Minaj, Nicki - Sucka Free '08 (Skit) Lyrics

[Lil Wayne:]
Yo, listen
This is the mixtape bitches
Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky, Nicki the mistress
You understand me?
This is Sucka Free, ya dig?

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Minaj, Nicki Sucka Free '08 (Skit) Comments
  1. jazmonia1


  2. taya

    2020 gang?

  3. patrick necul millanao

    2019 CTM

  4. KK bombers kid

    2019 let's get it...who still here...A1 day 1s???

  5. Βύρωνας Λαδιάς


  6. Samizzile


  7. Gary ArnoldII

    Weezy and minaj tag team bring it 2 the ring legendz

  8. Ligrenie Auntylov

    ААахуенно братан !!!

  9. Kanani Lewenilovo

    2018, and look how far diss betch came😭😭

  10. Robin

    So that’s how everything started...

    wow ⚡️

  11. Sean Padilla

    Nicki you the baddest to ever did it.

  12. murda bizzness

    She needs to listen to this again

  13. Jacob Trujillo

    2020 anyone

  14. Zae weyy

    What’s that song she said bitches is snakes like madusa

  15. Gaby Munoz

    Here in 2018.

    troy talukdar

    Gaby Munoz yh but try 2019

    Jennifer Umanzor

    @troy talukdar I'm here

  16. radzio

    Who's there in 2018? 😍

    Keith Wilson

    I’m here she’s good


    radzi oo hey

    Petzi Pedia

    Go n fuck yaself with that who here 20fuvk

    Zoie Comedy DIY slime

    radzi oo me

  17. Danté W

    Damn, Autobiography always gets to me.

  18. Danté W

    Yoooo Nicki low-key dissed Lil Kim in "Higher Than a Kite" by sayin' "murda dem" YASS GURL

  19. Scott Zaccagnini

    Used to thinkwas a psychopath because of all the voices she uses. Starting to like her now. She takes some getting used to.

  20. RPG luvr13

    I'm pretty sure Sunshine was also on Playtime Is Over. Maybe it was the one ft. Gravy.

  21. luuyoncé

    sabes donde se puede conseguir?

  22. Barbara Harrell

    🔥🔥 I love to listen to Young Money Entertainment records

  23. Roslyn Fleming

    I watch the come up DVDs on my phone I love all of them

  24. Roslyn Fleming

    I like this album it has some much amazing song from Nicki and Wayne

  25. Beast Mode

    I think this was the best mixtape out of all her mixtapes

  26. Roslyn Fleming

    I love Nicki Minaj rapping

  27. Roslyn Fleming

    this song is real

  28. Roslyn Fleming

    this sing is real

  29. Roslyn Fleming

    I love this album it's tells so about Nicki Minaj that she coolest female rapper alive

    Concerts Concerts

    You mean mixtape.

  30. Jasmine xoxo

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 NICKI MINAJ

  31. Untouchable

    Is it bad that I knew every word on here?

    Fame Hall

    Untouchable no I do too

    Kylie Nyanyiwa


    its just weird😓😓😓

  32. badniga23

    I love you nicki

    barbie love

    This shit hot ...this was the real "Nicki" ...she need to b broke for a day...an shell go back to being hot

  33. KLH


  34. 陳品禾


  35. Kaprisha Island

    lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo killed tf outta KIM ; ima get a time machine for these bitches


    Kaprisha Island it doesn't matter about her killing Kim it show the proof that she was disrespectful to her idol

    Kaprisha Island

    Lol heyyy sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make it to the top ;) @rvttampa813​

    lauryn Jones

    This shit was weak and how could you call someone washed? Doing what they did 20 years ago. She killed herself talking about a time machine. When nothing she does is new.


    lauryn Jones talk that real shit team Kim bitch

    Kaprisha Island

    Lol @rvttampa813​

  36. Aaron Carter

    this her best mixtape and rap work

    Fame Hall

    Aaron Carter *one of her best


    Aaron Carter most definitely

  37. Trina Robinson

    happy birthday to my sons daughters cousins nieces nephews moms dads aunts and uncles! this month and who love to play it's mines then yours birthday!!!

  38. Andrew Courtney

    I've noticed mixtapes usually end up being the best, most "real rap" than studio albums. I love Nicki's albums, but i'm obsessed with her mixtapes

    Joshua Angelino2003

    Andrew Courtney Omfg same

  39. britneyslut

    this cd proves ncki told the truth about lil kim

    lauryn Jones

    This didn't do shit but expose herself. Talking about a time machine. Doing shit Lil Kim did 20 years ago and she's still walking around grammy-less Smh. The only bitches she gets big bad & tough with is Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift. Mariah Carey. Farrah Abraham. And also them Swimsuit models. And goes into studio gangster mode. On records & don't open up her damn mouth whenever she's at the same events. As Remy ma or Lil Kim. She says Lil Kim have ghostwriters but she gives a whole lot of props to dodo brown. Aka foxy brown the queen of damn ghostwriters all she did was end her own career. And a one-way ticket out of the game fool. Because all you see on Lil Kims album credits is K. Jones or Kimberly Jones. Biggie smalls is dead and she Survived without her mentor. This goofy bitch is actually talking about herself like she was when she released stupid ho. Because she is one lol. How could you talk about ghostwriters? When the man that signed you have ghostwriters himself. Along with your whole roster. She contradicts herself and she's Bi-Polar like Lil Kim said

    Ramona McClendon

    britneyslut but your supposed to be able to talk lile that when trynna make a name putta ya self in the game your supposed so say im the baddest bitch and no one is fucking with me so... try again

    Roman Scott

    lauryn Jones damn bitch a whole paragraph dedicated to the queen nicki the queen of rap someone seems bothered...and for you to be on her underrated music shows how much you really have a obsession for her...YIKES😬...you might as well coke to the winning team cuz Kim surly ain't winnin

    veronica carter

    lauryn jones you clearly need to get over it

  40. Jella

    Doin' it well should've been longer

    Josie TooCute

    yes I agree...

  41. HairBy Legend

    Been with nick da ninja since the beginning till now her progress is AMAZING!!! Life is about growth and she has truly shown that😃!!!

  42. Nadia Salcedo

    i love this mixtape too much

    Fame Hall

    Nadia Salcedo i listen to it too much

  43. Aaron Carter

    Her flow is addictive 🔥🔥

    Fame Hall

    Aaron Carter real talk

  44. SuperPinkHarajuku Barbie

    Nicki is the best n baddest bitch in da game! UGH! Word!

  45. Wanda Juju

    i miss this nicki

    jack hudson

    @Wanda Juju what?im glad she change

    KASH M

    +jack hudson NOOOO, this nicki is waaay better

  46. Abelino Ruiz

    Autobiography is so freakin sad!

    Joshua Angelino2003

    Abelino Ruiz Omfg YESSS

  47. Frieza Cold

    this is why I love Nicki Minaj, She's not shy to express herself in such a fierce way.

  48. Aidan Rider

    "President Carter Speaks"  

    "Sunshine" (featuring Lil Wayne)

    "Set It Off"  

    "Brraaattt" (featuring Ransom)

    "Higher Than a Kite" (featuring Lil Wayne)


    "Curious George"  

    "Sucka Free ‘08"  

    "Baddest Bitch"  

    "Wanna Minaj?" (featuring Gucci Mane & Lil’ Kim)

    "Doin It Well" (featuring Jadakiss)

    "Cuchi Shop"  

    "Hundred Million Dollaz"  

    "Young Money Ballaz" (featuring Lil Wayne)

    "Sweetest Girl"  

    "Firm Biz '08" (featuring Jadakiss)

    "Dead Wrong"  

    "Long Time Comin'" (featuring Ransom)

    "Womp Womp"  

    "Who’s Ya Best MC?"  


    "President Carter Signs Off"  

    "Lollipop (Remix)"  
    You're all welcome :)

    yung nolza

    @Aidan Rider isn't it Freaky Gurl instead of Wanna Minaj

    Aidan Rider

    @ASVNDER ANS Nope Its Wanna Minaj look it up on youtube

    yung nolza

    the hook is freaky gurl n man for years barbz always said freaky gurl never wanna minaj, u got it wrong

    Danté W

    yung nolza, Aidan Rider You're both right it's actually called "Freaky Gurl (Wanna Minaj?)"



  50. jesusbar313

    Whata up with lil waybe studdering like. RETrd in the begininG. LOL


    It's for special effect haha

  51. asia mcsween

    he needs to slow down

  52. Alex Carter

    Nicki is monopolizing these rat down britches 2000_2014 foreal

    Fame Hall

    Alex Carter 2017 and strong