Minaj, Nicki - Sticks In My Bun Lyrics

I done put two sticks in my bun
So they recognize me when I come
I'm D-M-C like Run
Listen mami I'm the muthafuckin one

You don't like me you just like my flow
Just booked a show but I might not go
Nigga said he didn't have a pole for my hoe
Damn why a nigga tryna fuck up my dough
When it come to me it be like they go
They tell me to stop but I'm like hell no
Now everybody watch my M-O
Nicki been hot since you rock shell tops

Ha ha ha ha
Gotta laugh at that
Bitch give me the ball I'm a pass it back
Spit nothin but crack got bags of that
When it come to rap I master that

I done put two sticks in my bun
So they recognize me when I come
I'm D-M-C like Run
Listen mami I'm the muthafuckin one
I done put two sticks in my bun
So they recognize me when I come
I'm D-M-C like Run
Listen mami I'm the muthafuckin one

You can spot me from a mile away
Nicki sexy any time of day
Word on the street is that I'm chinese
No lil mama I'm just high off haze
Don't fuck a dude if a dude don't pay
Don't suck a dude if a dude dirty
When it come to you gotta look purty
Sit up in the groove get your weave curly, hey
Sim simma
Pass me the keys to my beemer
Wish I had a booty like Trina
Nigga get your green up
Stay in the sky like Nina
Flights to Japan, Tiran and Korea

I done put two sticks in my bun
So they recognize me when I come
I'm D-M-C like Run
Listen mami I'm the muthafuckin one
I done put two sticks in my bun
So they recognize me when I come
I'm D-M-C like Run
Listen mami I'm the muthafuckin one

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Minaj, Nicki Sticks In My Bun Comments
  1. Juju DaBarbie

    2019 wassssgoooodd👅❣️

  2. Clay Straughter

    Nicki bitch

  3. elijha grey

    This video is at 1.5 million views 😨

  4. Unique Peach

    Loved this mixtape ❤️❤️

  5. Aniyah Williams

    Really feel like a real life princess listening to this

  6. Nyaa TV

    *I was like 2 or 3yrs old when this came out*

  7. Kirri Broughton

    Boss song

  8. 2gs The rapper

    You got ur 1.5 babygirl(views)💯💯🙏💯💯

  9. Tre Tre

    I'm in Love with this song 😍🤣🤣😍

  10. Raya Kelley

    *sometimes i still think to myself, two sticks in my bun👵🏿 🥢*

  11. Kee Yee

    Fl stunnas wya 😎

  12. angels are in heaven

    I like the. Old. Nicki. Music. Better

  13. angels are in heaven

    She should of made a video to this

  14. Sagiv Rata

    Queen Radio brought me here 😂 (Winnie Harlow’s fav song)

  15. tiera jordan

    Who’s here in 2019❤️

  16. b33po

    I love Nicki, but this song is totally a rip off of what what in the butt

    lil habibi

    b33po how?

  17. Restlessnreal107 Xx

    Miss this Nicki

  18. TheBougie Leo

    Chun Li been a bad bitch.


    xxx luv our mom

  20. Raquel Januario

    LIKE TRINA....


  21. Honeymoon Globe

    Chun li

  22. Toni Smokes

    Half of these youngins in the comments was still on a baby bottle in her mixtape days

    lil habibi

    Toni Smokes Lmao I was 2 when this came out 💀

    Done Tommorow

    I was 4

    Unique Peach

    I was 8 years old

    That_Bitch _Yaya

    I was 6

  23. Zoe Haywood

    Queen Radio bought me here

  24. Aje Jane

    2018 ✋

  25. Lilly Rose

    Who's here 2018

  26. Cherish

    I went and cop the chop sticks put em my bun just to pop shit

  27. frzin idek

    2018 loving nicki

  28. SlayedBySlim


  29. DDomino Geronimo

    Early 00's Chun Li

  30. Nyeemah Jiminez

    Our "Chun Li" of 2009 💕 #Legendary

    Derrick Billips

    Nyeemah Jiminez *2007

    hugh jass


  31. bunny cake

    went and copped the chopsticks, put it in my bun just to pop shit

  32. Braven Burris

    2018 coming through chun- MOTHERFUCKING-LI

  33. sydney bombshell


  34. Kleshantè Clark

    Used to sliiiiiide this bih often

  35. Da'Ron Williams

    This bout her getting her ass done idgaf, fuck y'all and don't "@" me I said what I said

  36. Raquel Januario

    Ten years!!!! Now you got. A booty like Trina!!!! #SELLOUT

  37. H A D R

    Thuhadi bhn di sri lanka aey keraaa ganaa hagaa ???????? slayo

  38. Rose McBride

    This is the Nicki I Love ❤️

  39. KayCii Carter

    So what does she mean when she say sticks in her buns ???

    Swamp King Dred

    KayCii Carter double anal intercourse . its kinda obvious since this song is arguably ripping lil kims flow and she was always rapping about what a kinky freak she was

  40. Edwin Torres

    Never get distracted, Nicki stole Lil Kims Barbie concept and ran wt it DUMBFAST then tried x'n her out the game on some single white female shit! Shout out to Cardi 4 doing the exact same thing 2 her, Karmas a mean thing😘!

    Edwin Torres

    Emma Epps Cuz this aint what u want boo! Just keep hiding behind anonymous thumbnails because u know ur totally unattractive, n keep supporting pedaphilia, ya roy moore supporter😷!

    Edwin Torres

    Emma Epps But ur the 1 pretending to not understand that nick paid 4 her brothers lawyer, to get him out of raping a child under the age of 13 and im the dumb bitch😹😹😹? Girl bye👋, Nick is no different than roy moores wife and ive already proved several x's how her fans are no different than roy moore supporters! So like i said, just keep hiding behind anonymous thumbnails because ur so unattractive ur embarrassed to show ur face and keep supporting pedaphilia😷😷😷😷!

    Mya Spencer

    Edwin Torres well I wouldn't call it karma but I do like the cycle i find it funny but cardi still didn't claim Barbie yet so....

    Edwin Torres

    Mya S Aint no cycle! A cycle is when u pay homage and tell the person whom ur emulating that if it wasnt 4 u, i wouldnt be doing what im doing today! Like Beyonce told Tina Turner, Like Almost every black singer/dancer says about Micheal Jackson, thats how you pass the torch🔦! Nicki acts like she created a lane which already was well established n im not EVER gunna let that go until she apologizes which im not holding my breath 4! So ima just sit bk at let this shit just play out😽! Shout out to Remy n Kim!

    Michael Roberts

    You a fan thats why you're here 😂

  41. Mariam Nambi


    Trichelle Munoz

    Jerrika Karlae I'm here l

  42. Empress Gypsy

    Aye who here in 2027 ???

    Raya Kelley

    🤯, but how.

    Rafik Rahali

    Yes from area 51 *_*

    Vinik Ernest

    im weakkkkkk

  43. Beast Mode

    If im not mistaken 2 sticks in my bun is a play on for her getting butt surgery

    Ebony Davenport

    John Doe she said in an interview that it was referring to her hair. as Asians wear theirs.

    Swamp King Dred

    lmao y’all trippin . it means having 2 dicks in her ass. (double anal sex)

  44. Mä Vaan

    that cover so cool

  45. Isaiah Balladares


  46. Ryan Woodard


  47. Raquel Januario

    I love this song

  48. Reya Jackson

    lil kim forever legend not nicki

    Anderson Lima

    Reya Jackson who

    B I C T H !?

    Says no one

    B I C T H !?

    And also we all are just talkin bout her bcs of her and nicki beef 😷

  49. Raquel Januario

    She should spit this at her shows :)

  50. Gabriel

    2016 still going hard

  51. dance4life1208

    wish i had a booty like Trina

    iLoooveFood Nsh*t

    Obviously she had made this song before the surgery lol

  52. Brandon Hall

    fuck lil Kim, Nicki works it better, she got da juice

    Brandon Hall

    Yes Nicki

    Brandon Hall

    Da'Naisa Love Kim is a dirty trash slutty drama joker looking 2 faced trick

    naya E

    Brandon Hall get over it bitch it's 2017 stop living in the past

    Brandon Hall

    naya E bye felica

  53. DaCaramelKen

    old Nicki . mix tape nick 💘

  54. Tristen Mizrahi

    love her

  55. shawn0md

    Lil Kim The Queen Bee, Queen of Rap 4 LIFE.

    Nicki Minaj Edwards

    +shawn0md SO WHY YOU ON NICKI SONG

    Ladarrius Myers

    Nicki Minaj Edwards he always on her stuff talking shit, he lowkey a fan

    Ladarrius Myers

    shawn0md Lol u need help


    @Ladarrius Myers Did I hurt your feelings? Lol


    shawn0md is that why your on Nicki's song??

  56. Love Bre

    baddest bitch 😍

  57. V R

    I was 7th grade when this out lol
    Memories haha love the beat tbh

  58. rastar nash

    My wife minaj rocks

  59. William Jones

    i love nicki still, and always, but she was imperious here >>>>>

  60. Edinburgh236

    Lol metaphors or not I like this freackin song so much

  61. Dj Brown

    Wish I had a booty like Trina!!! Lmfao

  62. rastar nash

    Like this if you love nicki minaj

  63. Hyena House Ent.


  64. Brent McInnes

    a contenetal words should not have a reconten plashion

  65. colone100

    What a great song! The lyrics can be taken any way you want, the clever part is it works sexy or no. Thats what makes it so great! ENJOY!

  66. kingnuking

    I'm a guy, and I always get awkward stares when I say the lyrics to this song. WHO FUCK'n CARES?!? TWO STICKS IN MY BUNS!

  67. Jade Taylor

    This song =*]

  68. RussianBlue

    She means sticks in her hair god all your minds in the gutter ;)

  69. izayah hicks


  70. Gigagreenglo88

    One of Nicki's best! :P

  71. PKAkatora

    So lemme tell you what sticks in my bun means. I mean, y'all minds is in the gutter. Sticks in my bun means when I put my hair into a ponytail, and wrap it up like a bun, and I put two chinese sticks in my bun, with a chinese bang.

    Raquel franklin

    PKAkatora she actually answered on an old interview saying that it was about putting money in her wallet

  72. RussianBlue

    Who the hell asked what you think?

  73. bangerbengali

    I loved her stuff back in 07-09 ! I hate her now :(

  74. MrSimpleMe12

    Still bumps in 2013 ;)

  75. MrSackOmatic

    @Nora Fenty im not your hun and if this is the future the bars been lowered way tooo much

  76. John Doe

    Lol she said, "I wish I had a booty like Trina." She wishes she could be as hot as the Diamond Princess!

  77. Lyr Rickelle

    two sticks in her bun? Someone loves DP

  78. Jakiee P

    The song that made me fall in love with Nicki as an artist <3

  79. Jakiee P

    You'll love The Re-Up :)

  80. MrSackOmatic

    Fuck yeah lil kim!

  81. Jah'Kaiaah Evans

    Playtime is over 4 anybodii Dat wanna fight

  82. Erica Edmonds

    Argh when she draws out the chorus -_____-

  83. juan tabo

    Never herd this. I love nicki. #tteamminaj

  84. RyLw

    "Wish i had a booty like Trina" I can't believe there aren't any comments about this.

  85. dionnckruzz

    You dont like me, you just like my flow ... Just booked a show but i might not go.

  86. SuddenFlutters

    Dn't fuck a dude if a dude don't pay........okay!
    Don't suck a dude if a dude durtaaay....alright!

  87. Vikram Srinivasan

    wait for roman reloaded the re up! people are saying shes going back to her old style

  88. tcorc324

    Just booked a show, but I might not go...

    I don't care how stupid this song is, it's amazing... "Starships" and all these other shitty POP (not rap) songs got NOTHIN' on Sticks in My Bun

  89. Lightskin dimples

    PUt 2 sticks my bun

  90. deerica haney

    Broo okay dis song mite suck but she was better back den than she is now..

  91. MrTCF14

    This sucks

  92. MrTCF14

    Yo this song sucks butt it still is kind of funny