milo - pure scientific intelligence (quantum) Lyrics

Do you enjoy playing so long?
Phil, do you enjoy playing so long?
I do, I really do
Yeah, I do, I really do, because, uh

Vitreous, odd fellow reveller, nimbus cloud heckler
Spirit chucking, warrant dodger, weeping what can't be said
Pinpoint suffering as accumulated silences
Esoteric, 'ello tarot, march of errant, darker parent feeling mellow
Ignant, igneous, meaning heated rock, conchoidal fracture
Dag nabit, abstracted again, Sonny Rollins mohawk-type African
Desertion winks, night few, wet spark plug in pocket
A pop lock it locket, my rage proud and it was good for a while
(Good for a while) chromatic, Ernie enters the spirit realm
Forestry is forward motion, a green horse captures the motion well
God called me by your name again, but I shrugged it off
Caliste apples is not macintosh, don't ask how your mans is knowing
Shingen-ryu, hands is glowing, subtle knife stroke calligraphy
Oh, this old thing, oh, this old thing (this old thing), this old thing
This old thing

I got this other style I ain't flipped in a while
It go, pure scientific intelligence (with one point)
It go, pure scientific intelligence (with one point)
Quantum niggerish (with one point, it is bad)

Peace lord, ELUCID, AKA "Him-Bad", AKA "Plant Dadcore"
AKA "Out of Borough Ghetto Fellow Leave Him the Hell Alone"
Nostrum Grocer (Nostrum)
Let your momma know we got that bin tonight, clay for the low low
Checking in, when civilization isn't really civil and sense is mostly uncommon
I be a witness to myself, loose people, from think tank to thinkpiece
Delinquent, delete, the extinction of genders now extinct
In the presence of negative peace
By the time you finish theorizing, we'll be dead in these streets
My blackness is full operational, watch the birdy flip
Drop, squat, sunken place, strapped with thirty bricks
Bitch, I come when you send for me, no more water, but fire next time

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