Melissa Ribeiro

    She’s soooo gorgeous

  60. Ajowan

    Nicki’s bet cypher was iconic

  61. A La

    Almost 2020 & I’m still listening to this 🙌🏾

  62. KingMarc TheGreat

    Nicki is soooo rawwwwww😫

  63. Ronniesha Coley

    The G.O.A.T.!!!PERIODT!!!🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐😻😻😻😻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. elizabeth contreras

    I Fucks With This

  65. Jay Hampton

    So Kandy basically got her to snitch on herself?

  66. Rainbow Rain

    this is how miss kim rapped bak in da day now i see why

  67. Jessica Smith

    This shit still fire goddamn

  68. Chris PM

    Biggie and Pac would be proud❤️

  69. The Guy Who Cares

    This Nicki would definitely top the female rapper list for me than the one we know best

  70. Dani Cheeks

    I can't be the only one who this the "police" sounds like safaree

  71. big dawg

    She's overrated

  72. Jayquan Hudson

    Im so in love with nicki minaj onika tanya maraj superstar forever all im known wanna know too forever I support u nicki minaj love u all my heart 😍💌💚💙💕💓💖💗💝🖤💜💞💟🧡😘❤💛❣

  73. Alan Edher

    Not one single shot of her ass lol how times have changed

  74. Robert Coylestein

    Damn. This is legit.

  75. Kay Wilson

    2019 still here

  76. sctflasher379

    She's sexy here. Idk what happened. She went downhill

  77. El Sypher

    Damn she WAS actually good at rapping

  78. Single Moming

    But she doesn’t bleach

  79. fullyloaded one

    She was way darker before.

    Socially Confused

    She’s still the same color

  80. Every One

    This nick I would've fought cardi on sight. I love both of them but Nicki more.

    Socially Confused

    Ugh shut up

    Every One

    @Socially Confused tf if you don't like my comment move tf along you stupid ass tramp.

  81. Christopher Reeves

    I wanna fuck THIS bitch
    she's the illuminati puppet now

    Socially Confused

    Shut tf up 💀

  82. Vapor

    never disrespect this instrumental like this again.


    Back wen she was dark as fuck and look like a rat 😂

    Socially Confused

    Wondering what yo punk ugly ass look like

    Edison Vijaysundar

    So she reminds you of your mum i guess?

    Cynthia Sylvestre


  84. Leo v

    Everybody talking bout her skin color as If this video didn't had bad lightening and terrible quality 😒😒😒 y'all really be talking shit sometimes.....look at her videos before this and pics sis was always lightskin my dudes..

  85. J Tenn

    OMFG she really did bleached her skin!😨😢

  86. Papi Palazuelos

    Before she whitened her skin

  87. Sastonia McDonald

    Cardi could Nevaaa!!!

  88. Chris Gonzalez

    Black Girls be like: "Oh yea we are proud Black QUEENS"
    Then right after, TRANSFORM themselves into White Girls, pathetic.
    I love White People. It's the Blacks that I can't stand with their double standard BULSHIT

  89. Tishara Doby

    Love Nicki ❤️

  90. Melodee Mcclain

    How does someone change their WHOLE body and complexion and pretend they didn't.
    We are not blind.

  91. Hood Bou-ghetto

    My bitch about to retireeee mannnnn 😩😩😩

  92. mr mash up

    is it just me or does nicki's skin look a lot darker than it does now?

    Girl Fights

    mr mash up her skin looks whiter when she’s in front of lighting 🤷‍♂️

  93. Ti To

    Tweet tweet was Twitter stoke this line back than

  94. Schwanzus Longus

    wow she looked normal and was able to bring out good music.. totally missed that era of her

  95. Niokia Johnson

    Dear old Nicki please call back! 😥