Minaj, Nicki - Beautiful Sinner Lyrics

South Africa is where I come from
Get me my banjo, get me my drum
Kidnap Korea and don't take ransom
Don't let me come out of my dungeon

Chu wan me to leave then take it d-down
You see me come out of England at dawn
You say the pattern come from Kingston
Trinidad Trinidad, my island

I see you in here dancin'
Your preview is quite romantic
I envy your perfect kind of life
Who knew you'd be so sexy
I think you're quite fantastic
Screw your flaws
You're perfect in my eyes
And maybe I'm naïve for loving you
You're a cheat and a liar
But tonight you're everything I desire
You beautiful sinner
I love your wicked heart
Beautiful sinner
It's such a work of art

I didn't know that bad could love so good
You are the type of bad that feels so good

Beautiful sinner

I bet you're heart of stone
Living in your world alone
I hope you let me in tonight
They want me to beware
You're dangerous I don't care
I can't wait to have you in my arms

And maybe I'm naive for loving you
You're a cheat and a liar
But tonight you're everything I desire
You beautiful sinner
I love your wicked heart
Beautiful sinner
It's such a work of art

I didn't know that bad could love so good
You are the type of bad that feels so good

Beautiful sinner

Maybe you're the master of disguise and you are..
Putting on and you're really the saint, the good one.
Are you here to save me from the crowd?
If you are, then baby take me now

Beautiful sinner
I love your wicked heart
Beautiful sinner
It's such a work of art

I didn't know that bad could love so good
You are the type of bad that feels so good

Beautiful sinner

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Minaj, Nicki Beautiful Sinner Comments
  1. Laurie P

    We ALL know she was talking about Safaree, right? He isn’t beautiful, but he did cheat and lie so he is indeed a sinner! ✅

  2. Subhodeep Chowdhury

    i think she wrote this for her husband petty..

  3. ORLA

    This used to be my favorite song when I was like 10 ahahahah wtf

  4. _ _aymeno_ _

    I miss this song 💙💙💙

  5. Onika Miraj

    Periodt pooh my ro-model

  6. Mariame N

    2020?? 🥳🥳

  7. maria nanyunja

    This deserves so much more.

  8. Vasilis Vasilopoulos

    *I loveeee it* ❤

  9. Melanie

    this will always be Nicki's best pop song. So much better than starships, vava voom, pound the alarm and whip it.


    Melanie ✨

  10. Mendell Petrus

    Reminds me of vroom vroom by Charlie xcx

  11. shabree Jones

    Ion know why I got Chris Brown yeah 3x vibe💀

  12. jaja Wezzy

    When that Fucking Bass DROP 😨😩🔥🔥😨😨

  13. Glsh B

    Forever looooving these old songs of Nicki ❤️❤️❤️

  14. onenight 010

    2019 anyone?

  15. Khim Rose

    The feeling when you feel in love with a beautiful or handsome villain (it could be a protagonist too) from the animé you like. 😁😁😁😍😍

    I like this song and now lovin' it!

  16. Londzie C

    I'm from south Africa too

  17. Darrien pennington

    Relax, 🙏🙏💋💋😘😘

  18. Kathleen Gonçalves


  19. Armani

    THIS MASTERPIECE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE. I wish she would have promoted it more. Now only die hard Nicki fans know about this precious gem.

  20. CamKamBam Killa1


  21. Cristinutza Pisicutza

    One of her best songs if not her best

  22. Dark Thunder

    Downloaded AGAIN.

  23. Odette Maraj

    I love pop Nicki😍😍😍

  24. BayBay kids

    I think Nicki is going to marry zoo petty

    J. Vishae


    maria nanyunja

    @J. Vishae lol

    John Marvil Acenas

    she married already

  25. Queen_ _Nadix

    This is perfect song for hip hop 😀

  26. Nightcore Of Myth

    Check out my Male Nightcore of this at:

  27. Pandora De'Vine


  28. April Potts

    How am I just now hearing this?? ♡

  29. Thomas Conway

    Nicki would be way better if she was a singer just saying



    J. Vishae

    HARATRON 6/21 but she is a rapper. So your comment doesn’t make sense

  30. Thomas Conway

    This should have been a single, this is the best song on the album apart from the first verse. This was ahead of its time back when the album was released. Pound the alarm can choke on this

    J. Vishae


  31. Jayden Leonard


  32. Darrien pennington

    I'm not abandoning or letting you down Ms Minaj. I want to shield you from the fire that everyone else embraces so passionately. 😯😇💞😘💖

  33. Melody Simmons

    i was listening to to this song while voice typing my history homework and i started to sing along so my computer typed some of the lyrics and i kinda wanna leave them on my asignment to see what my history teacher says! lol ;)

  34. BriEnne Logan

    When you think you a Nicki fan and keep finding songs from other countries Nicki has 😂😂 issa no for me Nicki

  35. Roydon Field J.R

    Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk love you nicki minaj am here in 2018

  36. New King James Version Prewrather

    This song goes out to Mark Pippins.

  37. petty Nicolee


  38. Billy Sparks

    Roman Reloaded was the shit

  39. Jylynn Watson

    I love this

  40. loveittomuch loveit


  41. Akequa Johnson

    Trinidad my island!

  42. Pretty Khoza

    south africa is where i come from

    Paballo Maine

    Our RainBow Nation

  43. Rochet Melgazo

    i am a beautiful sinner :)

  44. C Thompson

    you r living the perfect life Nicki

  45. H.A.T

    This was so ahead of it's time for Pop music


    Michael Ballard no really this is such a 2012 song lol

    alex gonzalez

    Sydney Shearman hahaha

    hoemogenic இ

    yeah this was just a 2012 song but it IS popfection

  46. Torrance J

    I love this song

  47. AEM Musiclover

    it sounds like stupid selena gomez

  48. H.I.T Vlog's

    I love this song so much I dance to it : )

  49. Ana_H0ney

    Best song ever!!!!yes!!!

  50. Raquel Chappell

    I love this song!

  51. Abrar Ahmed

    this song gives me life <3

  52. QueenOf NC

    The first verse is so awful and then beginning with the chorus it like turns in to the best song on the album I don't even know how to explain

    Albyn Vargas

    QueenOf NC shut the fuck

    J S.

    QueenOf NC you’re kidding right? The 1st verse was what got me hooked on this song, lol.


    South Africa is where I come from give me my banjo give me my drum 👍

    Monkey Brown

    QueenOf NC Is you brain dead? Her rap at the beginning is 🔥🔥🔥, you are trippin

    Onika Miraj

    You dont have to drag her either thats the best part

  53. MandyAfrica

    South Africa is where I come from....


    Get me my binge and get me my drum...

    Just Cade


    Huwayne Faulkner

    +Cade Del Rey lol

    Kerwyn Alridge

    Trinidad Trinidad is actually my island 🇹🇹 ❤️

  54. nhall19

    i like the song but i feel like lady gaga or some one else should have sung it!

    Samantha Sweeting

    Don't do it racist man, her voice is like an angel.

  55. Jéssica Gomes

    "You're a cheat and a liar but tonight you're everything I desire" 😍❤


    me encanta

  57. Petty By Nature

    This should have been a single. #ThePinkPrintIsComing  

    zoe bloem


  58. Stormy Fixsal

    Song is a very well related song to peoples personal experiences!!

  59. I'm Moonwalker

    One of my favorites songs of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded ! :D

  60. IBeBradleyy

    the beginning <3

  61. Daniel Marquez

    i love this song..

    zoe bloem


  62. Anthony Williams

    this song is popping ;)

  63. Terria Cummings

    love this song

  64. Annika

    dodgy lyrics... they dont make much sense (well not to me anyway)

  65. Gina Howerd

    <3 <3 <3

  66. Gina Howerd

    I love you wicked heart <3

  67. santana cummings

    i HATE THIS SONG!!!! i just wanted to comment that LOL....

    Adrianna Smith

    NOBODY FUCKING CARES! <3 had to comment it :)

    Adrianna Smith

    i wasn't talking to you first of all i was talking to the hater

    Blessing Chikelu

    Then why'd you

  68. Jalen Williasm

    As usual some irrelevant person comes in talking about bitches that Nicki destroys w/o even trying. I don't see any of them on billboard, Forbes list, or anything compared to what Nicki has. Nicki's got the game on lock face it, and she's not even trying. Silly hoes!

  69. javan fontenot

    nicki is my beautiful sinner!!! luv u!!!

  70. flore aya

    sooo on ur side!

  71. Martin Mosweu

    South Africa is where I come from <3

  72. World Music


  73. Dyyenn Love

    i been wait for them to do it cuz they said lil kim can but has been year......wait you going to say azealie bank can slay nicki stop it

  74. Labelle Frannie

    *You Beautiful Sinner, I LOVE your Wicked Heart*

  75. Naomi Medina

    yeah heh~

  76. DamienHurts


    I think you're the one smoking crack, if anyone!

  77. PresidentHypa

    your smoking crack literally

  78. agnes vos

    i love nicki minaj,

  79. Antton Niskanen

    Iggy and Azealia are great, but Nicki is a goddess.

    Aaron Plaza

    Antton Niskanen Iggy and Azalea is just one person


    C. Yona maybe they mean Azelia banks

  80. Polka dots for nicki

    Love this song nicki can sing

  81. DamienHurts

    Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks and Angel Haze? They could all slay Nicki. Much better at rapping than she is.

  82. Martin Mosweu

    South Africa is where I come from

  83. StarAndCloudGaming


  84. Mert Eren Sözeri

    It's super.

  85. Fanny1234ish

    So your saying that it's bad or good?

  86. MindlessMiiMo :D

    Nicki Has A Beautiful Voice! ♥ She Should Sing More.

  87. Robinson Sanchez

    6 Dikslike From Fans Of Lil Kim

  88. Angela Shuford

    love this song

  89. asdfghjklkjhgfdsa67

    I know I didn't mention gaga but I'm saying since you have the word's monster in your name and the picture of gaga as your picture i just wanted to tell you that about gaga, If you didn't mean it to be a mean thing, then why did you have the need to bring that out of the blue??? Hmmmmm, and So does Nicki with both the writing and producing! And I will see if gaga does produce them.

  90. alphared10

    she was just shouting out south africa.