Minaj, Nicki - Autobiography Lyrics

May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic
My voice projected my life reflected

Daddy was a crack fiend 2 in the morning had us running down the block like a track team

[Verse 1:]
When he burnt the house down and my mother was in it
How could I forget it? The pain is infinite
She's my queen and I ain't even British
She's the only reason that I went to school and I finished
She told me that I had talent
Got on her knees and prayed for me when I started being violent
She saw something in me that, 'til this day I don't know if I could be that
But I'm a die trying and when I'm done crying
Grab the iron
And black out like I'm retiring
Nightmares of you killing my mother
The reason that I sleep with my head under the covers
and should've thrown a book at you 'cause I hate you so much that it burn when I look at you

[Chorus: x2]
May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic my voice projected my life reflected

[Verse 2:]
Damn I wanna run to you
Hold you and kiss you tell you how I miss you
Thought I would have a son for you
But now it's officially over and I can't let you go
But I gotta let you know all the shit I did make it feel like I'm dying real slow,
'cause no one understands me they don't know what to do when I'm hurt when I'm angry
You was my friend and my man and my daddy,
You was there when that bitch tried to stab me anything I ever needed knew you had me
'Cause of you all them chicks couldn't stand me
So why I hurt you that's the question
It took this long for me to learn my lesson
'Cause now all I want is peace and get drama
I finally understand the true meaning of karma

[Chorus: x2]
May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic my voice projected my life reflected

Please baby forgive me, mommy was young, mommy was to busy tryna have fun
and now I don't pat myself on the back for sending you back
'cause god knows I was better than that to conceive then leave you the concept alone seems evil I'm trapped in my conscience
I adhere to the nonsense listened to people who told me I wasn't ready for you
But how the fuck would they know what I was ready to do
And of course it wasn't your fault
It's like I feel it in the air, I hear you saying mommy don't cry
can't you see I'm right here I gotta let you know what you mean to me
when I'm sleeping I see you in my dreams with me wish I could touch your little face
or just hold your little hand if it's part of gods plan, maybe we can meet again

[Chorus: x2]
May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic my voice projected my life reflected

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Minaj, Nicki Autobiography Comments
  1. Ant K

    The Queen

  2. Kimani George

    2020 and still gives me the feels🖤

  3. Amanda Michel

    Queen 👑

  4. universo Minaj


  5. Ruben Neevel

    So pure. She is THE QUEEN of rap, coming from a tough place to where she is now. Nothing but respect for this lady!

  6. jazmonia1

    2020 🙇🏽‍♀️

  7. Riyan's world2

    Love u Nikki

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    2020 yess

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    Who listening in 2020?🔥🔥

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    I can't ever stop to listining this music, cause i got an abortion too. And this verse makes me cry every moment i still listining. Nicki i still fuckin' love whole my fuckin' life QUEEN❤

  12. Jerome Jay

    January 2020?

  13. Janay Williams

    This song is so real and real life I’m so happy I kept my son I’m so blessed I love cardi and I love Nicki but this song so real I can’t see my life without my little man


    2020 Nicki always be queen

  15. Jassii Bear

    I love u so much nicki😭💖

  16. Joseph Hernandez

    This song makes me cry so much and all things go like I love this side of onika 💖💖💖

  17. Juicy Santana

    Will ALWAYS be my favorite song by her 💕

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  19. Khoi Maraj

    Happy birthday onika Tanya I’m here to use this song for your birthday tribute

  20. Deaudra Small

    Still bop this in 2019 going on 2020

  21. Dawar Khan

    the third verse made me tear up..i tried to not cry until the 3rd verse came

  22. mikey mike

    Nicki can make good songs if its coming fm the heart but she just got a lot of demons she called out hunting her soul now she cant get them out everything she built is crumbling

  23. Leatitia Mairsx

    In 1:52 was she talking about a boyfriend she cheated on that always had her back 🤔?

  24. Vawn J

    Who is here end of 2k19.

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    Always a nicki fan regardless.... Nuff love❤😘

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    This is deep and my life too.

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    the church parts ruined the song

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    I'm jus finding out about this song 😓 it deep asf

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    man you could hear the pain in her voice all throughout this song 😢

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    first time listening to this song.... I just cried 😭😭 it's so deep...she misses her son

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    I love you queen I felt this your music always moves me;)

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    The Last Part Make Me Miss My Baby. No Abortion. Got Jumped And Lost Mine. I Just Hope Its Part Of God Plans And We Can Meet Again. Mommie Miss You Jayla Marie 😪

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    One of my favorite songs by her, when she was the "old Nicki" .. where is this Nicki at???

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    2:30 this part always kills me inside

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    Nicki I love you

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    I shall always love Nicki. She has been through a lot . I hope that she starts her family soon . !

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    Jaylon Thegoat yes

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    People asking for "old Nicki" to come back have to understand that her older stuff is beautiful to listen to, but was coming from a painful place. We can't ask her to damage her mental to write songs that please some people. Ntm that the GP would say she's trying to get sympathy points when she's being deep

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