milo - the young man has a point (nurture) Lyrics

One, two, in the place to do (P-pop!)
Here we go

[Youngman & milo:]
I regret to inform you of your imminent demise
Men put your phones down, look your women in the eye
Understand, let go your old plans (doo-doo)
Children hold hands, your new role demands that if you
Gotta lick a shot (bbrrrrr), then aim for 6 o'clock
At least put it 22 when it jumps and hits the spot (d-ddooo)
Sigh... An idiot could do it
Nice life. Be a shame if something happen to it (what what)
This solves nothing (nothing!)

True, just thinking on the master plan
Steez drip like Faygo off the hatchetman
Burst into tears like Steve hearing Pile in Malden
There's a balm in Gilead, use it often
Syncopated Saturdays fill me like a coffin
Spit it like Zadie Smith with a Jay-Z lisp, or like
J.Z. Smith, you can take your pick
The point is my vocabulary pays my rent

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milo the young man has a point (nurture) Comments
  1. K W.S

    "Nice life,be a shame if somethin happen to it"

  2. K W.S

    Young man needs an album

  3. K W.S

    This is my favorite track

  4. Jay Turtle God

    Don't like young man all that much.
    I guess his style is an acquired taste.

  5. mack

    do you know what youngmans bandcamp is?


    nope :(


    mystic it's MC Paul Barman

  6. Christian Austin

    So impressive. I could listen to this man speak for days


    Christian Austin same.

  7. T-Switz

    Is Youngman MC Paul Barman?

    Ben Ryland

    I believe so


    Nope, his name is Simon Smith (Youngman)

    Sean Glover

    that's a different British youngman:

  8. Diogo Paciência

    I dont get why so many people dont like this track from the album, I personally love it