Minaj, Nicki - Hood Story Lyrics

Lemme tell a lil story bout dis dude I knew
He sed he used to qo to skool out in L.I.U
He sed he'd make me a bet
He'd own his own jet
Nd he'd show me dha city
From a bird eye view
Sed he came from Jamaica
He had a lil paper
He owned a couple acres
Nd den I cauqht dha rapist
Dhats how we qot toqether
On dha bike
Late nite
Kawasaki leathers
He used to wine nd dine me
Dom nd sex
Nd we be arm nd armor
Mani dress
See I ain't need a leprechaun
Or 4 leaf clover
I jus woke up one mornin
Nd he copped dha rover
See I knew about dem qirls he had bac den
But I wasz qettin money I ain't care bout dem
Becuz dey wasz qettin G'd
I had N's
I used to split ma dividends with all my friends
Ckuz I wasz in dha lounqe
Dey wasz in dha greyhound
Like in and out a town
Movin coke by dha pound like
Quess it didn't sOund rite
Ckuz dem bitches wasz mad
Started plottin
Tryna qet wat I had
See ma homeqirl Teisha
Sed dhat keisha with dha real black lips
Used to smoke dhat reefa
Sum bitch name Dawn
Used to fuq LaiQwan
Nd alicia with dha chinky eyes
Used to be with freaky Ty
Lived across dha street
From dis niqqa name tiki diamond
Yea chicken noodle bitches
Like a pack of Ramen
Dey had it out 4 me
Kidnapp ma brother
At dha rucker
Ckuz he used 2 put it down 4 mi

[Talkinq: Nikki Minaj]
O ma qOd dey cauqht Brandon
I qOt his picture in dha mail
He wasz rawkin a Vanson
But no sad bitch
We qot surveillance on dha mansion
Nd we qon need 30 million for dha ransom

[Talkinq: man]
Chu bumbaclaat
Yuh si all me now who
Mi ah kill off ah pussy
Mi ah qet him boc to whom
Mi nuh romp wid a mon chu!

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Minaj, Nicki Hood Story Comments
  1. r2dcore

    Queen of telling stories...

  2. petty princesa

    is this about her boyfriend right now kenny lmao.

  3. HaraPuku

    *Hood story* (HS) *High school* (HS) initial cameo anyone caught that?🤔

  4. Lil Kim Area

    Copy of Lil' Kims "Aunt Dot"

    elijha grey

    Lil Kim Area how

    Isiah Phoenix

    Lil Kim Area why are you here?


    Who lil kim

  5. Barbie Dreams

    It still amaze me that I'm still so much in love and obsessed with Nicki Minaj after all these years man she will always be a Queen in my eyes always will support my black Queen of hip hop from Jamaica Queens know matter what #BarbSince07 #StillABarb2019

  6. soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos

    I love Nikki she is the real deal

  7. f y

    Bow down bitches

  8. SHAY Z

    I love nicki old music🔥🔥🔥

  9. Jay Salazar

    Nicki today is still the queen of rap!

  10. Augustt Finestt

    highschool was the richer version of this .


    Augustt Finestt actually high school is the continuation.😂😂

  11. global princess

    I mean caught the vapors it shouldn't say rapist

  12. global princess

    not quite the rapist is caught the vapors

  13. 007

    Bitch can't touch Nicki, even if she wrote for her.

  14. metin kandemir

    what a shit song?

    Barbz Nicki lover

    Shut up

  15. Tay Lukasiak

    I literally just spent 3 days looking for this Song. All i remembered was h"e came from Jamaica...." Well.. It kept bringing High School up 😂😂😂 finally.

  16. Lil Kim Area

    sounds like a mix of 'Aunt dot' and 'Lil Drummer Boy' by Lil Kim ....



  17. Sarah Davis

    These lyrics are not correct 😂

  18. Dante Whitley

    Why does think sound like Aunt Dot by Lil Kim

  19. petty Nicolee

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Jose Clavijo

    "Man" you mean SB

  21. FearlesS _GamzE_98

    that sounds a little bit like her song "High school "🤔

  22. Jaylin Deás


  23. Raquel Januario

    like this one

  24. Mrs.56825037 Malone

    Yo I fuck with this so hard ready for part 2

    Shane Kimble

    Milreace Malone Yes Omg

    Ali Sanchez

    Milreace Malone Part two been out. Its high school. Lol

  25. Wassap Dood

    did it continue?

    Shericka Jones

    yes in her song high school ft lil Wayne

    Cisco Garcia

    can you explain it to me b/c i heard both what happen to the brother???? how did it continue


    sound like a knockoff "Aunt Dot" by lil kim


    Either you haven't heard that or you're deaf..... No comparison between these two songs!


    sound like a knockoff "Aunt Dot" by lil kim

  28. Carter 23

    Nicki recycle the phrases from her old verses? she said "he said he come from jamaica" even in High School o.o

    Tay Lukasiak

    high school is part two.. hence "to be continued"

    Chris Taylor

    I was just going to ask if she ever continued this...thanks

    marlee webb

    here's some t......she signed a deal with a mainstream recording label who wants to make money no matter what. she was forced ghost writers, hooks, etc etc. I don't think she had the choice to make high school, but because she was collaborating with lil wayne himself, she was able to write some lines herself. She says in a breakfast club interview that she loves high school while kinda poo pooing on the whole roman reloaded album (barre freedom which she actually got to write) and yeah idk.....no wonder she wants to sneak some of her actual material in this. imo I don't think High school isn't hood story part 2 but a means for her to go back to her roots. I hope she releases hood story part two.

  29. john medina

    then i caught the vapors

  30. Destiny Hubbard

    lol lil kim who??????

    Emmanuel Kargbo

    +lauryn Jones wow you really know alote about lil kims albums and nicki's. But tbh I dont even think u know you education as well as these celebs.

    Emmanuel Kargbo

    +Emmanuel Kargbo *your

    Jamarian Towns

    +lauryn Jones I'm guessing you don't like Beyonce seeing that her and nicki are like bffs. Now I admit Lil Kim was very inspirational and still is in some way ( I guess). But Nicki is just the new thing popping. She is the next inspirational female artist. And I'm tired of people saying that Nicki is flow jacking y'all act like people don't sample anymore. Like people don't reference anymore. Please get over your yourselves.

    Andrew Addison

    Destiny Hubbard She stoled all of this From Lil'Kim. Shes a FRAUD.

    Andrew Addison

    Jamarian Towns lies she stoled from Lil'kim. Lil'Kim will forever be relevant.

  31. 732G


    Josh James

    +Jaydis Brown HighScool is part 2, she says so in an interview hence "To be continued..."

    Waleed Sabi


    Jada Paris

    Yesssssss lol I thought the same thing.

    Cocaine Minaj

    The Umbrella Corporation what interview

    Iconic ava

    Jayrockinnn right

  32. Jella

    reminds me of nicki minaj - high school

    Josh James

    +Jella868 HighScool is part 2, she says so in an interview hence "To be continued..."

  33. Evan Butts

    beat is Glory by Cam'ron. Just spent like 10 minutes racking my brain and couldn't find the info on google.

  34. Philthy

    Bootleg Aunt Dot... every decent track this girl has rips off of lil Kim and biggie. can she come up with anything thats fully original and hot?


    +!!GirlyWurly!! so she admits she's a clown clown

    Jamarian Towns

    +glenzo215 no she points out that people continuously worried bout the next bitch

    Ajaylah Thompkins

    @glenzo215 okay your opinion which everyone has lol but it went platinum so you not liking it out of millions of ppl on this earth really doesnt matter. just stay off her youtube videos then.... that would make more sense lol

    Ajaylah Thompkins

    and how is it fake when she talked about a break up that really happened lmao bye 

    Oh Kay

    this is nothing like aunt dot... u really are delusional

  35. Kno doubt

    Nun like kim this her own flow baleeh dat

  36. howmart

    This is reminiscent of Lil Kim's flow in Lil' Drummer Boy and Aunt Dot


    +glenzo215 lies

    Josh James

    +glenzo215 I agree, so is one of her first singles 'Warning'.

    Oh Kay

    +Josh James warning has nothing to do with kim..... it was her own version of bigs song warning, she only remade kims jump off, dreams

    lavish life

    howmart no it's not wh


    not at all

  37. Kanseune Perry

    That is high school

    Tyrique LewsinkiMinaj

    No this is the first part of Highschool.. 

  38. zachfair88

    now it all makes sense.. it is not just a music but a STORY! this is the part 1 then the part two is high school..


    miracle grant

    now ik thx lol

  39. leftdaboss

    Its caught the vapors! Not the rapist why da fuck would a female say that in a attracted to type of. Way? ass ! Lol

  40. Isaac-KenBarbz Mianj

    Nicki Minaj You are the Queen of Rap i don't care what nobody say This is a Good Song And Part tow of this song is High School :D

  41. Lemonade Prit

    Actually all I understand is his brother was kidnapped and they need 30 million to get his brother back so on the high school video he became the mistress of wayne and they flirt each other until wayne told nicki that on the mansion behind the painting is where the 30 million was kept and when nicki got it,wayne already joined nicki to help her find her kidnapped brother

    Chatter Studios

    Lemonade Prit her kidnapped brother, jelani? gov needs 30mill? 👀

    Notorious TV

    roman aurelius Bitch stfu stop trying to be funny ugly ass busted ho

  42. Geo Maxz

    Dat is a Fucking Tuneeee!! Jheeze!!

  43. Str8UpBusiness

    so hood story and high school are similar, makes a lil since she said she wanted high school to tell a hood story. but I guess she really doesn't know that she recycle lyrics from time to time, except for "whip it" and "Fuck u silly" she had to know that...


    nicki said that highschool is part 2 with this song. and same with fuck you silly and whip it :)


    It's not a part 2 if it's lyric for lyric. it's repeating, redundant.


    she says to be continued at the end... and in her interview she says high school was part 2 to her song hood story..

  44. Sarah Jane

    0.30 very similar to high school?? Anyone else pick up on that?

  45. Tomizart

    At 1:37 she said we goin need 30million for the ranson. It sounded like she was on the phone when saying that, in the high school video she stole a money from behind the painting, that could be 30million. And the helicopter in the video reffering to her mans jet.

  46. Tomizart

    Omg she said in this about a mansion and in the high school video she is in a mansion. In hood story she said she met a man, that man is lil wayne in the video.

  47. Fatal Shawn

    This is part one of High School ft Lil Wayne and Nicki MInaj and High School is part 2
    It's a "Hood Story"

  48. sarah marshall

    This shit is so wack!

  49. Kayla Poptart

    this high school part one, 2011

  50. Tr3y

    Does anyone notice high school is part 2. LOL. Notice they are robbing the ransom for her brother. They make a story.

  51. J Reviews2

    They both have the initials HS (high school and hood story) Maybe the part 2 high school was saying that she already achieved everything because she was in the mansion on the video. OMG does anyone have an idea what it could mean?

  52. Th3R3alistGurl

    wow part 2 just now came out high school if u put them together maybe they tell the whole story shes sneaky

  53. MsPumpernickel1

    Im so happy the Barbz still listen to the mix tapes. Team Minaj STAND UP!!!

  54. Ashley-Brittany Robinson

    she said it on the Breakfast club

  55. Ashley-Brittany Robinson

    High School is part 2 to this

  56. Andreäää_ _

    sounds just like high school

  57. 3dtonyRaps

    Even the initials are the same HS !Nicki you sneaky bitch.

  58. shine637

    OK NICKI, Hannnnn!

  59. London Hunter

    Hood story is high school and high school is hood story.


    She was never dark skin she was always light skin

  61. Charity Cooper-G.

    High school hah yeeh<3

  62. Sebastian Beltran

    at the end it said to be continued and it was continued through high school

  63. Desi Brown

    i like her dark skin


    This Is lie high school

  65. Tyshay Lewis

    high school is two

  66. Kendall Marable

    high school part one actually

  67. Kaitlyn Wingate

    Haven't heard this before.

  68. Kaitlyn Wingate

    Mines too.

  69. malik matthews


  70. Sean Mahoney

    High School is part 2! She had her whole career planned out!

  71. Elizabeth Maraj

    high school is part 2

  72. Jays Fablife

    Omfg!! now i get it ...TO BE CONTINUE....is high school lol Nicki is creative, I love her!!!!!!

  73. Brent McInnes

    I want the card set of those photo more like the negatives for my privet no view room.

  74. TheMinajTV

    Cuz high school is part 2

  75. Eve Tautz

    This is like high-school

  76. Nicki Minaj

    High school is part 2.

  77. Elizabeth Maraj

    high school is part 2

  78. BaddieUniverse

    High School on the Re-Up is the continuation.

  79. vickie thomas

    Well you all probably knew that

  80. vickie thomas

    High School is the continued song

  81. Landen Irvin

    High school is part 2!

  82. RussianBlue

    No hood story part 2

  83. Mathilde RP

    I think High School is part 2?

  84. CherryPac

    yea and ownin a couple acres

  85. Candaxx Wabz

    this should be called preschool

  86. Pengward Music

    No its elementary

  87. MsMissme2011

    She caught the RAPIST? I thought she was saying she caught the VAPORS... In fact I know that's what she's saying. She caught the VAPORS... LOL

  88. Seba Menij

    Hood Story and High School are both FLAWLESS.

  89. itsneilfox

    high school...

  90. rebekaarman


  91. rebekaarman

    notice how nicki says "came from jamaica" in almot every single song xD <3

  92. LadyChink

    This song reminds me of Lil Kim - Aunt Dot

  93. randoomstudioz

    oh I meant up in flames lol >:D two months ago XD

  94. shayBOOx93

    no its similar to high school

  95. Tonyé Hale

    He said he came from Jamica, He owned a couple acers!- High school He said he came from Jamica he had a lil paper He owned a couple acers- Hood story <3

  96. R4NDOM09

    maybe cause the lyrics are almost the same in some parts hah