Milsap, Ronnie - Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) Lyrics

You make my eyes run over all the time
You're happy when I'm out of my mind
You don't love me but you won't let me be
Don't you ever get tired of hurting me?

You must think I look bad with a smile
For you haven't let me wear one in such a long, long while
Still I keep coming back, how can this be
Don't you ever get tired of hurting me?

You must think I look bad with a smile
For you haven't let me wear one in such a long, long while
Still I keep coming back, how can this be
Don't you ever get tired of hurting me?

Don't you ever get tired of hurting me?

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Milsap, Ronnie Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) Comments
  1. Kelly Holloran

    Whats that called sexual discrimination!?? I digress

  2. Berit Samuelsson


  3. Brenda Seager

    He was a great singer. One of my old time favourites.

  4. Joan Lively

    Play Jim Reeves where do I go from here

  5. Laurie Raymond

    Now that's ,real classic,I say!

  6. Barbara Davis

    I love listening to Ronnie he is the best love you Ronnie happy birthday

  7. Debbie Cottrell

    This man can sing :)

  8. Harv Arquette

    Now that's country music..beautiful

  9. Kelly Holloran

    I love this man

  10. Leanne Gray

    No you never get tired of hurting me

  11. Barbara Manning

    I had a husband who made me feel that way

  12. Maria Rodriguez

    Love this singer and country music . Dancung to it slowly

  13. steven walker

    classic ronnie sure knows how to sing em

  14. Delma Hoover

    Love his saying and he is a great singer have all of his songs on a CD

  15. greg romero

    just fabulous.

  16. Rolando Sanchez

    Ramos you did super good. 💯👍🏼

  17. Jacques de LaFete deLa Hathcoat deLa Fleet. Marines

    When we were running a free clinic for underprivileged children and mothers we would open the clinic doors and everybody had to dance before they were admitted. And after getting vaccinated the children all were given a hot breakfast.

  18. Larry Savage

    Hard to beat this music

  19. greg romero

    really good . really country. wake up america.

  20. Dottie Mosier

    Great Song Great Voice

  21. James Brown

    I sure miss true Country & Country Music those Lovely ballads!! I am still in the 70's & 80's 90's!!!

  22. Rebecca Murphy

    I dedicate this song to all my ex's



  23. Romavilla Miguel

    Nice song ..I love it..expresses all I went throughout my entire love ❤️..😢😭😭

  24. R j

    Aww sing it Ronnie

  25. Jackie Grant

    Doesn't look like he's singing! He lips don't match words!

  26. Shawn N

    True talent! I miss those days when Country Music was heartfelt and real. Nashville is so off course. Once in awhile you will hear a new artist that has that “something special “ it is very rare today. Ronnie is a Class Act. I also favor him cause he is from North Carolina just like Luke Combs, Randy Travis, Scotty Mcreery and a dozen or so Bluegrass and Gospel groups.

  27. Nanc Geist

    There's a lot of truth in this song!!!!!

  28. John Mutch

    I thimk most of us feel an association to this record but at 67 years of age I just love it XXX

  29. judy davidson

    Now this is country music not like today's,,,

  30. Marilyn Courtney

    Love ronnie

  31. MrWeedpatch

    I could listen to Ronnie Milsap sing all nite long for a week...what a voice...

  32. Gordon Pelletier

    what a voice, been out the picture but he belongs on country family reunion if he is still alive what a legend

  33. George Swift

    Man, that fiddle can chill you! Ronnie is a gem!

  34. Barren Fields

    that piano playing made me smile! and as a pianist, I rarely smile to other pianists technique and feel!

  35. james youngblood

    Ronnie does a great job on a Ray Price classic! :)

  36. sandie adkins

    Love his voice, always have# classic country 2019

    Will Stafford

    Sandie Ma'am have checked out a music video of his called the most obscure song of Ronnie Milsap if you haven't do so you won't regret it. Take care.

  37. Sergio Angilella

    For sing this song only Ronnie is number one....Godd bless you

  38. Vicki Murray

    Met him at the light house what a joy of course it was the light house for the blind so who knows

  39. Vivien Schipplock


  40. Debra Singleton

    Love him

    Lloyd Revis

    Ronnie does it well but Ray Price is the best

  41. Diana Hayse

    Oh no baby you better turn that mirror around and look long and hard. I loved you and showed it. You did the hurting....not me!!!! Now remember you spit on God's gift to you!!!!

  42. Naomi Moore


  43. layla mocslir

    Says it all in my life

  44. ian moore

    love it

  45. Judy Bryant

    I love the old songs. It’s nice laying here and hearing these songs and brings back memories.

  46. Sharon Bouchard

    That is a beautiful song . I love this kind of music.The old country is great. Keep it going.

  47. Steve Mason

    Ronnie owns this song what a great job. I Love this song and this song is my life. My brother Kevin found this song and played it for me he said it fit my life. Thanks Kevin I love and miss you

  48. Craig Parker

    I never get tired of listening to Ronnie. This is what country is. Not this garbage they're pushing out now.

  49. Nita Reynolds

    I have to say he's the man! I love his music ❤️💙💙

  50. Dave F

    Right on !!

  51. Virginia Metternick

    Love it

  52. Sergio Angilella

    Beautiful voice ad greit performance

  53. Patricia Hartless

    Don't you ever get tired of hurting me. Some people is like this. They don't Love You. But they don't want to let go. They're scared to be by their self. But they don't want nobody else to have you either. The miserable in their life. So they want your life to be miserable to. Thank you Ronnie Milsap.

    Jackie McClure

    Patricia Hartless ur right some people this way unfortunately

  54. Beck Patrick

    This is lovely folks love from suriname

  55. Donna Everett

    Classic country! Love it

  56. Shai Kharkongor

    The way he punctuated the words, the way he crooned each line make the song more sentimental then it should be. Great singer.👍

  57. Patsy Trejo Vasquez

    Turn it up my dears!
    Oh my, that violin puts allot of feeling into this beautiful song with Ronnie Milsap, oh yeah!!
    Hoping to go too his concert in September, most definitely !!
    Cheers my dears, with Tennessee Whiskey!!

    Will Stafford

    Patsy hope you enjoy that concert that man is in many opinions a amazing country music legend. 😎🖒

  58. Rickey Engle

    did you no,,pay back,,,HELL

  59. Beck Patrick

    This is a lovely song,realize and understand

  60. Ina Goldman

    The best performance of this song and yes he can sing. The waves in his voice.

  61. Donald McIntoshDonaldmcintosh39

    I like Mo Pitneys cover of this Also Mel Street.


    also noteworthy Eddie Asher

  62. Howard Weise

    This is country, not the pap they pass off as country nowadays.

  63. Joey Sinclair

    Don't ya

  64. jerry rolen

    Great one. Good ol North Carolina boy. Love all his music

  65. Michael Vartoft

    Better then the record album, specially the guitar, and Ronnie sings more in a hard way.

  66. Mollena Getawan

    Love it 😘

  67. Shannon Burns

    Even studio dubbed, this a rendition of this classic that should played for every and I use this term loosely, want to be singers, compare how you sing to this. I understand there is no comparrison. But at least let us have our laugh of the day playing your version after a master vocalist and showman whose level you newbies will never attain.

  68. Karen Farre;ll

    Michael Hawkins of independence I'm not allowed to see my family,cant smile your lies and games keep me on a roller coaster you cant just have one woman but yet ya cant satisfy the one you have at home

  69. Shannon Burns

    Cochran and Howard. Ronald Milsap just knocked this way over the fence. Live, no bullspit auto correction, autotune, auto anything. This is what happens when professional talent just oozes from your pores. Wonder why not a one of the so called boi wonders of Trashville don't try this live on The Opry just like this so we can, how do I put this compare the two🤣

  70. Conner Lofty


  71. MrWeedpatch

    Country music sure has died since the likes of guys Ronnie, Gary Stewart, Waylon, Merle, Eddie Raven. etc etc absolutely disgusting the shit they play on country radio today and that includes of.the only good stations left is the legends down in Houston Tx 97.1

    Nedra Bradley

    You're so right.


    @Nedra Bradley thanks for the thumbs up....just had to get it off my chest..

    Nedra Bradley

    @MrWeedpatch I don't listen to the new crap. Too much good music on YouTube

  72. Donald McIntoshDonaldmcintosh39

    Mo Pitney does a good job with this song. Thanks Ronnie!

  73. Roger Bowen

    Ronnis milsap was such a great performer thank you Ronnie

  74. Wanda Alvarez

    The one and only Ronnie Milsap my favorite if all his songs

  75. 72olds350z

    He definitely knows how to put emotion in a song

  76. Don Ayers

    You must think I look bad with a smile !

  77. Eugene Horner

    One of the best country singers ever.

  78. Ruthann Willie

    Classic.." it

  79. Sandra Miller

    He's got a good voice.

  80. Dorajean Bear


  81. Renee Sullivan

    Love this Song, Love Ronnie

  82. Wanda Alvarez

    No one does this song better than Ronnie Milsap

  83. Caramore

    Reminds me so much of Farewell Party by Gene Watson...

  84. Jay Buzz

    I saw Ronnie at the Missouri State fair in 1977 he told a storu how he would get up from piano while playing a gig and. Walk around while he sang. Until one night he said he got to close to edge of stage and fell from the stage... He said he hit his head on something and said it made me see stars... First time I've seen anything in 30yrs he sald it was very funny how he was able to laugh at his boo boo...we all could take a lesson at not taking things too seriously, and learn to laugh more... Laughter does good like a medicine...espcially these days!!!

  85. Lorraine Crouchet

    Sung with great emotion ! Love it !

  86. Bruce Young

    The 149 idiot's who didn't like this performance have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what real country music is.

  87. daanmi148

    Love this and Mo Pitney does a good job too.

  88. imagrandpa

    The best version IMO...
    Gene Watson had nearly as good.

  89. julie brtek

    Wow this song still one greatest hits song like back then use listen on radio stations. One my favorite music artist. And talented singer and songwriter. Thank You for share this video clip. 100000000000%. Always enjoy his classic hits albums though years.

  90. Erland Wolvekamp


  91. Sandra Miller

    Ronnie milsap has a great country voice we need alot more singers like him a Elvis Presley. I loved Elvis Presley country a Gosple songs he was a very Emotional a great singer. Ronnie milsap great to.

  92. L H

    Don't you ever get tired of hurting me...🎶🎸 dang....this brings me back to the honky tonks around town,...ugh....

  93. Sharon Black

    This is just an awesome song!! What a great guy and voice!!!

  94. Linda Martin

    Beautiful SongThank You💗💞💝💓💖❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  95. Richard Loveall

    Best version of this song, hands down!

  96. Duane Holmes

    A hurting kind of a love/ hate song.

  97. Airini Hepi

    What an awesome song sang by the best.
    So much feeling goes into these lyrics 👍👍👍
    From New Zealand 🇳🇿

  98. Del Fergueson

    If you have an ear then here

  99. Helen Mcgraw

    Love his voice