Minaj, Nicki - Sunshine Lyrics

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Yo... yo, yo yo yo, hold the doe
Let me get up on the floor like Mardi Gras
Like every time I rhyme I sun the shine
Lil mama, you a bird like you done some time
Every, every time I spit it's a massacre
So they better more fast like nas-acar
Everyone want a dime, I'm, I'm the best
When I get up in the club I grind the best
You don't know, you better respect me
I'm with a tryfit, affidicuous Nicki
I am the one, like Tracy McGrady
Now little daddy let me, let me upgrade ya
Come on, I make it hot, see I'm a hot one
I keep the stack & let Max play the shotgun
I'm in the good car, always with a hood star
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Good Bar

[Hook x2:]
Get up on my level niggas, get it up
Gettin Dirty Money figures, throw it up
Get up on my level bitches, get it up
Drink some Dirty Money bitches, get a cup

[Verse 2: Gravy]
It's frego daddy, grade V of coarse
God Willing coming soon, I'm the good of New York
I shine like VVS stones in the dark
Take a seat, when you here me like Rosa Parks
Fuck the chit chat
Let's talk guns & drugs, you with that?
Tryin' to see a mill or two, fuck who I'm better than
Rollin up on a dutch, you know I need my medicine
It's high noon & I'm the nigga that shot the sheriff
Me & Nicki's like Bonnie & Clyde, don't be embarrassed
I'm sort of like a rabbit the way I love my cabbage
But I Still watch for 5-0 like I'm Garret
08′ Challenger lookin' like Dukes of Hazzard
Turn it into a coupe, and now the roofs gone
Word to Nicki Minaj with daisy dukes on
See it's Max-a-millie-on, chumps so move on
Before I Get like a auto-bot and transform
Too Hot & I ain't Mims
I flip bricks while you little clown still buyin' rims
Who's in charge, stop frontin' like I ain't him
I'm sect, 5th ave, you still shop at Fims
Superstar with the Audemar & a pair of Tims
Who you're wives screwing? Flossin', I been doin'

[Hook x2]

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Minaj, Nicki Sunshine Comments
  1. CA Subke

    2019? Just me?

  2. TheDefjamking

    Who is listening to this in 2019?🔥🤩🙏

  3. Diane Michelle

    Like a Iggy Azalea and Lil Debbieeee love u💝💝💝

  4. Baron Baron

    Nicki went in

  5. Kayla Robinson

    "As for dread I met him on Mars I said I am Minaj and I'm gooda with the bars"

  6. Joshua


    Damond Phillips

    happy birthday

  7. val da.bestest

    Give him some head blow.. lmao we all know she sucked Wayne off

    stiff where?

    val da.bestest GIRL RELAX you under these comments hating like FUCK you had to come to one of her old ass songs too?

    ps. NO its all a part of her character Nicki Lewinsky but ofc you wouldn’t have got that. bye.

  8. The Real Reason

    Who else new this word for word before Nicki blew up?

    Ezekiel Badger

    Me still listen to it today

    Christopher Cole


  9. Rissy Taizia

    Maddd memories in this.

  10. CAHoltz

    Nicki-only version:

  11. Troy Odom

    Write yo own raps , make that your resolution 🔥🔥🔥 I swear going back through these songs make me mad that I didn’t catch these bars back than

    Ariana Vasquez

    ItsTroychannel2.0 I was just thinking the same thing !!!

    rego 1075

    dude! this shits been hot since asix if you didnt notice your basic dont cry just sit back and face it like i told your girl just lay there and taste it


  12. Rodge Rodriguez

    Nickis best verse ever!!! Fuck all that new pop shit she did shortly after this. I want THIS Nicki back. Too many Remy slaughtered her though. Ain't no coming back from those bars.

    Ol dirty Barbie

    Rodge Rodriguez bars that she didn’t write. And shether was full lies . So goodbye with ur negativity

  13. ohhKilla

    Weezy the GOAT

  14. baskett90

    who ia here from insta video she posted lately ✌

    Young Kobrah

    baskett90 me

  15. Raymond Dez

    Don't give a damn when Christmas is..... #she killed this

    val da.bestest

    Safaree did .

    Nicki Minaj

    val da.bestest foh safaree can’t even write his own raps 🤣. He long gone and Nicki still coming with the bars so what now?

  16. DJDacom2008

    immer noch geil. lil Wayne Bombe und Nicki sowieso

    Nick Minder

    DJDacom2008 auch ein deutscher 😂💥

  17. Ian Anthony

    1st lol

  18. jon doe

    lil waynes nick name his mother gave HIM A S ACHILD,,,tunchi,,,not too g,,,or tuenechi,or all that craziness,,lol,,man its all over you tube spelled like that,,but yeah,,tunchi,,tune-chi,,,,like chia pet,,chi,,tune-chi

    Young Kobrah

    jon doe tunechi

  19. pattyvilleTV

    "i'm tunechi"* not too g.

  20. leftovermanifesto

    the original sample is Man Machine by Kraftwerk.

  21. Jakiee P

    Does the original song sample Cha Cha by MC Lyte?

  22. Anthony Rodriguez

    The samples are from Jay Z's Sunshine which samples MC Lytes Cha Cha Cha which samples Fearless Four's Rockin' It.

  23. Brian Malik

    She still do

  24. gmo delira


    Gbemi Soname

    gmo delira 🙄🙄🙄 it’s called sampling

  25. Sebastian Michaelis

    lil wayne sounds really annoying in this song xD
    sorry but I don't like him much. i think the song would be better without him.

  26. sofia vanessa

    me and miss nicki bars lol

  27. Keenan

    YMCMB Rich Gang , 4Figgaz on the Handle Bars.

  28. Alex Swinford

    yuck, Nicki used to be nasty

  29. Tamara Hill

    Yo this shit go hard af !

  30. Samson Manase

    " write your own raps make that your resolution "

  31. Misscarliej m

    there is so many things wrong with this video...ugh lil wayne said TUNECHI not too g...

  32. Misscarliej m

    love how she is talking about YoungMoney

  33. Beylewe


  34. Cosmicc


  35. tony mach

    great video but i might b hatin but at onr part it say too g. it is supposed to b tunechi

  36. Heather Johnson

    Shes the female L wayne

  37. Heather Johnson

    I been topnotch....thought u knew

  38. Rosa Alderete


  39. XXX YYY

    she was aight here, now why does she rap like she spazzin? -___-
    Attention-seeking whorebag.

    Gbemi Soname

    Real Bitch 😒😒😒

  40. fknkianna

    If you don't like her why are you here? -___-

    Damond Phillips

    I didn't say I didn't like you and you told me don't leave you what you want me to leave yu

  41. SallyJ

    Old Nicki Minaj Dope

  42. N. Black

    @PLpush say is louder

  43. N. Black

    @mightybfool this

  44. mightybfool C

    Nick wasn't a pop artist and Wayne wasn't a skater

  45. Daniellemonique

    Tuenchi. Or something spelled like that

  46. DenimJunkieKidd

    omg i miss this nicki!!!!!!

  47. Weronika Majewska

    dear old nicki please come back...

  48. Sebastian Michaelis

    @KimberlyyRose actually the original song sampled kraftwerk "man-machine" :D

    Damond Phillips

    Not no Manchester

  49. Sebastian Michaelis

    is it me or does this sample kraftwerk's "man-machine"? anyway good song :D

  50. c holt

    @Kn0ck0uTk3n and i hate when you spell it and they try to correct u like stfu

  51. Rap The Lyrics

    @KimberlyyRose Its sunshine by Jay-Z.. Foxy Brown.. and i think babyface

  52. ChaaarlesInCharge

    @kimberlyyrose this is the original song.

  53. Kimberly Rose

    what's the name of the original song????

  54. Anthony Munoz

    This is,myyyyy shit !!!! Nicki n Wayne tooooooore dhat shit upp....

  55. sierra chapelle

    @Nick1239 nikki minaj still doesn't have a twitter, but Nicki Minaj does

  56. Amelia Smith

    well superbass and where them girls at rap part by nikki r better and also i get crazy also featuring lil wayne is good to by nikki

  57. white temptress

    @xoxcherryxox44 no found it myself.

  58. TheGodOfWarKratos1

    Its Im "Tunechi" not " Im too G"

  59. doggys123ful

    For some reason I thought this was lke a remix of Lil Flip Sunshine lmfaooo

    Damond Phillips

    I like all your music because it's you

  60. silentstunna1

    @Nick1239 thats what im sayin!!

  61. 200damary

    sweet song

  62. NickTarik

    HOw could anybody dislike this song?

  63. NickTarik

    @xoxcherryxox44 y'all must be new fans

  64. Andreva

    i started noticing Nicki does that "cyuh" noise in pretty much every song she's in, is it just a habit or is it like a shoutout or something lol

    Brandon Matthews

    Andreva you must be white

  65. Gerson Jeune

    THROWBACK.!! lol

  66. Taylor Warren

    Knowing Nicki for awhile is a TRUE blessing :)

  67. Victoria Augustine

    It was really good, nicki's part was the best thooo.

  68. Vita 95

    i just spit this

  69. In Slime We Trust NEWS

    thumbs up if you was listen to this before nikki minaj had a twitter.

  70. Jamie Modica

    i love both of her versions of sunshine :))

  71. Judy M

    nikki told me to listen to this on facebook!! <33 :)

  72. key21

    -luv it..don't like the beat with it tho

  73. bartkid18

    @yoimcoco4videos neither do you apparently.

  74. electrodirtyhouse

    @breezy2016 she stopped rapping about sex because she didnt need to. she isnt like the majority of other female rappers who only get attention because they rap like prostitutes lol. she released a platinum selling album without mentioning sex, and other female rappers cant stand that.

  75. Eymbree W

    Nicki!!!!! Love Her. #TeamMinaj All Day. All Day!!

  76. diamond rudolph

    Nicki don't rap about sex Becuz of her little barbies she has young barbies I love her so much

  77. electrodirtyhouse

    i hated when nicki rapped about sex, so glad she stopped it !

  78. imjassyduhh

    Diz shyt go hard

  79. Cherise

    thumbs up if nicki minaj told you on twitter to listen to this

  80. deathskull1100

    not their best song but i still like it.. i love nicki minaj bitches!!!!!!

  81. rican bleh

    lmaoooooooooooooooo I just come to read this stupid asss wackkk noo meaning having lyrics when i want to have a good laugh lmao!

  82. XXtheJUMPoffXX

    she gave wayne head for her record deal? is that was she just said?

  83. electrodirtyhouse

    "write your own raps make that your resolution" nicki is a beast, shes right, all these bitches were getting so much credit and they dont even write there own shit

  84. Van tRoyal

    Nicki did better then Lil Wayne other than that good track.

  85. LK Frazier

    1:40 the name is not two G its tunechi

  86. Erica Rodriguez

    ppl ppl this is originaly a jay z beat, roc production..............this aint young money , so no credit for them!

  87. starb412

    Nicki was BY FAR better than Wayne on this . Unusual kinda, but things happen! =)

  88. NNM

    i said {i am minaj and im gooder wit da bars} dis song is wats up!!!!

  89. Monique Lokas

    @Raybreezie this song was made way before keys was ever known to discuss

  90. Momma Roswellian

    my fav song <3

  91. MsJazsmin

    dawg killed it "write your own raps make that your resolution" killed it 1:08

  92. MsJazsmin

    dawg killed it "write your own raps make that your resolution" killed it

  93. silentstunna1

    you fucked up like 12 times son

  94. Stephanie Ramos

    gud job

  95. Ali Aljassem

    i really like lil wayne but burn nicki