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Yeah, one two
Uh, it's like this
Come on

Back in the days when I was a teenager
Had Myka 9 straight on a screensaver
Look exactly like I just smoked a green acre
Got that information like it was data

One two, let's go, uh
One more time, I'll do it

I got the memoirs in the rental cars
Spray a homie just with a simple ten bar
Verse or two, I will curse your crew, from Leimert, fool
I hit them up with the two twisted fingers
I want to linger, the rap singer looks like Deborah Winger
Dead ringer, web slinger, dead up in the street, fool
On Crenshaw smoking menthols with Chu Chu
All you niggas get the juju, my name is like flow, Joe
You don't know bro, I'm from the Blowed dojo
You're so-so, fuck them niggas, they don't know bro
("Yeah, nigga, you just not new")
I said this shit with the language splice
When it come through, ha
You ain't a half a slice, from the afterlife
God, the hazard lights look exactly like twinkling stars
Wanna mingle with the bars, yo?
I look exactly like Grand Puba
They know that they got the bland doobah
All of you niggas don't know what to do, bruh, I am a rapper
Young whippersnapper, jive master
Always live on the master, a telecaster from Leimert bro
Los Angeles serve the niggas on the turf, though

Yeah, you know what's up
One, two, uh
Kendrick and Milo, c'mon

[Milo & Busdriver:]
I'm on my new shit
I'm on my new shit
I'm on my new shit
I'm on new shit
I'm on my cruise ship
I'm on my cruise ship

And each week it's another nigga killed
Imported bits of eloquence direct from Margaritaville
Never imagined Blade Runner as an idyllic film
And the Pokemon GO when the Pokemon GO
When the Pokemon GO
On Potrero Hill bent pole head under firmament
Guess I'll just scat off axis
Arrogant as ever while I rattle off my praxis
I got these nectarines from Ganymede
So live again, dueling with insignificance
Whatever it takes to whittle at the hours
A never ending game of padiddle with these cowards
Like, why don't you take your clothes off?
Argus with 100 eyes, how he harkened to another time

And for following every rule, all you received was applause
And for following every rule, all you received was applause
And for following every rule, all you received was applause
And for following every rule, all you received was applause
And for following every rule, all you received was applause
And for following every rule, all you received was applause

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milo rapper Comments
  1. KantraScepter

    Thank you Milo

  2. FiRez

    Man this prose... it is really haunting

  3. killoet

    7 years later and its finally starting to take off

  4. Ňaail 666

    This shit better blow up

  5. Clay Kinser

    Mellow and deep. Just what I need when I'm feeling frantic and directionless.

  6. William Klahre

    Eminem brought me here !!! I'm glad he mentioned you!


    Did he name drop Milo specifically or something?

  7. Darin P

    Pitiful but full of art, very nice

  8. James Walker

    The best rappers are the folks who can sit back and analyse the whole world, be aware of shit that isn't instinctive. Intelligent mother fuckers.

  9. Matthew Fodell

    Oh shit, very interesting. Found this through Anderson .Paak and a song he did with Busdriver, but this almost reminds me of Why?.

  10. Ian Connelly

    We can drive it with weak contrivance

  11. zoy bean

    So happy I found his music

  12. J D Flores Music

    "I wont make promises I cant keep, which is why I wont make promises ever" hit me hard

  13. Colleen Hill

    I really like this song AAAAAAAAAAHHH

  14. Naetyo

    i live here

  15. Sam Schellhase

    i'll never understand the One Headlight lines it in this song. I love that song, and it's great to hear another artist use it, but i have no idea why

  16. Outtake fiend

    This sounds art but it's just him pledging to be a better certain


    try typing that again

    John Riley

    How does something sound art? Lol

  17. Louis Moran

    This right here. This is important

  18. CowboyTrips

    lmao these niggas

  19. Caio Daniel

    "I wish Hegel wasn't so incomprehensible,
    i wish I was more like the übermensch"

    Jacob Hinchliffe

    I wish my fears didn't have such a putrid stench

  20. Blu Alvaa

    this is love

  21. Beats by J-Caged

    Bro This is good I want to do a song with you hit me up bro!!!

  22. bobby Seasons

    "I just wanna rap good and not sell breadsticks." lmfao

  23. Luke Rolfson

    “I am going to be better then my father”

  24. Scott Goulet

  25. HNI

    What kind of music is this?

  26. Emma Dixon

    I was very confused when I heard One Headlight by the Wallflowers for the first time

  27. Conor

    It's honest.

  28. Artifacts187

    he reminds me of a new EyeDea

  29. antonio ramirez

    Anyone know his IG?

    Luke Done


  30. MrEvitcartta

    What album is this off of?


    things that happen at day//night

  31. Cecilia Santana

    Vim pelo Cellbit

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    2018 '- '

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    2017 c:

  34. Amandha ツ

    Clébinho gameplays
    *dps dessa MSC eu posso morrer feliz. Ir ao céu abraçando a netflix.*

  35. Debra Simms

    Just now ,or to be specific 12 minutes ago, I heard Rory Ferreira for the very first time on 90.7WHAD,
    public radio.Justin Barney (SPL?) from Radio Milwaukee was going through his top ten list of his new favorite artists & Milo was 5 or 6 on it.
    Justin said U were moving to Maine and i said (to myself) Smart guy. I spent the summer of 1985 in
    Deer Isle Maine and fell in love with the Fog. Fog rolling in like something in a dream,ethereal.You will see what I mean. Hard working fisherman and the Best damn Lobster &
    Sea Scallops you ever tasted!

  36. Noobficando

    Sem palavras pra descrever o que sinto ouvindo isso então vou usar emojis...😔😌😭😌

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  38. Steven Huston

    amy adams listens to milo

  39. tutorial de batata

    fodase fãs do cellbit, eu vim pela musica boa


    ta bom....mas eu vim pelo cellbit

  40. Kommentatus Cosades

    "I wish Hegel wasnt so fucking incomprehensible" PREACH

  41. Flávia Thaísa

    Vim pelo Cellbit😂

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    where this guy at thooooo?

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  50. Lany Lima

    *Cellbit me trouxe aqui!*

  51. Thaíssa Pyamu

    qual o nome desse estilo de musica, nao a letra em si mas o ritmo?

    beatriz b m

    Thainari Sugarfree é rap sjdjsjdkskh


    rap alternativo/emo hip hop

    Thaíssa Pyamu

    Jackie Boy #Luto lil peep
    obrigada ♡

  52. Thaíssa Pyamu

    cellbit carai

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    Vim pelo cellbit e a música não é ruim

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  57. Daniel Studart

    Wtf, i put this music to go to sleep on headphones, and as soon as i woke up the lyrics and the rhythm are messed up, i think it has something to do with me sleeping while listening to this, can someone help me?

  58. catt

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    eu curti pacas.
    Essa música da uma senção tão profunda tipo crise existêncial😅

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