Minaj, Nicki - Curious George Lyrics

Yo why dese bitches in the game gettin serious for I was just playin wen I said you
Looked like curious george I mean I was in da SL ice on da bez-el I ain't mad at you
Lil mama you a sketel I'm a winna you dat think dat start with a es L rhyme with a cruzer
End with a r-ra yup your a loser I am a super star-a f.a.b.o I do it like tacara (f.a.b.o) cause
Ya sum dylon hoes try to fuck up ma band I fucks with nylon hoes I got da pumps an
Da bumps da pumps in da trunks incase I gotta spaz an blast you mudda cunts (blaaa)
I had 2 laugh at dat 1 bitch get outta line I'm a slap da fat one (ooh) I'm such a maniac
Where wayne at I'm tryna get sum brianiac (ooh) I gets down like wen niggs is shootin
Mami I style wild like wen niggas is lootin hoes is mad cause hoes is loosin dey do alot
Of walkin I do alot of cruzin put da top in da back of da trunk take off ma shoe slap
A bitch with da back of da pump I ain't neva had a problem givin bitches da business
Pop bitches in da eye like a finish ma spinach all ma newyork broads spend chips in
Da village hopped out da yellow cab oops da yellow jaguar girls don't like me guess
It's da swagger don't talk 2 me bout chicks got skills shes alrite but shes not real listen
Big homey I'm dat deal I say I body bitches means dat bitch got killed ridin da base
Line like I'm quil o'neal now how many bitches do it take 2 knock me down you no
Bitches gone hate but I don't giva fuck who you bodied on tape I'm in to movin weight
Mami in an out of state let's get it now how many bitches do it take 2 knock me down you no
Bitches gone hate but I don't giva fuck who you bodied on tape I'm in to movin weight
Mami in an out of state let's get it now

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Minaj, Nicki Curious George Comments
  1. Kate Goza

    Nicki good wus good pussy good!!! My mama

  2. Sari

    What does this line mean? "Pop bitches in the eye like I finish my spinach" I dont get it.

  3. Sari

    "Pop bitches in the eye like I finish my spinach" I dont get it.

  4. Crystal Scott

    I miss this nicki

  5. normaniglitters


  6. Jesse Gusek

    brianiac... fail

  7. Tye H

    Omg I never heard this high before...💯💯💯💯

  8. Newane newan

    Who is here from the last Queen Radio ? 😭

  9. Mekhi Prinze Harrison


  10. Eray-Kaan Uygun

    i want this on NM5

  11. oleandr

    2019 and i'm still here. ♥️

  12. Emma The Dog Mom


  13. Levi Meyer

    Just kidding I love u. IAM just board I like you looking at me, I like ten looking at me.

  14. Levi Meyer

    I would be so bad if I was rich an spoyled lololololol

  15. Levi Meyer

    Mia Jimmy , mia bring the noise Mia Mia Mia mia Mia mia , she's heating up , why u name drop Wayne it's me . So don't make me yonnn.... I can body. But I hate dressing up so many manikins. Mia 3 per ent club

  16. Achundris Williams


  17. Darrien pennington


  18. Big Booty Libertarian

    This is my favorite Nicki Minaj

  19. Lil Rose

    Prima you got the nerve bitch. St8 out I am in this bullshit because of your bitch ass

  20. Scarlet Castellon

    Imeannnn i guess she forgot bout this when she wasnt tryna see cardi

    maria nanyunja

    Your fave just threw the shoe bye.

  21. Primoz the Gamer

    Nicki Minaj sucks. Like if u agree



  23. Ade Lopez

    “Pop bitches in the eye like I finish my spinach “ 🔥

  24. ZEPH

    Omg remy has taste

    Christian S

    ZEPH what happen

    I hate Everyone

    @Christian S She had to rate bars from different rappers and one of the verses of this song came on and she gave it a 3.9/5 and that was the highest she gave other than the one she gave herself.

  25. f y

    Remy man looves this song

  26. JAVEN

    She use to be so raw 🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. Sammy Zayn

    Here in 2018

  28. Jake Collins

    She not hungry like this no more. The verses mediocre cause she ain’t gotta try no more.

    Gay Homeboy

    Jake Collins yeah man fr..I’m a big nicki fan & I can def agree it’s like she don’t try at all no more & it’s sad

    T D

    Gay Homeboy almost her verses be good tho lately listen to LLC

    T D

    Gay Homeboy and she killed everyone on Motorsport she had all kinds of punchlines entendres different flows etc

  29. Diamond Miles

    . Remy ma bought me here .

  30. Andrew Lazar

    Does this song has to do with Curious George?

  31. A Deggs


  32. Trinavara

    Blast dey mudda [email protected] Nicki! :)

  33. Honeymoon Globe

    Send this song to Cardi b

  34. Fame Hall

    Cardis Knot brought me here😭😭

    Honeymoon Globe

    Fame Hall same

    Payton No

    lmao you pettt

    Payton No


    maria nanyunja


  35. FrankieLewinsky

    This is a diss? Who?

  36. Beauty In Black


  37. barbie Tingz

    Nicki can end any rap bitch if she wanted to right now she playing these bitches LMFAO👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  38. Jordan A G


  39. James Routh

    “Put the top in the back of the trunk, take off my shoe slap a bitch with the back of the pump” 🔥🔥🔥 nicki is a bad bitch

  40. geronimo8159

    Okay, lyrics are good, but that beat is trash...

    Reinaldo Alvarado

    That beat was everything in 2001 when Foxy first used it. It was even featured in a source or xxl column for its beat and Foxy's verse as the hottest verse of the month etc etc...

  41. Jamaur Fenderson

    Career dead 💀 ⚰️

    Danna Delgado

    Jamaur Fenderson. nah She Still Winning Boo ✊👏

    tofu jam

    Just like your grandmother 💀

  42. Jamarquis Williams

    Very good

  43. Bishabh Sarkar

    what happened to that nicki

  44. thatssopookie

    Dear old nicki 🙏🏾😩

  45. Iamsarayah

    Rate those bars brought me here

  46. Tone Deaf

    she sounds like a man

    Jaylin Deás

    Tone Deaf Must be one gay ass man

  47. Ice

    If she was more aggressive and had a slower beat she would have ate this shit harder than she did

  48. Tye H

    giving bitches the business, pop bitches in the eye like I finished my spinach...I need that more of that Nic.

  49. Hemoo berry

    She is spitting bars damn

    Tone Deaf

    but doesnt it sound like she just insults people or what:/ not so healthyy

  50. Jo'el C.

    Damm was this a Remy response before the event even happen?

    Jaylin Deás

    Jo'el C. Remy played herself, lmaoo #CareerSuicide

  51. ash

    I need old nick.... Like right now hoe 😂 #beenheresince09

  52. datkipztho

    "put the top in the back of the trunk. take off a shoe slap a bitch with the back of the pump." omg😍😍🔥🔥👑👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽

  53. Howard Coward

    I need this Nicki to come back. Fuck that bird bitch remy


    Beyonce's Surrogate your name bruh lmaooooo

  54. Jordan Woodard

    (shes alright but shes not real-foxy brown) yesssss the queens need to hurry up and make a song together👑👑👑👑

    Jaylin Deás

    Jordan Woodard i heard foxy gonna be on Nicki next album along with Trina, Nas, Lauryn Hill, The Game and some other people. It's gonna be like a straight bars album. 😀

    Tyrael Mack

    You right.. she's better

    Paul de Guzman

    sis they did but Foxy committed career suicide on it. Is called Coco Channel

    Reinaldo Alvarado

    @Paul de Guzman career suicide how? By spitting a jamaican verse in patois someone with the last name Guzman would never get? 😂

    Coco chanel for the west Indians. You don't even know what she means when she says Duppy so stop it 🤣🤣🤣


    Reinaldo Alvarado its cuz foxy kept getting off beat

  55. Kin Pin

    Foxy brown 730(broken silence ) 💪🔥

  56. jarrell brown

    remy ma brought me here


    jarrell brown same

    f y

    You kno she loves the queen

    Rahjuané C.

    jarrell brown waits a yr later to see rating...

  57. jaevion

    Nicki slaughtered this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Yaleela Grant

    luv Nikki💘💘💘💘

  59. Charles Chanelle

    Old Nicki 😩😩

  60. Gaming Claw

    Love her voice!

  61. William Seal

    yoooooooooo, what is this beat?!!!!

    Julian Sparks, Jr.

    @William Seal Foxy Brown- 730

  62. BBM Capri

    weh yu knw bout sketel NICKI??? lol


    Brian Herrera

    Holy fuck please learn English.

    BBM Capri

    Brian Herrera wow ur life is very sad if you only know English 🖕🏿🖕🏽🖕🏻


    BBM Capri Genius reply

  63. teishaawilliams

    Pretty Ganggggg :) Teamminaj

  64. GucciCreator

    Instagram @antonio_cochino

  65. kennisha

    Where Wayne At?
    I'm Tryna Get Some Brainiac.

  66. kennisha

    Team Minaj

  67. Janeyce Tyler

    Lol kameron

  68. SanAndrea X

    I miss this nicki

  69. Rap The Lyrics

    Going back at my videos and just noticing dumb mistakes I made like at 0:48 I wrote "brianiac" instead of "brainiac". Anyways Im getting better, check out my new channel RapTheLyrics2

  70. cassie b

    How many bitchies do it take too knock me down

  71. rachel

    Let's get it

  72. djs4ever372


  73. Amanda Miller

    ok how do i get this song?? is it on a cd or can i get it on itunes?

  74. Sami Pete

    I'm using YouTube from my iPod and it won't let me copy and paste acting stupid

  75. inuyashafavorite12

    "pop bitches in the eye like i finished my spinach" that had me crackin up for like 20 minutes. NICKI IS 2 REAL


    I dont get it

    Christina Shersteen

    Sari u don’t know the cartoon Popeye? Smh

  76. Mariah Adamson

    Lol thank you.. I might need ur help with some vids..

  77. Rap The Lyrics

    yea lool

  78. Mariah Adamson

    Was I good.?

  79. Mariah Adamson

    Ok.. Thank you... How was I .?

  80. Rap The Lyrics

    I actually checked out your videos earlier today cuz you commented on another one of my videos (yes im wierd... i read any comment youtube notifies me of which is like 30+ a day) but if you have any lyrics you want me to post for you, let me know. my new channel for lyrics is rapthelyrics2

  81. Mariah Adamson

    Check out my videos :)

  82. L.A.W family

    But im have ppl call me tinyt

  83. L.A.W family

    My name is takara

  84. A'toya Lashae

    Luv dis song one of nick's first songz.

  85. 369krishan

    On that 'she's alright but she's not real' line I thought she was addressing what other people say about her, which is why the next lines are talking about how she is as big a deal as she says and when she says something it means that she's actually done it despite people thinking she is fakr. she does that repeating stuff said about her on her still i rise song too.

  86. Tanisha mcnair


  87. jayairah hannah

    I like dis song

  88. beanolonning

    Um nope

  89. Brandon Cannon