Minaj, Nicki - Doin It Well Lyrics

[Talkin: Jadakiss]
Ay yo yo yo Ay yo WHAT!
Muthafucka you know who it is, ya mean, you boi the muthafuckin everything
I'm everything, (HaHaHaaa) But we neither here nor there this is for ma muthafuckin beotchh
Nicki Minaj, Sucka Free, I love you baby, You know I'm lookin for you, you be dodging
Me, ya mean, you be in miami layin songs and all dat, But umm it's all good, ya'll
Niggas make sure ya'll ch-check this shit out right here, Sucka Free, Nicki Minaj, Spittin that
Shit for ya'll niggas and bitches, Ya dig, stop hidding from me to,
Sucka Free MuthaFucka WHAT!

[Talkin: Nicki Minaj]
Ay yo Kiss look I mean you know m-my aka sit on ya favorite rapper face and shit you know like I mean you know
The question today is Who's my favorite rapper like everybody wanna know, ya mean
(Hahaha) Guess What? Your My Favorite Rapper.

I'm a spit on it then I'm gonna sit on it You can fuck my girls to Daddy I'm a kindone it,
I'm a put my lips on ya lips, who's better, nigga you can ask Micheal Jack. who's badder,
You can lick it from the front you can lick it from the back, when I jiggle my ass you can do your lil' laugh,
(hahaha) You so funny Kiss, I wanted to fuck you since, you worked with that yummie bitch,
Anyway I got a tight lil' honey dip, that's why these niggas git tight when honey dip,
Niggas know my pussy taste like mango-tango, so they put a couple karats in my ankle bangle,
When my legs go back you can hear them jangle, wish ya pocket can't stop like a can of pringles,
Let me, grab the mic while I spit ya song (slurp slurp) uh six seconds Jadakiss your on,
Uh Uh On Uh Uh On Uh Uh Uh Uh Onnnnnnn!

Doin it and doin it and doin it well
I represent Queens, he was raised down in Yonkers
Doin it and doin it and doin it well [x3]
I represent Queens, he was raised down in Yonkers

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Minaj, Nicki Doin It Well Comments
  1. Maria Mabry

    Kali north

  2. Maria Mabry


  3. Maria Mabry

    So what akilmi


    DECEMBER 2019

  5. &Im Sexy like a PornStar

    Bitches always in her mixtape comments hating saying this the nicki they used to listen to and the new nicki ass. Nahh you just deaf kid. If yall sat down and stopped being sheep listening to non rap bitches on social media yall would notice nicki got bars STILL. It ain't as direct like before tho. Now the metaphors are harder to catch and she more laid back with it. Dont act like yall didnt let her hard songs "flop"

  6. A IRA

    O r8iiiii

  7. Crooklon


  8. Guyleigh Johnson

    2019 still bangs

  9. hungrychance14

    Jada and Nicki need to work together way more they two of my favorite rappers. They do it well

  10. Lysa Wade

    This was hella ripped off from big mama thangs lyrics.


    Outside of the topic, them two songs are NOTHING ALIKE. So you just sat up here and lied. And I would know cause I listen to both on the daily.

  11. S c


  12. Boipelo M

    1:32 Whenever Nicki says anything sexual

  13. Ashley Holmes

    2019 Nicki I love you girl💋

  14. BamaBoynCali

    lol I still remember this was the first nicki song I hear on a random mixtape back in the day

  15. heart me

    Still listening in 2019😍😘😘😘

  16. Quay Mcconico

    This song is the reason why I am the way I am

  17. LeeLee Rene'e

    2019 WIT THE SHITSSSS 🖤🕺

  18. Londyn mom

    Yassss both fire she did her thang on both💜💙💚💛

  19. Imam Mahdi

    Nobody can fwu period baby... #I want you to surprise your nigga#MyQueenNicki#

  20. Gustavo Castro

    Ima put my lips on ya lips, who’s fatter? Nigga you can ask Michael Jack who’s badder!

  21. ShayPeee

    Still doing it well in 2018! 🖕🏽💜

  22. Gustavo Castro

    I fucken love this song😩😩😩 Nicki been spitting that SHIT!🔥

  23. Miriam Pizano

    Damn I miss old nicki 🔥

  24. Asia Love

    Nigga you can ask Michael Jack who’s badder 👑

  25. Sagittarius420 Cheefie

    I miss throwback Nicki!

  26. Nae So Lovely

    This will always be a Nicki Classic

  27. Christina Smith

    Nicki always that B her bars were hard back then -still are and she still fine af! She may have some pretty opponents but the lyrics yo on damn near everything

  28. Julio Rafael Cortez

    When did this version come out?

    Dyamond Hubbard

    PlayboiG is 2008

  29. Wedu Idwani

    2018 gang!

  30. Bre Bre


  31. Verb plural

    jadakiss talk too much on this track.

  32. Shantel Rowan

    When my legs go back you hear them jingle! Once you pop you can’t stop like a can of Pringles😜😜😜

  33. nerdynurse shan

    This is when I used to listen to Nicki man , wtf come back to this. Floww.

  34. Big Baby

    Should have rapped the ENTIRE beat. She was killing that shit 😎😍💯 And they say she can't rap

  35. Ebony Gulley

    yes she slayed this come back damn

  36. Fun With Can

    She slay the old and the new Version

  37. Vaughn S

    There is one I heard with the "fucking you tonight" beat

  38. ChatswithChy

    Still love in 2016!!!!

  39. Robin Howard

    Favvvvvv 😍

  40. Krimson

    the rapper is my headcanon voice for gamzee,and he talks like him too.

  41. Candice Sejour

    Love this one more dan de Fab one

  42. Shaiesha Bell

    sit on ya favorite rappers face🙊🙉🙈💪🙌💁🍫🍍🍍🍍💃😜😻😻😻🏄🏄😍😘

  43. The One

    she really killed both versions

  44. Mahogany Speaks

    I'ma spit on it, then I'm gonna sit on it.. Yassss Nicki

  45. henni henni

    queen did this song twice and still killed it

    So Irritated


  46. Yaria Smith

    I like this version better that the new one she did but I love both!!! ❤

  47. John Lane

    Mango tango. Classic

  48. Stephanie Marie

    My jam yo this that old school joint

  49. Rachael Guide

    aw i miss this nicki


    +Rachael Gudie i do to this nicki is better than the new nicki

    Yaria Smith

    +250kesha u saying the new one like she disappeared lmfao

  50. Fatimah abdul-haqq

    In love with this, throwback lol

  51. wer44able


  52. Breanna Brown

    ayeee! my shit

  53. antoniorobinson17


  54. Nailay Banks

    i love uitt