milo - pablum // CELESKINGIII Lyrics

What a life under this quilted fleece
Where the wilted lease
Will to power and still to speech
'N cupboards they granny shoulda dusted
Maladjusted with a malaprop
Sack of 'ism make the pallet drop
Palindrome of the ignoble savage be- (oh shit)

I switched up
Oh, one two?

Light flick, brutal wrist cornucopious
Still life waiting on a vista to utopia
Mister Satan pausing in the Hotel Scallops
Fuck with the timing of the whole swell ballad
By bar eight he could heal the old and invalid
Sweaty tooth cold for the pallet and bracket
Blackface Tarzan, tanned arms basking
Ted Danson with the Cheers, a dead man dancing
With his fears Lorde Fred call it Capoeira
To you Black Emperor Ferreira forever
On a terrace with a beret and Beretta
Maroon mood indigo
At a sinister place where rap feel pitiful
Applied research to make the force field subliminal
Political climate turn your old Earth cynical
How he get lost in a small room? Custodian of the statue

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