Minaj, Nicki - Ease Up Lyrics

Where my niggas that getting they G’s up (G’s up)
In the back when you rolling your trees up (trees up)
Where my niggas that getting they freeze up
And getting they tease up, just tell em to ease up (ease up)

I don’t know what they take me for
And I don’t know what they hate me for -- I get cake fo-sho
And I don’t know how to take it slow
I’m the type to get right, stay in the limelight

[Verse 1:]
These broke niggas always reading up
Niggas see me in the beam and they speeding up
I’m like duke holler at me when your G’s are up
Oh, that’s the Kanye piece? Throw your Jesus up

When I say I’m bout my gwop, I don’t me a-molie
It’s like I’m being watched, I don’t me a rollie
I’m half past 7′o clock all by my lonely
Spits got the dessie on cock and wanna bone me (Blocka)

Bitches getting mad cause they know they can’t stop her
Nickname should be TV the way they watch her
Run with a shotter
Gotta be at least 6 feet to break me off proper


[Verse 2:]
I’m at the bar getting Rémy on rocks
I’m coming for these rap bitches if they ready or not (yeah)
You know the girl, I already was hot
You tell em fuck a new bitch, I want a veteran spot

Look, it’s Nicki M. in the place so stay back
I stay around the white like I’m Pat Sajak
Plus I had my A game up since 8-track
I’m Diddy with the flow, “Take that, take that”

My flow say (cha-ching) and my flow say (cheese)
I ain’t got a bag but my wrist say freeze
Dick em, trick em, I know how to pick em
Stick em, ha-ha-ha, stick em

If you wanna me sweat me, then baby let me
Tell you I’m not like them other girls you been with
Cause I know you think I’m sexy, you wanna sex me
Rolling with the fifth, we make hits, when make chips, bitch

[Verse 3: Ru Spits]
I don’t know what you chasing dog
Cause I don’t got patience for (nope, nope)
All these dudes that be hating ya’ll
Cause money we be taking more, getting cake for sure

Only think about making more
Grey Azzure make drag, let it scrape the floor
Don’t get mad when I take your broad
Rock stone, can’t trace the flaw

So in a way, I guess you could say I was made to ball
Act out and the K applaud
Me and Nicki gon’ pave the course
You wanna play the boss, you gon' learn how to take a loss

Of course I’m back, kid still torch the track
Getting paper like Office Max
Branch house with the horse to match
Pink gems, with the cross attached, hit you then I toss the mack

So, G’s up, niggas get your B’s up
Chick act up, tell a ho to ease up
In the back of the club, home roll that weed up
If you wanna jump bad, a beat down’s the out come


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