Minaj, Nicki - Cuchi Shop Lyrics

Welcome to Star Box
Yeah shawty I'm tryna get me some thick thighs and some chinky eyes.
I need a real good box
Oh ok
A real good box.
Okay, aye yo Nick!
Yeah shawty out here want umm a #3
Oh, alright tell him to come around to my window, I got him it's nuffin.
Oh alright.
And yo you know the slogan right?
Yeah, I know how it go
Pussy by any means.

First I take they order at the Cuchi Shop
Then I send 'em a girl that can make her coochie pop
And then I smuggle all my money through the ? spot
(Up in the Phantom, have you wishing you had 'em, I'm the madam.)

And there ain't no returns at the Cuchi Shop
We don't wanna hear it burns at the Cuchi Shop
Just listen and you'll learn at the Cuchi Shop.
(Up in the Phantom, have you wishing you had 'em, I'm the madam.)

[Verse 1:]
What you need thick thighs and some chinky eyes?
Super size all your sides like your biggie fries.
For a better prize you can get some better pie
Strawberry, apple, cherry even lemon lime.
What you want them B cups or them C cups?
For your ice cream, chocolate or butter P cups?
French vanilla threesomes that come in D cups
They eat each other but otherwise they don't eat much.
I'm bout that fast money, money ain't got no patience.
But if them boys come run like you on probation
Listen up, I'm a send ya to the location
Write it down, take a picture, make a notation.


[Verse 2:]
Relax lil nigga cut the bull (cut it out)
We tax niggas no deductible (get it out)
So what it is? What it ain't? Nigga state ya name.
You know we got them umbrellas if ya make it rain.
So what you want them good girls or them bad ones?
I got them girls make ya wish ya never had none.
Cause you'll be spending beaucoup in my spot shawty.
This nigga acting brand new like he just bout it.
Up and away like Mighty Mouse
You can say I am the rap game Heidi Fleiss
Cause my flow crazy, Hussein like Sadam
You getting it? I got 'em, I'm the rap bitch madam,
I'm the madam!


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Minaj, Nicki Cuchi Shop Comments
  1. queen lilith



    Wowwww I need this Nicki in 2019

  3. Mars Argo Is My Mom

    im cryinhhg

  4. magesty96

    Will forever be my queen, my goal in life is to do a song with Nikki and I will 🙏🏾

  5. n popo

    I feel so bad for anyone who hasn’t heard this

  6. Nikki Boo

    I use to love this shit 😂

  7. Solo kingston

    Who else is here because of BAPS ??


    Yesss it was giving me this vibeee 🔥

    John Holliman


  8. Achundris Williams


  9. Jay James

    Lol this video has more views than the original “coffee shop” by young joc lol

  10. Joss B

    yo i remember the video but now i can't find it. mandela effect or is it just gone?

    YGK Music

    Joss B me too. I feel like i remember seeing it on 106 &Park and Nicki was working the drive thru . I want to say there was alot of pink in the music video as well but i cant find it anywhere. But yeah i remember the music video too

  11. Angela Givens

    2019 & I've never heard this song until now.

  12. Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter


  13. Quan Mitchell

    A 2019 bop🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Brittany Renae'


  14. Love Lexus

    Like of your hear 2019😊

  15. Phillip Lalo

    this will enter 2019 and on!!!!!

  16. ebony johnson

    Sep 2018

  17. Jade Roller

    Here! One day before school 16/09/2018!

  18. Kyro Sanders


  19. Moo Moo

    2018 189 ppl couldnt afford the cuchi shop

  20. Cianni Gardner


  21. Be'lla McQueen

    Listen in 2018

  22. Cocoa Beauty

    2018 💜

  23. Mariah :PP

    I remember when i was 7 years old & i was listening to this song and my parents heard 😂 they were like "dont listen to that song, coochie is a bad word" so i never listened to it again, and now im back in 2018 😂😂😂


    Good to be back to the song 😭💗

    Tyga Lily

    7 years old? 🤷

  24. Stevie Grant

    50 jayz diddy coulda signed her wayne genious drake best commercial then tyga meek and i wish juelz

  25. Stevie Grant

    I rember this song lol she killx remix funny

  26. Andrea Lovera

    STILL HERE IN 2018 <3

  27. Joe Hari

    This Lill Kim

    Where Nicky Minaj?😂

  28. Juju loves you

    2018 y‘all

  29. Tina Lee

    2018😻😻😻😻😻come back

  30. Tee Gates

    Ayee 2018 still fuck with it🔥

  31. Keyshia Williams

    we need this Nicki bitch come back

  32. rtbarnett

    This is still the best.

  33. Khi •

    2018 still a bop !!!

  34. Cameasha Flowers

    2018 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Sweetheart Makes money


  36. Teaira Dobbs

    This song still the shit

  37. Ethan Levels


    Justin White

    Psycho Lucas Because* she on probation

  38. Kisha Massaly

    My Uncle was a big Nicki fan, lmao he had all the albums and thus is all we listened to. S/o to him for putting me on to now my favorite female rapper.💖

    Mike Taylor

    Kisha Massaly 😩😩😩😂😂😂 that’s what I️ did to my sisters n cuzns check out Rico nasty as well

  39. Sweetheart Makes money


  40. Rae Kash

    2017 🔥🔥

    Jay Finesse

    Reauna Hill we dnt wanna hear it burns at the cuchi shop

    Rae Kash

    @Jay Finesse Kmsl 😂😂😂

    Sweetheart Makes money

    +Jay Finesse lol ew lol

  41. Famous Apollo

    2017 😍💦🔥🔥

    Jay Finesse

    Famous Apollo ND it ain't no returns at the cuchi shop 🎶

    Marissa Amiliano

    2018 ❣️

  42. nile peterson

    Call me Nicki you my girlfriend fuck meek mill call me (917)821-9411 get back with me Nicki Minaj I miss you 💘💘💘💘💘💗💗💗💗

  43. Izzy Vevo

    This is just like coffee shop by yung joc

    Ericka Mcgruder

    She remade his song for her mixtape

    i don't wanna taco bout it

    @Ericka Mcgruder yes lmao that's what mixtapes do. Remake other relevant rappers (at the times) songs

    Ericka Mcgruder

    i don't wanna taco bout it yep

  44. Ree Mitchell

    +Loreal O' Neal

  45. Princesskk290

    love this song !!

  46. beverlyhillsmusic

    i love u

  47. Akeeba_ John97

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh i love this track

  48. beverlyhillsmusic

    song hot

  49. Steph Ler

    Lol i remember this shit

  50. CirisPraise

    Dis is my happy song:3

  51. em bfb

    yes she is

  52. Death Metal Barbie

    How about NO.

    Mary K

    Zombie Barbie how about fixing your face

  53. kennisha

    Nicki is COLD AF new and old!

  54. mia830

    back when she was raw..old nicki was the business. new nicki?? i mean i understand, appeal to the masses and get the paper, but it cant compare to the old shit

  55. Phae xnnyu

    she ugly as'f here but much beter rapper then rather than now

    tyrell Reed

    Phae xnnyu how is she ugly why hate is the point


    Phae xnnyu you look like masika dirty feet


    Lenawu lmfao

  56. TheLorient

    She's q chinese

  57. Dingo Tranzform

    niki the fuking slut


    Bye bitch

  58. trey hood

    U should make a video to this

  59. BlueStarDog5

    Take your religious BS to your local church where it belongs, and keep it off of Youtube. That's annoying as HELL.

  60. Khalil Moore

    omg she was so ugly . but love the song -3

  61. thisismyusername2675

    lol at the random white guy "SYCAMORE"

  62. Loreal O'neal

    type in coffee shop instrumental , and click on the one with the crown . ! ^_^

  63. Nella L

    This song is dope we needa that thug nicki back as much as i love her now she make me scared they way she was and thats what you want people to be , scared and tell them im the queen of female rap BITCH!

  64. Mark Montes

    im looking for instrumental anyone know were i can find it :0



  66. Boss Lowkey

    She So Homo :D Lmao But Her Shit Tight As Them Cuchi Shoppers

  67. tjspears09

    Wat cuchi

  68. rawrbro69

    aint all 3 of them voices nicki lol

  69. Yoshikage EHKOS

    that burns line cracks me up every fucking time without fail

  70. joane J-B

    j'adore 7 m"zik... moùàààk Nicki love u my stars...

  71. Xavier Loud

    -*what ever

  72. Xavier Loud

    boy stop

  73. Xavier Loud

    boy stop

  74. Xavier Loud

    old man

  75. Xavier Loud

    what you talk abount

  76. Xavier Loud

    he sad hey

  77. Xavier Loud

    jay jay is not on