Minaj, Nicki - Marilyn Monroe Lyrics

I can be selfish
Yeah, so impatient
Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe
I'm insecure
Yeah, I make mistakes
Sometimes I feel like I'm at the end of the road

I can get low, I can get low
Don't know which way is up
Yeah, I can get high, I can get high
Like I could never come down

Call it a curse
Or just call me blessed
If you can't handle my worst
You ain't getting my best
Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt felt felt felt?
Must be how Marilyn Monroe felt felt felt felt

It's like all the good things
They fall apart like…
Like Marilyn Monroe

Truth is we mess up
'Til we get it right
I don't wanna end up losing my soul

I can get low, I can get low
Don't know which way is up
Yeah, I can get high, I can get high
Like I could never come down

Call it a curse
Or just call me blessed
If you can't handle my worst
You ain't getting my best
Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt felt felt felt?
Must be how Marilyn Monroe felt felt felt felt

Take me or leave me
I'll never be perfect
Believe me I'm worth it
So take me or leave me
(So take me or leave me)
So take me or leave me
(So take me or leave me)

Call it a curse or just call
Me blessed if you can't handle
My worst you ain't getting my best
Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt, felt felt, felt?
Must be how Marilyn Monroe felt, felt, felt, felt

Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt, felt, felt, felt?
Must be how Marilyn Monroe felt, felt, felt, felt

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  1. Thành Nguyễn

    Anybody listening to this song in January 2020!?

  2. Martavis

    Who’s listening in 2020🤪

  3. kenyata terry


  4. Halzsd Carder

    Who's watching in 2020? I'm the first one on the first day

  5. Halzsd Carder

    Last day of 2019❤️😩😂

  6. Black Butterfly

    We miss you nicki👑💜🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  7. Zee Benito

    Wednesday 12/25/2019 keep on watching 💕

  8. Jay Capute

    Nicki Minaj can sang. I never thought that. I thought she just rap or whatever

    Raha Made

    Nicki sings 😊😍

  9. Ojo Precious

    Who is listening in 2019?

  10. Naj Bakhtiar



    Underrated song

  12. Brenda Santana

    Love nic minaj

  13. Preston Cowan

    One of her best songs. The lyrics and the emotions in this song shows its a masterpiece

  14. Mundo Da Débora

    Your voice is so much beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  15. Anonymous Anonymous

    Call me cursed or just call me blessed.. If you can't handle my worst you ain't getting my best.. 😔😒

  16. Emily Soto

    is it just me or is ever good song happen before 2019? or is it just me?

  17. rexy aguilar

    It's almost 2020 and I'm still listening to this, who's with me?

  18. Essence Lomack


  19. Nataly Faison

    Barbz to the end of times 💯

  20. victoria molly

    Who is still here 2019....queen of alll nicki minaj

  21. Alex Ragland

    And why is being compared to any female rapper again ? 🦄🦄🦄🦄👑👑👑👑 The best . Whole different lane

  22. Sharone Dandajena


  23. AD Bigwater

    damn i miss my childhood:/

  24. Zovia Quest

    Cant stop loveing this song😎😍🤙🤘💓

  25. Casey Hardy

    What I love about Marilyn Monroe is that she was actually very relatable. She struggled with things that many of us struggle with. Depression, anxiety, abandonment issues, mood swings, just wanting to feel loved and to know that she was loved. She was misunderstood a lot of the time. A lot of people took advantage of her kindness and her vulnerability. I think a lot of us can identify with her. I wish people in her day had an understanding of mental illness. Instead they called her crazy, but she was such a beautiful human being inside and out. I wish she understood that.

    Amazing song.

  26. Lucky

    Nicki remains the undisputed best female rapper of all time (probably after Left Eye Lopez). Both their originality and creativity is amazing. They both write their own songs

  27. Rushane Campbell


  28. Christina Funk

    Where is Mr Alexander is he still missing to some others he helped us all the while the school covered there ass.... Why but one man new opened those these doors here bless him always God Lord in Jesus name amen!!!!! He does exist!!!!! Told by alot of law offices I didn't know what I was talking about either my ass and I have to pay when they have those that help and k ow when it's real and it's all about buisness and Mula baby!!!!

  29. pinklollipop911

    This song speaks to my mental illness 😔

  30. Elysian


  31. Tmnit Andom

    2019 ‼️ in love whit this song
    i cal you blessed nicki minaj i love you vor ever and ever Bratatata vor ever ‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Maureen Makwinja

    Still love this song ....

  33. Kaí Gillie

    Muah here getting back some songs.

  34. Laura Fehrmann

    02:02 love this quote it's soo beautiful

  35. Zarina Clan

    I love this song I admire Nicki for this.

  36. Joudy Joseph

    I can’t unlove her😭 ever

  37. Sambas TV

    Take me Or leave me, i will never be perfect believe me I'm worth it.😍

  38. Megan

    This is probably one of her best songs

  39. mexico mexico


  40. Jazlynn

    don’t get me started with this women right here..she is the most inspirational person i know well at least for me nicki is the best so don’t ever compare ANYONE to her..and now that she has retired i’m so disappointed on how much people hate it makes me sick to my stomach but all i have to say is I LOVE YOU NICKI🥺💞

  41. Lafyette Tiggs

    Im crying cause I feel everyone word
    #OnRepeat 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💯💯

  42. livi lou

    New fav

  43. Diamond Cook

    i wanna just cry like nicki please come back omg i can never see you on concert anymore . that was always my biggest dream . i always have looked up to you . omg i hate this .

  44. lovely kiki

    Anybody listening

  45. Lynn Nahodil

    She will pop it up in abt a couple mnths in sure ld 2019

  46. Lynn Nahodil

    She nailed it sweet .ld 2019

  47. Alexia Liburd

    I fucking love Nicki. She is the whole package, and YES she is THAT mfing QUEEN OF RAP....Bruh, I see no comparison - everyone is good in their own way but stop sleeping on Nicki! 🤩😍

  48. Nasty yazzy year

    She can sing...

  49. Xola Mxhalisa

    Anybody listening to this song in 2019?


    Just you not like other people like listening to an old song I'm listening to this in 2038 😎

    Oageng Mathibedi

    we are here

    Prosperity Ofentswe

    Me 🍑

    Bobby Burkins

    Xola Mxhalisa I do

    Emily Soto

    too me the only good songs is before 2019

  50. Nev blake

    2019???september ??

  51. Linda Hall

    Yassssss ❤️🔥🔥

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  53. Shandell kute

    2019 anyone?

    Chelsea Miller

    Right here

  54. Proud2beepride

    Why did she quit?

    Girl Fights

    Proud2beepride she’s ready to get married and have a family but she hasn’t quit. She’s just gonna take a long break


    Girl Fights thank for that!

  55. Mary Harding

    Anyone 2019?
    Nicki truly is the queen

  56. Kilee Mervyn

    i love this song

  57. Vony Rand

    Wow, this song has been here for years; I just found this side of Nicki, I used to hate her songs but now, I'm just... wow

    I am Capochino

    Vony Rand she has a song for everyone and for every situation every feeling ♥️♥️♥️

  58. Colleenessa

    You can’t retire😭

  59. André Silva

    Setembro de 2019 alguém ainda nesse HINO de música? ♥️

  60. Jhavonte Falkner

    No one will ever know just how much I used to blast this song when I got in trouble at school and my mom beat my ass and I was in my room on my PS3 on youtube jamming.

  61. Lake of Crystalclan

    Just discovered this song today! Its great!

  62. Belvedere&Raspberry333

    Fucking therapy mate A++

  63. Shekinah Wilson

    Who is still listening in 2019 ?

  64. Jefferson Gomes

    I'm here after the retiring announcement. I'm feeling so sad. Love u Nicki.

  65. Bloom Loves Muffins

    Don’t compare Cardi B to this queen.

    Pepsi Cola

    And let's just no mention her name in da Queen's comments ! Cause that's what cardi wants !

    Bloom Loves Muffins

    Aight, she’s just a queen that’s all 🤟😎

  66. Crystal Scott

    I miss this nicki

  67. Brandy Stewart

    2019!! #teamnickiallday

  68. BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah

    😇Such a beautiful song!😇


    2k19! Anyone?

  70. Greenish lastname

    August 2019? September?

  71. Greenish lastname

    August 2019? September?

  72. crass

    I always thought the beginning to this was stuttering by fefe dobson

  73. Christina Fischer

    This song is soooo Beautyfull😊

  74. Nadia Umar

    I cried at this its emotional. Who else cried?

  75. charnette porter


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    Who still listening in 2019😎

  77. Jayquan Hudson

    I'm so in love with nicki minaj love u nicki I support u forever pretty self swear nicki the best to me 😘😍🖤💘❤💚💛🧡💜💌💖💕❣💟💓

  78. Dana Dana

    i dont wanna end up losin my soul so I end up workin n livin my life...... fuck their money....

  79. Adrien Alberto

    I am a 30 old man an I fuck with this song on gang !!!!

  80. Emat & Zai

    Anyone else 2019?

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    Who listen 2019😍😘😘😝

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    2019 ❤️

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    Who’s listening in 2019?