Milsap, Ronnie - Why Lyrics

My heart is alive with the love that I feel for you babe
Now you wanna leave it behind
You don't realize that my love it is real for you babe
We could have a love so fine

Oh now you're leavin' me cold like a sinkin' sun across the sky
One thing before you go, I just thought that I
Would try and ask you why? Ohhh

I gave you my heart and my love now you're watching my soul
Ahh but it just can't be, no
You come and tell me today that your love has grown cold
Ahh this I can't believe

Oh now you're leavin' me cold like a sinkin' sun across the sky
One thing before you go, I just thought that I
Would try and ask you why?

Oh now you're leavin' me cold like a sinkin' sun across the sky
One thing before you go, I just thought that I
Would try and ask you why?

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Milsap, Ronnie Why Comments
  1. Susie Brookman

    2020 still listening to the music my Grandma played everyday


    Great song, despite being a stalkers handbook

  3. Xie Zhihao

    I’m from China 🇨🇳. Upon listening this tune, I fall in love with it. I would like to hear more =_=

  4. Reno Sales

    Great music. Never gets old. Thank you, God bless.

  5. SDS 4Life

    "LIKE" If you think this song is very similar to James Taylor "Handy man" from the 70's!🤣

  6. Gabriel White

    Damn this is old Vegas. It's nice to see it again

  7. FairyPloter LunarCot

    I love this song.

  8. SDS 4Life

    I was only 11 years old in 1981 when i first heard this song, it was either in Orlando Fl or Miami. I remember loving the song.

  9. William Mitchell

    Am I the only one who thinks him and the singer from "Alabama" sound very similar?

  10. Charlene Nixon

    Nope guess not!!!! Special song

  11. equelizar lee

    Awesome song that last thru' the years. Thank you !Ronnie Milsap

  12. Flaykes Music

    My favorite artiste ttps://

  13. Carrie Thrash

    I love Ronnie Milsap

  14. gcjbhar

    I have a story that I'm sure no one would believe but can back up everything I say!!! I was 18 and In June of 1988 my Grandfather, Pastor Ronald Holland died. Of course I went to his funeral and was even one of his pall bearers. After the funeral or wake as it is called in the south, we were at a reception and I noticed a blind man sitting at a picnic table and decided to talk to him. I was 18 and had never listened to country music in my life. It just wasn't my thing at the time. i introduced myself ,Greg Hardin, and asked him how he was. He said fine and asked me how I was related to Pastor Holland. I told him he was my Grandfather on my mothers side. He just smiled and said "boy I could tell you some stories" and laughed out loud! He then proceeded to tell me how he was named after my Grandfather and that my Grandmother, Bessie Holland drove 4 hours one night to pick him up from school when he was slapped by a resident advisor of a school he was attending. He stayed with my grandparents for almost a week because he was terribly afraid to call his grandmother to let her know he had left school. We talked for more than an hour and he told me things about my Grandparents I never knew. I got up and walked away after some time and my mother stopped me and asked me what we talked about. I told her about his stories and she just chuckled. Then she said "You do know who that is don't you?" I said no who is he? She replied "that's Ronnie Milsap" I said who is that? She just laughed and walked away!

  15. tinfoilhatter

    what a sweetly wicked little tune, which must've inspired sting's 'every breath you take',
    it can be seen as innocently a sincere love song, or something much more...complicated, haha!

  16. Faith Engle

    I miss Ronnie Milsap! Just one of a kind. ♥️💋💯

  17. carolyn gordin

    teach jimmy and sasse band member the better points of mowing

  18. Bonnie Mcneil


  19. Larry Cree

    Seen Ronnie a few years back in belcourt ND. Man, what a class act! From the opening song 2 the last, he had the place rocking! What a singer. This is why eye love country music!

  20. Lash LaRue

    You just gotta love those aviators and the sequins. Total badass.

  21. Preston Barnes

    Awesome song!

  22. Turok Makto


  23. Debbie Trebotich

    Saw him in person. Sad, still love him.

  24. Robert Cone

    Thank you Christine...

  25. Joshua Brooks

    I find it funny that this is considered a breakup song, but if one was to listen to the undertone of this song's lyrics, you'll find it's a song about what stalkers do to women who wronged them. It's a classic nonetheless.

  26. C W

    Now this is real music that I grew up with..Nothing like the crap that they have today.

  27. Robert Sturtz

    35 years noy I have listen to more

  28. Iris Elizabeth

    I made my self w ,momas ingrédients.

  29. Iris Elizabeth

    Im white native ùsa citizen american made, irise

  30. Brian Swinson

    his singing is god like

  31. Barbara Davis

    Ronnie milsap is one of the all time greatest love you Ronnie

  32. Phil Cherry


  33. Andrew Burnes

    Starts at 0:27

  34. Name Jason

    He is a TALENTED artist,I am so glad that I lived in a generation that I could experience such powerful spiritual inspiring music ❤️,also Conway Twitty,Kenny Rodgers, true classic country.😍✊

  35. carolyn gordin


  36. Josh Jacobs

    I was high back then

  37. Karl Pursch

    Man this is the Las Vegas I remember...

  38. Jan Ashley

    I finally got the pleasure of seeing him in late mom use to jam his tunes....and made me cry hearing perform of things I had to do on my list!!!! Woo hoo was awesome thanks Mr. MILSAP

  39. carolyn gordin


  40. Maddening Tv 2.0

    Ronnie Milsap is my cousin

  41. C Lopez

    Just a country music artist dipping his finger in the soft rock contemporary of his day. Love it!

  42. TrypnByleez

    Been revisiting my childhood country stuff lately & am so pleasantly surprised to rediscover Ronnie's music. It still sounds so good!!! Going through his catalog & loving every song I find! ❤🎵

  43. Che Guevara

    Not crazy about country music but love Ronnie's music.

  44. John Luera

    This is so compressed and the intro got butchered be vevo

  45. Solarnaut Earthonaut Francis

    COSMIC EVOLUTION - there's NO GETTIN' OVER ME ..., Thank YOU, COSMIC EVOLUTION for your omnipresence ... NO ONE CAN WALK OUT ON YOU ... SWEET COSMIC EVOLUTION INDEED, Solarnaut and Earthonaut Francis, Y19-D218 seenCALENDAR

  46. beek beeker

    He is a music genius and ill always love his songs and his voice...thank you ronnie.

  47. George MiLo

    Fuck is going on with the intro riff?

  48. Butch C

    Love the custom intro.

  49. Alden R. Davis

    Ronnie Milsap is the Stevie Wonder of Country music 🎶❤️✨

  50. L Schweigman

    Yep what class and get to see his class act in August.

  51. thomas gordin

    a dog with rabbies is NOT TRANS

  52. C W

    Darlin There Ain't No Getting Over Me..

  53. Douglas Mclean

    Sounds like a marriage to me.

  54. thomas gordin

    draining the swamp yeah utica

  55. Sweet Pea

    Ronnie, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder all have these amazing smiles.

    Paula Croy

    Tracey Swanson amen

  56. thomas gordin

    all your shit is returned to sender spoon

  57. risefm

    A straight banger from Ron Ron

  58. Din Noor

    Never been to his concert. I was introduced to this song way back in 1981, when i first step my foot in Knoxville Tennessee, to study forestry at UT.

    John Smith

    Glad you have been to Knoxville. Good Town for it's size. Good school. Both my parents got a degree there. I was born there.  Ronnie  Milsap  grew up less than 100 miles from there. His growing up story is a sad one, but he made it in spite of what happened.  Your" believe it or not"  tip for the week is : Those mountains you see in the back ground at Knoxville, are the oldest mountains in the world-- really. The Appalachians . We didn't know that when I grew up there. One way they know, is they are very worn down mountains, without jagged peaks, like other mountains have.

  59. Miss Jesterhat

    We all wish we weren't erasable v.v

  60. bill fussell

    4/20/2019 love the sax. Classic Milsap, get to steeping!

    Len Thyr

    I agree

  61. roy john

    I just love this guy I know im old but shit this makes me feel good so get over it peace bother

  62. Speed Racer

    That video of Las Vegas is the old Vegas . Great song , this guy has so many hits .

  63. merrie7070

    i would never get over him. my first love ❤️ lol

  64. zones2surf

    Man, I miss the early '80s, when country musicians and country music had such crossover appeal and was just awesome!!

    Ronnie Milsap, Eddie Rabbit, Juice Newton, Kenny (of course), Alabama, Waylon, Willie, CDB, MTB... and let's not forget Jerry Reed!!

    Loved this tune so much!!

  65. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love this Song by a Beautiful Ronnie 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  66. Denise Tindall

    i like Ronnie Millsap music ❤

  67. richiebear1969

    Condolences to the Milsap family.

    Thomas Coburn

    Who died

  68. George Hammond

    How the heck can anyone give this classic tune a thumbs down?

    The Last Raccoon

    Don;t have a clue.

  69. Chickens always Disco ball

    0:34 is when or where he starts to sing

  70. Joyce Mashburn

    Be Still my Heart. Just awesome. Love Ronnie Milsap. Best ever! Thank you for entertaining us.

  71. Rob Krasinski

    Is he as blind as Stevie Wonder? No vision at all? In 1981 our US president was Ronnie, too. Ronald Reagan.

  72. Colldan09

    Classic song! Don't hear music like this anymore!

  73. Tom Summers

    Ronnie Milsap & Lacy J Dalton live outdoors at the Irvine Meadows 1979, cowboy hats and a 66 VW bus. Great memories : )

  74. richiebear1969

    When country music was listenable in the 80's, the 90's went downhill.

    Rob Krasinski

    Yeah, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill can stick it where the sun don't shine.

  75. Mickey Thompson

    The most powerful voice I have ever had the privilege to be in vicinity of! Huge fan from NOLA

    Jason Tucker

    Huge fan here born in Texas and I been back with my Louisiana side of the family since I was 10 I was listening to Ronnie way before I left texas

  76. Julesy Medlin

    I'll be the smile when there's noone around...

  77. Rajindyhhchhyggthjfhgigidmdjakeuhdsjgyder Atwal

    I like to thank Mr Clint Eastwood for introducing me to the music of a icon I never knew before thanks very much Sir

  78. SixHeart Home

    This was recorded three years before I was born. Love it!!
    It's timeless. Like me. Lol, just kidding....


    Ronnie is a fantastic singer

    Paula Croy

    MrWierchawsky amen

  79. Paulboy Rocks

    This song reminds me of when I was a kid, I'd come home from school, and my mom would be cleaning the house, or cooking. And she'd be listening to her album's, playing her music real loud. I remember alway's hearing this song playing all the time. Wow, brings back soo many memorie's for me.

    Yogihellkat HellKats Midwest MC

    Paulboy Rocks my mom did the same now when I clean house I blast it.

  80. Chris Spearline

    Love this shit

  81. M Mcintyre

    I remember playing this in the 1980's and my neighbors where like my man's woman must have just left him....and this was big on black radio during that time.

  82. Rod Gow

    Patch singing this to Bobby lmao

  83. Rod Gow

    This song is way off. Something just sounds out of whack

    Liam Laffan

    Its just that you either have an ear for music or you don't.

  84. betatalk357

    A man in Tempe, Arizona played this song in the background while recording a suicidal message for his wife on his answering machine in the 1980's.  It was on a Rescue 911 episode.

  85. Robert Valley Jr

    The Greatest Blind Man

  86. Gerald Jaramillo

    I adore this man and his music.

  87. Sharon Carroll

    One of his best songs !

  88. Bruiser Dave

    A true true talented singer. Not fake like Taylor Swift.

  89. Vincent Whitley

    That velvet barritone is sweeter than Tupelo Honey.

  90. Sherman Blake

    - This Song always reminds me of you Pops❤💯

  91. anıl erden

    very nice song

  92. KKBundy12345

    1:14 right there he got you

  93. HardHittn

    I'm born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada and I love the opening scene that shows the old Vegas before they knocked everything down and built the huge monstrosities that exhist today. All of the up and coming pro boxing matches were held where he is performing.

  94. norman yashim

    My kind of music.

  95. Claudio Labeli

    Love this song!

  96. Edward Lavin

    My father loved Ronnie Milsap