Mina - I Want To Be Loved Lyrics

I want to beloved with inspiration
I want to beloved starting tonight
Instead of merely holding conversation
Hold me tight

I want to beloved, I crave affection
Those kisses of your's I gladly share
I want your eyes to shine in my direction
Make me care

I want a can't of romance
That should be strong and equally as tender
I only asked for the chance to know the meaning
The word surrender

I want to be thrilled by only you, dear
I want to be thrilled by your caress
I want to find each dream of mine come true, dear
I want to beloved
I want to beloved
I want to beloved
I want to beloved

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Mina I Want To Be Loved Comments
  1. septian chiieby


  2. Lim X

    9:15 song title please


    TWICE - Melting/TWICE - Ice Cream

  3. Harry Kim

    The only true introvert in the group


    In the end i'm crying.😢😢

  5. lia s

    i really wish i could tell her how proud i am of her, i love her so much, and shes so awesome for dealing with all the anxiety that isnt easy to deal with. shes such a big role model and when i found out that she had been really sad and scared broke my heart into a million pieces. i love you minari!!! onces are proud of you! <3

  6. Sir Syed



    Mina:(im feeling hurt....)



  8. Seokjinayeon

    Im missing my girl more every single day

  9. Arame Wane

    Dahyun at 8:05 “i am Disgusted”

  10. フェルナンドトーレス


  11. Ajbc 28

    I love them all and they all deserve love i hope mina gets well soon❤❤

  12. Mohammad Irfansyah

    #GetWellSoonMina We hope to see your back in action again.

  13. Rene Vic Jumawan

    we miss you minari

  14. Karl Jan Contado

    This is so sad. I also had anxiety disorder and still on medication. I understand the struggle mina. We love you and we will be waiting for your comeback. I know you can do it. You have our love and support. Once and Twice loves you 😚

  15. ImCristobal

    Minari 💕😭
    #GetWellSoonMina 💕😭

  16. WhatA Beaut

    Mina appreciation post💚💚💚💚

  17. Malika Sylfa

    3:28 michaeng moments 😂😎

  18. Kelly Tiffany Fevie Rey

    What happened to Mina?


    It's old news she's fine now but if you actually watched the video 0:34-0:49 it explains what happened to her.

  19. Karl Marvin

    minari n twice..love you..

  20. HyunJae _Park29

    If you want to know ...while i have exam i heard mina unnie had anxiety...i can't do exam peacefully
    Because worried about mina unnie..i hope mina get well soon

  21. Sheikh Sheikh

    Twice so cute ❤️ I like you twice

  22. Minmin 16

    wish Mina for Slowly but surely recovery for Mina especially this present days MIna have another Leg Injury and On the way to japan I wish her to Rest and GetWellSoon my Love Mina my One and Only Penguin.

  23. Alguien :

    What is the song name??


    it's Mina's Melody Project, her cover of the song: Good Person

    Alguien :

    Ryouijin thank you!

  24. AntitheticMe

    I suspect that whatever Mina does, even if she completely messes up on stage or slips and falls,....those who love her won't care at all....and wouldn't love her any less. Looking forward to Mina's full return. <3

  25. sarifah ismail

    I really miss you Mina

  26. ;; xenófoba, como Neo

    Yo no estoy llorando, tú estás llorando. :'u

    Amo a Mina y twice, ojalá se recupere pronto. ❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Tom Akeley

    I love that little Mina so much.. A sweetheart.. Take care of yourself first and lean on your sisters.. They love you as much or more than we do..

  28. Lyn Lovely

    my poor baby, hope she get well soon

  29. Yolanda Esconde

    Mina don 't leave as

  30. joey zapata

    Excellent video.

  31. yando bliss

    Who ever who hates her and attack her make her sick anxiety. Shes looks much better with her family

  32. خرموزه بنت خشيمان

    نبغا ترجمه عربيه 👋😅

  33. La patroɴaت

    What is the song of the beginning?
    I loved :(


    It's Mina's Melody Project, her cover of the song: Good Person

    La patroɴaت

    @Ryouijin And Mina sings it :(

  34. FiTrI GaMiNg

    Love yu twice and yu MINA i hope yu will happy every time 😘😘😘

  35. Selmo Leone

    Gente vamos todos mandar forcas a nossa Linda Mina ela esta fazendo muita falta pro Grupo e pra nos tanbem

  36. JenChu LiChaeng

    She's back everyone

  37. not a BTS fan

    6:58 JYP will always see TWICE as babies 😍💗

  38. Mintwice

    We love you Mina ❤️❤️❤️

  39. TwiTzy StrAy6

    *How dare you make me cry!😢😭*
    This is too much i can't handle it anymore
    Baby Penguin I miss you so much get well soon

  40. Veronica Reyes


    Veronica Reyes

    Omg! Hi

  41. Melvin Dimaculangan

    Mina you are the best

  42. jade tonaki

    This video made me cry! I'm amazed at your work and it really moved me. I know that one day Mina will come back even stronger. I love TWICE so much and I know everyone will agree when I say that Mina is a champion in her anxiety and will overcome it. Minari FIGHTING! <3

  43. Andre Hilmann

    0:25 what the name of the song?


    It's Mina's Melody Project, her cover of the song: Good Person

  44. DayDream Dog

    "you won best coconut cosplay" had me in tears XD

  45. Dini Meristika

    Mina take care we allways support you💙

  46. Nurul Primawati Rifai

    mina ya...fighting 😭😭😭

  47. 23 sep

    Mina at 0:16 is literally Arthur

  48. Johnny J2D3

    You made me cry :'( she's so precious, everything she says or does it's beautifuland everyone misses that of her so much... but taking time to deal with your issues, putting you health before anything else makes her even more PRECIOUS, because she's clear about health being the FIRST priority to someone!! Take all the time you need Mina, we will wait for you <3

  49. Dave Aquino

    it made me cry


    #IJHARTV #GetWellSoonMina Love your Video Ryouijin

  51. Lariesh Felesety

    Mina Unnie , your such a warm Hearted humble Beautiful Person , please rest and be more Strong for your return , hope you will be more Healthy like Chewyah , you missed a lot of Live Performances , Twice is not Complete without you or even without anyone Mina we miss you Saranghae!

  52. Milca Faye

    Your group never leaves you they love you Mina

  53. Milca Faye

    Your my star

  54. Milca Faye

    I love you Mina

  55. Meeea

    Crazy how she did feel special choreo long before it came out at 6:25

  56. My_face- Bien*-culeroxd

    #GetWellSoonMina ❤

  57. repent asap

    Mina God bless akoy mag hihintay sa pagbabalik mo mahal na mahal ka namen pahinga ka lang muna ngayon i love you Mina

  58. alter ego

    Literally crying 😭

  59. Glenda Mae Mejorada

    I couldve seen mina at the philippines cuz im filipino. But i cant cuz im at US, so now i cant see her. Shes recovering😭

  60. Auzidee Imlan

    😭😭😭💔 minariiii i love you.

  61. Ping win

    Everyone love mina

  62. Adrianne Maharaj

    I will wait until the return of somebody special and kind until i see her next comeback and her smiling Once will be happy and so will twice #KeepFightingMina!

  63. Kim Hanseul

    I literally cried😹.

  64. Yannabells

    I love mina so much but am i the only one who feels like Ryouijin is a Filipino once??


    What made you say that? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  65. Danger Gaming

    i cried.

  66. Jerry Phic

    i’m not crying you’re crying *sobs*

  67. ありんこ


  68. Angel Martinez

    Cuando regreses recibirás ese gritos de felicidad por ti mina eso gritos que te perdíste en el tour de norteamerica te lo prometo siempre te estaremos esperando

  69. Muthiah S


  70. Im Nayeon Once


  71. Cynthia Dowling

    You know MINA is already feeling good and is back in korea with her members

  72. Chooong7

    Going home and seeing mina wifey cooking for you would be my end game 😩

  73. virgo canasa

    Let support the whole members of TWICE, no matter what happen

  74. thumai do

    What is the name of the first song? Plss


    It's Mina's Melody Project her cover of the song: Good Person

  75. B1A4LUV

    Mina means a lot to us once’s TT I Hope shes happy and healthy TTwTT

  76. MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

    Jeongyeon updated about Mina at the fansign! She asked Once if they were wondering how Mina was doing. Once said yes and so Jeongyeon said Mina is doing well, and received Onces fanletters, Jeongyeon also said Once should write Mina a lot of letters.
    Momo added that Mina misses Once a lot ❤❤

  77. Justin Sparkes

    What's the title of the song at 0:15 ?? it's always echoing in my head and reminds me of Mina.

    Thank you in advance.

    MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

    It's the song from her Melody Project which is a cover of Good Person by Toy

    Justin Sparkes

    @MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay Thank you heaps homie.

  78. Rv Luv

    When mina cries my heart suddenly got 💔

  79. Rv Luv

    4:00 where can i see the full video of mina n momo :((

  80. spt2710

    I was laughing so much at the beginning I really didn't expect to end up crying T^T Gosh why didnt u give a warning...

  81. Nur Haini

    The last one is make me cry😭

  82. Rạf

    The part when momo and Mina are dancing and the music from pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum music comes on at 3:52 is so funny.

  83. Jenyveble Jenyveb

    mina i miss you and your elegance😢I miss everything about you.

  84. Zenica Manjares

    Minariiii, we missed you and we will wait for you. Fighting!

  85. Aleya Izati Zahari

    What is name first song title?


    Its Mina's Melody Project her cover of the song: Good Person

  86. Ryan Pham

    At 6:16 she spoils feel special

  87. John Lester Velez

    I think that Feel Special era is for Mina. Well, she holds a very special place in ONCE's hearts. 😍😍😍

  88. My94Zone

    I'm so happy JYPE is letting her take all the rest she needs. Please take care of yourself and focus on feeling better Mina💖

  89. Linta Asim

    So who was who hugged mina in the begining and was wearing a dinasour costume



  90. Tzuyu And Taehyung More Like TAETZU

    I hope our penguin will be healthy like always

  91. Arnaldo Shekinah

    What song is the song at the almost at end


    TWICE – Melting (녹아요)

    Arnaldo Shekinah

    Ryouijin hi, i searched it and it wasnt it. i mean the one where mina sang in solo with short and light orange hair part. Thanks!


    @Arnaldo Shekinah Its Mina's Melody Project her cover of the song: Good Person

    Arnaldo Shekinah

    Ryouijin I found it! It's titled She Said That - Toy. Thank you!

  92. Luke Reyes

    MinaIsNever Alone

  93. Rose Balmes

    I miss her :{


    i lmiss her gummy smiles and her air hug :<<<

    Allen Walker

    Smile with eyes,her pretty laugh... O miss too.
    Get well,Minari T_T

  95. longhorns13192

    This is a funny edit .

  96. peachy aquarius

    I end up crying because I miss her so much.


    Filipino mina

  98. Johnlior Labuguen

    Mina 😢😢😄😊😉🎂🎂🎈🎉🎉🎁

  99. Dars Alexandersson

    Wait who TF dislikes a video like this?? Mina is love

  100. Ryouijin

    Wow guys I never knew this video would blow up! This is my 1st TWICE edit so let me know if you guys want more in the future :>
    I just had to express the feelings I had for Mina, both happy that she gets to rest and sad that she'll be gone for awhile :<
    Thanks & I hope you guys enjoyed the edits and compilation overall as well as the heart-wrenching parts. #GetWellSoonMina 💚🐧

    Chou Tzuyu

    @Mudang Ayu you are like TT, just like TT?

    virgo canasa

    Please like my comment

    Wan Kyrol Abbas

    It felt sincerely in your video.. that's why it'd goes blown away thanks for video

    Agnes Ballesteros

    I didn’t really blow up

    RG Gargar

    Are you a filipino Ryouijin?