milo - The Confrontation At Khazad-Dûm Lyrics

I hate Freud because I think he's telling the truth
I don't need to be told I'm an animal trapped in a booth
That's a metaphor for a much lazier writer
In real life I'd get my ass kicked, but never in street fighter
Raps a big pool where's the deep end I'll just wade in
Disappear into the underground like a cone-headed Raiden
I post lectures off tempo on monotone laden maiden who's raving he's about to go super saiyan
Son Goku scribed overly wordy haiku's about how I'd rather run instead of fight you
You betchum I'm Ash Ketchum with no Raichu
I kill them with kindness
And just to spite you I have no enemies
Just people who aren't my friends yet
And when they are I'll borrow moneys and never repay the debt
On the freeway you passed me in a bright yellow corvette
And I was peddling a whirlybird invention that I stole from some bloke at the ugly nerd convention in Lowell

It's the return of the king
The third Lord of the...

I don't have a hip-hop career
I have a hobby
Which leaves me unloved like a younger brother Bobby
I'm gathered around grandmothers in a knitting group
As vegetarian at the potlucks so I can only eat the soup
I'm a crummy musician not a conjurer of cheap tricks
I can't purchase a quirky beat at Jo-Anne's Fabrics
I'll never be commonplace with these slow dance mavericks
I could've been a lounge singer in a themed sports bar
Perused my Pokedex to find it wasn't in my cards
I'm beginning to find satisfaction with Futurama repeats
Open folder, my life, program file, dignity, delete
This is for my cats who are obligatorily finishing undergrad
To the the perfect sons for their wonder dad's
I'm no German Wunderkind
I'm a brown kid with a healthy distrust in Republicans
My stomach warns me when trouble is a bubblin'

This is for my brothers slaying mental Balrogs
And my sisters who have to deal with proverbial ball-hogs

This is for my brothers slaying mental Balrogs
And my sisters who have to deal with proverbial ball-hogs

This is for my brothers slaying mental Balrogs
And my sisters who have to deal with proverbial ball-hogs

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milo The Confrontation At Khazad-Dûm Comments
  1. IronicHoneyBadger

    god i think milo would be such a great friend

  2. Alexander Sucala

    favortite milo song of all time

  3. Alexander Sucala

    Keep fucking killing it fam

  4. Alexander Sucala

    Yo milo I fucking love you bro

  5. pughuky

    I remember when I was super nerdy in 8th grade and felt like I had found buried treasure listening to old milo. I eventually changed a lot as a person and my music taste broadened and I grew into the person I am now. but even in Junior year I still find myself bumping these gems. ty for all the memories rory, I cant thank u enough.

  6. Plan-T

    I was gonna download but i feel like this is for a specific time, like its a memory i can come back to, but only at certain times..

    Brandon Barajas

    It’s always here for you

  7. Runnin bolt

    But damn

  8. Wyvern

    Love the vibes from the vid

  9. Barack Hussein O'Toole

    "I hate freud because I think he's telling the truth" ay

  10. norgan

    Been following for 5 years :^), still remember my freshman self bumping to this while skateboarding when it came out

  11. DiskoSpider

    Damn this is so meta, Mixtape is called "Milo Taking Baths"
    Raps over Animals by Baths

    hi it's mercy

    every song on the mixtape uses baths songs as beats


    That's legit so cool. 2012 was a weird time.

  12. Akinola.

    i wish Milo came to Britain but I feel like im the only person in Manchester who knows him


    leeds milo fan, basically the same thing rite

    Callum Edwards

    He was in manny a couple of months ago

    Samuel Cooke

    Anyone hitting Sheffield or Leeds next month?

  13. Marcos Nila

    that healthy distrust for republicans got me

  14. Esteban Palomera

    the dance at 0:42 fuckin getting down with the abominable snowman

  15. Psilocyb

    This was so fucking fantastic holy shit I can't even believe... I need more Milo, I NEED IT IN MY LIFE

  16. Rusell Black

    The entire beat/song in the background is Aminals by Baths. I really hope that he got their permission first/gives them recognition!!!

    Dylan Gadzala

    He does have permission and did give recognition, he named the whole album "Milo does baths" and he is using them as a sample which is often done in music. Compared to fallout boy (all of the backgrounds from their new album wasn't theirs and they never gave credit) he did a good job of referencing them

  17. Jon Vaughn


  18. Stef Stef

    "Unconcerned with formalities, technical ability, or making something particularly "pretty.""
    - but you did all this :)

  19. NobyNobyBoy

    That last shot, where milo is sitting on the couch, I'm pretty sure those are the same dudes from the cover of I Wish my Brother Rob Was Here. I know milo really likes making a lot of parallels in his music and likes seeing other artists do the same, so I wouldn't be surprised if those were the same dudes.

  20. Inimical

    I don't have a hip hop career, I have a hobby

    JJ Duff

    Lol crazy to find u here haha


    @JJ Duff Small world man, you could probably find comments from me on various stuff though aha.

  21. Jake Carlisle

    This is music. Shame he is not very big. HE NEEDS TO BE NOTICED!


    Jake Carlisle I think he prefers it this way

  22. strawbrryaura

    I hate Freud because I think he's telling the truth

  23. Christopher Tiihonen

    "I'm starting to find happiness in Futurama repeats". No truer words have been spoken. Milo is a fucking righteous dude. Saw him when he was in St. Louis and he signed my green Scallops Hotel cassette. He was taken aback by the fact that I hadn't opened it and considered it a collectors item and I was taken aback that he was willing to just chill and talk to me.

  24. Skechers

    This dude raps so much like DOOM its scary.


    +Skechers he makes loads of DOOM references and did the first verse from rhymes like dimes in trickeration

    EMto thefknRE

    +Skechers earl sweatshirt does too

  25. TheTeholt

    Saw this guy when he performed here in Seattle with busdriver. Amazing artist.

  26. duhboss1

    Beautiful Wisconsin in the winter. Looks pretty much the same as Iowa.

  27. Erik Moore

    Hell yea triangle hill. Used to frolf there a crap ton, well at least in the summer. haa

  28. Julia Chiavarini

    In real life i get my ass kicked, but never in street fighter

  29. zobe70

    Lol Yo This Guy Is Dope!

  30. Holland Ali

    Gatta love the video game and anime references <3

  31. TrackFourtyFour

    yo the gayngs t shirt

    I fucking love this video

  32. Smokey McBongwater

    still my favorite milo release

    Brandon Barajas

    Smokey McBongwater is this still your favorite Milo songs?


    Brandon Barajas mine still is after years

  33. Braden Morgan

    st norbert college

  34. KumaD.

    awesome, cool music

  35. sn299

    what college did you go to milo?

  36. Fresh Trackzzz

    Im pretty sure all the beats (or most o the beats) off milo takes baths are by baths, so the name has a bit of a double meaning

  37. Sethranemaker

    This guy is amazinf


    Nice use of aminals.

  39. manoogianation

    aye man you ever go to rap night at the big easy in portland?

  40. Solemn

    I loved this song, watched the video a few times...and I just noticed dude wearing a GAYNGS shirt. Fuck yes.

  41. MadamLolz

    I love your music so much <3 im spreading around and i got a couple of peeps to listen to your music ... I believe youll make it!

  42. AKunDerDOG11

    Beast song to rip to ever

  43. jessie jess

    it's actually called aminals. nice try though.

  44. rodrigo villegas

    Milo>Lil wayne

  45. Kitty Cat Snacks

    Awesome music video

  46. killakid4554

    yo if u on playstation you can deffinetly catch that L in Street Fighter IV

  47. MidGroundInertia

    I didn't know Richard Ayoade could rap

  48. Chunnyie

    hey milo i want a tshirt with your face on it.

  49. DollhouseRomantics

    Team Milo:D

  50. scott penob

    he is from maine

  51. jasper thedoplhin

    Hey, Milo are you from Maine, perhaps? Or is the Penobscot something completely different than the river.

  52. Cmhonsu33

    i wish there was more rappers like you

  53. J Kalka

    Without a doubt in my mind the most underrated rapper. One of the few albums I can listen to from start to finish. Can't wait for the next one to drop Milo. Keep it up.

  54. McCann Painter

    Milo, you're definitely in my top 5 hip hop artists ever and your entire release with Baths makes me really happy. Hope you have as much fun making this as I do listening to it!

  55. Malachi Thurmond


  56. StoneAgeBeatMaker651

    they all kind of have their own style, but I'd be glad to suggest more to you, and whats the link to your blog? some other dope cats are, Elevatedhiphop..check bandcamp, Cool Calm Pete, all of doomtree, Gavin Theory, Genelec & Memphis Reigns, Gorilla warfare Tactics, Grey Ghost, Mantra, Pez, Horrorshow, Lu...Rreals, Phrase Mob, Psyntific(purity EP) and you should be set man, Cheers.

  57. milofaeqo

    my name is milo.

  58. StoneAgeBeatMaker651

    I'd check out, Eponym, Jellyfish Brigade, Safari Al, The Nothern Lights, Witness, Seth Sentry just to name a few, Keep up on that blog, Always good to spread music

  59. Mitchell Barnes

    Wisconsin looks awesome

  60. Foreverdjmusic

    yo Milo, i enjoy your ish.

  61. Dante Vargas

    You've obviously only heard mainstream rappers.

  62. GroovyShark

    0:23 im on the left

  63. Victor Blair

    Damn Milo is good at dancing.

  64. mrgoodevil13

    This video is very Milo... not nessacarily pretty or glamorous,but brilliant.

  65. ben heron

    pure genius

  66. syllry

    Thanks, you made me discover this amazing song by Bath!!!
    your song is great too ;)

  67. EdEmKay

    you're, just, ridiculously good. ridiculously. my dream would be to produce a beat and for you to use it. mmm.

  68. luckycay

    exploding tardis. respect

  69. Rushie Cook

    0:36 i wish there was a bar about vegetarian bacon

  70. Tri3Face

    "I don't have a Hip-Hop career...I have a hobby...which leaves me un-loved like a younger brother Bobby..." Great!

  71. Penn Plays

    Are all your songs just remixes? Cause I really love your stuff man! Keep it up!

  72. Penn Plays

    Love this stuff man. One of the best album I've heard in a really long time. All Milo songs are great. Keep up the great work man. Great stuff.

  73. Parker Hagen

    @ashevm Clearly they've ruined the song while the original still exists. They've recreated the song that a ton of people like so save your comments.

  74. D Co

    Haha! Everything about this was bloody brilliant!

  75. MiddayRecords

    Rapped over this beat a few months ago, you can check it out if you want. Search " The Jem - Come Closer "... or you can call me a self advertising douche and tell me to go jack off with sandpaper instead.

    Oh and Milo..Rory, if you see this, I have a man crush on you...full fledged John Stamos status. Keep filling my ears with this supreme shit you nerdy veggie bacon eating sonofagun.

  76. Jorge Sotolongo

    I like LOTR, too.

  77. André Moreira

    NOOOOOO Aminals!!!! What have they done to you???

  78. scott penob

    @shaynekm01 For sure!

  79. scott penob

    @RajIFTW Aminals by Baths.

  80. RajIFTW

    What's this beat???*

  81. Randy Marsh

    @PenobscotExpedition95bfm! if you go to shows and DJs and look at Wednesday Drive with Max its on his playlist of feb 22nd, its a great student radio here in NZ for finding new music. Hope this helps

  82. scott penob

    @shaynekm01 you heard this on the radio? what station? and you can get the album at

  83. Randy Marsh

    Heard this yesterday on the radio this is awsome, where do you get this alum?

  84. marmie

    1:15 agsdgsdg <3

  85. Chrollo

    This song and the whole album is incredible

  86. i luv u 2

    Soulsofthesun brought me here. Great music.

  87. Pabst exorcism

    Lol he does look like blu.

  88. B Tarrrrr

    First time I've heard an American say "bloke"- and a somewhat brilliant one at that!

  89. lilmel3k

    ... damn near speechless...

    Beautiful work.

  90. Steven Scott


  91. Leila Maliki

    this is so awesome, great song.