Mina - Cry Lyrics

If your sweetheart
Sends a letter of goodbye
It's not secret
You'll feel better
If you cry
When waking
From a bad dream
Don't you sometimes think it's real?
But it's only false emotions
That you feel

If your heartache
Seems to hang around too long
And your blues keep getting bluer
Getting bluer with each song
You must, you must remember
Sunshine can be found behind a cloudy sky
So, let your hair down, and go on and cry

If your heartache
Seems to hang around too long
And your blues keep getting bluer
Getting bluer with each song
You must, you must remember
Sunshine can be found behind a cloudy sky
So, let your hair down, and go on and cry

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Mina Cry Comments
  1. Lester chuah

    Mina please don't leave twice r the best in twice 😢

  2. Omes Ilham

    Hope mina comeback together

  3. Briseis Gatlabayan

    Why mina cry

  4. Chae Bae

    It’s 2 am and I’m sobbing 😭 cause I swear I miss her like crazy

  5. Solarie

    *that photographer in the back getting emotional is a mood*

  6. gemma marisa

    the way nayeon doesn’t let go of mina’s hand 🥺🥺🥺

  7. Annisa Lesmana

    Dahyun please


    All of members are a peace of my heart, if one is missing I'm not complete... Love you, Mina♥ Take the time you need, I will wait forever!

  9. Vera Romano

    Mina we love you so much, some once may be living in a country far away from Korea or Japan but I hope you will be receiving and felt all our support and care for you. 😭

  10. Ry Onn

    they are so cute with each other

  11. alegnA Angela

    Im crying even with no sound

  12. shaymin gracidea

    Im died of laughing for dahyun

  13. Vi .A

    I still cry every time I see this. Mina was trying so hard to hold it in, but when they start hugging she just lets it go 🥺

  14. Ruatsangi Hmar

    please Anyone can tell why mina can't performed

  15. Michell Baez

    Yo the cameraman tho😞 I want to hug him

  16. V kim

    I truly wish the best for mina. i hope she can make full recovery

  17. Mazikeen

    Literally that short interaction with jihyo and Nayeon asking if Mina was okay/or wanted to say something got me ugly crying immediately. You can feel all of their emotions radiating off of the screen. Mina’s anxiety, her relief and awe at the crowd, as well as at her members, AND the support all of them gave. Is this a movie, pass me the damn tissue box. (Too real for me)

  18. ronin117

    Love you Mina I hope you come back soon when you're ready and I hope this is a wake-up call the K-pop industry about mental health we lost too many good K-pop stars in 2019

  19. Eryna Rizal

    What is going on

    Harold Laarwood

    Eryna Rizal

    Mina has returned.

  20. mint yoongi

    What were they chanting?

    stan TWICE

    mint yoongi 사랑해 (saranghae) = i love you

  21. Sight Field

    My emotion being stabilized by dahyun costume and mina's tears...

  22. Maricle Redpav

    LOVE U MINAAAAAAA Onces got yo back f*ck all the haters, take all the time you have to, every Twice members are precious but you're the one that need truly some rest take care bb we love u so much

  23. Karina Wahyu

    i also wanna cry. speechles

  24. Min Yumiee Covers

    I cry....

    I'll wait for her this year..😞💕

    iLord Wad

    Cute ¡! Your word💔 make me wanna cry😢 we all wait her... i feel you😔

  25. bbueno2009

    Everyone: 😢
    Dahyun: *appears on camera*
    Everyone: 🤣

  26. yohan can kick me and i will say thank you

    when mina said “once..” i’m crying

  27. Yoga Chandra Darmojo

    Semangat mina

  28. Jose Gilbert Olis

    We must protect Minaaaa 💖🐧

  29. Pc Rohlua

    i misss you mina

  30. Lovely Rafael

    Mina take your time resting. We will always wait for you. Your health should come first. We love you, please take care of yourself🥰💕

  31. Life less

    I miss her sooooo much 😭

  32. Jasmin Gonzalez

    Ok dahyun looks HILARIOUS so when mina started to cry I was sad but when dahyun came to hug her I went STOOPID


    Same here. Idk if i'll cry or laugh

  33. Jessica Fonseca

    this is emotional in so many levels, seriously. You can actually feel and see how much the girls love Minari so much, and just watch how patient Jihyo is and how protective Nayeon is. They're proud of their baby penguin and i feel blessed to know that Mina has such a loving family (twice)

  34. minari fanboy

    We love you Mina get well soon please .saraghni ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👸👸👸

  35. Blas Solina

    Okay.. what is happening?

  36. ReVElUv?

    9 as 1 💚

  37. Y.jy.

    You know, all i want is too see mina fully recovered, i miss her... That all i wanted

  38. Shagii Princess

    She deserves it👏🏾☺️

  39. its IU

    Is she coming back or shes leaving?

    Catsmile-Scarlet Drawlove


  40. Miss Miss

    Mina where have you been i was
    worried after the mv feel special

  41. Im Nayeon

    Even the photographer is crying...

  42. Gulya Swift

    Must hug her 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  43. crystal kim isip

    I think the photographer at the back is getting emotional

  44. Alan Nguyen

    Pls dont cry my dear penguin - be shine

  45. nightmare deep


  46. snsdtwinkle

    Shit I’m not a Once but I saw Sixteen as it was airing and saw how Twice was formed. I was there for their debut and in a sense I have a soft spot for them even though I’m not part of the fandom. Seeing this made me cry because even if I’m not a hardcore fan I could sympathize with the girls and the fans. Mina I hope you get better and whatever path you choose, that it’s with the intent of you being and feeling sincerely happy. Once, be strong! You’re all amazing and mad respect for supporting Mina and all the girls through thick and thin!

  47. Lock Heart009

    Nayeon and Jihyo thankyou for taking care of my one in only cutest penguin in the world 😇

  48. Failed Aniki

    how can I be sad when I saw Nayeon touched Mina's butt

    Failed Aniki

    just kidding.. comeback soon Mina 🥺

  49. Yousef Hebshi

    Why were they crying

  50. Eliezer Logronio

    I love you Minari 🐧. I know that you will be fine real soon.Take all the time you need to fully recover. I really stanned the right group..I mean,I stanned a family. I love TWICE forever.

  51. Tahin Ahmed

    What happened?? Can anybody please explain??

    Cup of *Tae* with *Suga* and a *Kookie*

    @Tahin Ahmed She still recovering but she has participated in a few concerts since then. Since her attacks happen randomly she will only participate in certain activities. But I think she's set to comeback completely in February or March.

    Tahin Ahmed

    @Cup of *Tae* with *Suga* and a *Kookie* I think she wasn’t in MAMA. Was she??

    Cup of *Tae* with *Suga* and a *Kookie*

    @Tahin Ahmed No she wasn't that's to big of a stage for her probably. It might cause one of her attacks.

    Tahin Ahmed

    @Cup of *Tae* with *Suga* and a *Kookie* Thank you so much for your generosity 💙💙

    Cup of *Tae* with *Suga* and a *Kookie*

    @Tahin Ahmed No problem at all!💖💖

  52. Anne Ree

    She just have an anxiety , it can't kill her anyway so stop crying guys .. 😚

    Cami Balmaceda

    What can not kill? Severe anxiety can lead to depression, and that can kill. So, if you don't know the subject, don't talk, thanks.

  53. B B

    Who is that girl with maid costum in the end? She just cassually touch Mina and Sana?

  54. BYS -__

    MDS ela olhando pra jihyo e nayeon com vontade de chorar me fez chorar 😭

  55. Wandering Heather

    When you hear once screaming BORAHAE in the background... 😭😭😭😭😭

  56. Victor Rúben

    Please Mina don't give up... Please Feel the real love from the fans. Don't listen that cruel world please... You make me feel Special please

  57. Kpop wonders Chou Tzuyu

    Imagine you’re crying and suddenly Dahyun appears in front of you to comfort you and hug you lol

  58. Jerist Toquero

    Mina is back or not

    M - Stars

    Jerist Toquero not

  59. Editha Katindig

    MiNayeon lovesick ❤

  60. Claudia Sophia Vasquez

    I love you mina

  61. Clark Scop

    a video without any dislike, damn everyone loves mina for sure

  62. RIØT • CARDI 0

    Jihyo- cry a little bit
    Mina: once thank you
    Jihyo- burst into tears

    🥺🥺omg can u not see how cute she is(jihyo)
    and she so cute dress up as Miguel

  63. RIØT • CARDI 0

    Omg our leader is crying so much because she cares about the member

  64. Ricky V Pasaribu

    saya dari indonesia
    buat mina
    yang semangat ya
    kamu yang terbaik dari yang terbaik
    love you mina

  65. wdxyzzle

    The cameraman in the back is me

  66. BtSkz mYtae

    That camera man makes me cry..😢

  67. Criscelle Ocampo

    Me: I'm fine, I won't cry cuz I've seen this so many times.
    Also me: I'm not crying, you are 😭😭

  68. human error

    I want to feel sad too but dahyun costume is funny 😂

  69. Bloom Fire

    Omo my hearteu!!! Nayeon and Jihyo were so proud of Mina that they started crying right away when she said "Once..." All the members are proud of her and i am also proud. May God give you as much rest as you meed Minari❤️

  70. Veronica Lim

    Finally mina was back. I 'M SO happy

    Jerist Toquero

    Veronica Lim she’s back or no

  71. Veronica Lim

    I want Mina come back and dance all songs😭😭😭


    Me too but i want her to get better first so she could feel special while doing it

  72. Once Doobie

    its ok cameraman we feel you its 4 am right now and IM cryin 🤧🤧

  73. Jade Lopez Murillo

    I want her back. I want her dancing to Feel Special. I'll wait Mina unnie.

  74. Jessica Mayara

    Gente quando ela fala once eu já começo a chora 😭 minha bebê

  75. Adit Culung

    Im crying

  76. ImSoGayForSonChaeyoung _ARMY

    No one:
    Literally no one:

    Me at 3 am: *silently sobbing*

  77. Wanderlustin

    She doesn’t look happy at all. I hope she gets better soon! Lord help her 🤞🏽😪💜

    Sofia Fondo

    Wanderlustin yepp, I think so. It’s not easy get better of all :(

    Pau Basurto

    She obviously is still recovering but of course she was happy to be with her memebers is just that mYbe she felt overwhelmed for everything and It's ok. At the same time it was her chpice to be with them

    I am Phantom YT

    u can see that she lose weight. having an anxiety is also having an eating disorder. i hope mina gets better and better everyday

    Pau Basurto

    @I am Phantom YT Yo i am not saying she is 100 percent fine I am just saying at that moment being there with her memebers she was happy. Because anxiety can't be dealt alone by yourself you need to surround yourself with people who support and love you like her memebers and family. In terms of weight I do not know since I do not know twice as well as once. However, let's support her and send her love and support from wherever we are

    Pingu Mina

    actually she cried because she was so thankful to once. recently she said this was the most memorable moment in her career and hearing onces' cheers made her so happy

  78. artisme1097

    Me crying of emotion. Twice, hug me

    Also sanas butt

  79. Valentino Gomez

    Bro I’m in tears 😭😭

  80. Cheese Doggy12

    2:33 Omg Momo wearing a shades xD

    Jun's Jawline

    She looks so thug

  81. Cheese Doggy12

    I forgot who's Tzuyu is she is Maleficient?

    KayAnKi 1o1

    Cheese Doggy12 Yeah, she is

    Cheese Doggy12

    @KayAnKi 1o1 okie

  82. Jela Santos

    May she continue to recover! Nayeon unnie so touching

  83. shiro neko

    Omg the atmosphere makes cameramen in the behind cry too 😭😭

    Neo Singh

    He's showing more tears than any fan

  84. Minh Ngọc

    Can you write English subtites because I don't undestand Korean

  85. donuts production

    "omg im crying"
    **suddenly dahyun appears**

    Jelly Tae

    What costume?

    loveble W1

    "Omg im crying"
    *Suddenly your coment appears*



    @Jelly Tae genie

    Miss Miss

    Dahyun is a bald ho and your
    comment apper Ahhhhhhh
    Hhh 😂😂😂😂😂

    Penguin Minari

    Jelly Tae genie lol

  86. Lintang Agia pratiwi

    Takut gitu kalau mina keluar dari twice:') semoga jangan, tetep bertahan di twice

    Budak Panda Gamer

    Lintang Agia pratiwi Kamu tidak perlubrisau tentang itu kerana JYP sudah menyatakan bahawa Mina tidak akan keluar dari group twice.Twice tidak akan lengkap tanpa Mina🤗

    ruby lai

    Lintang Agia pratiwi apa yg terjadi kepada mina??

    Dark ring

    @Budak Panda Gamer apapun bisa terjadi jika takdir udh ditntukan

    Shelina Nur

    @ruby lai kena anxiaty disorder. Semacam kecemasan berlebihan. Jadi dia cuti dulu

  87. Ji Yeon

    i love MINA

  88. Mochidaily's