milo - ornette's swan song Lyrics

Let me get out my rap display attaché case
Huh, cracking a backpack where landscapes take shapes
Romantically placed riverbeds
And copper heads, Cocker Spaniel companion
Blooms, canyon, lakes
There's no sky, just a colorful cry
Yellowjackets and hummingbirds, praying mantis country
Down yonder is a plum tree, scrumptious summer dreams
Makes me feel like...
Burning jasper, don't ask me why, just ask me why not
Apricot-cantalopue preserves
Serving spoon delight, birds steady flapping their wings
In a magnificent renaissance of flight
The recipient Ornette's swan song goes to the lazy dog
On the lawn under the weeping willow tree
He occasionally yawns [*yawn*]
Not the least bit curious on how he got here
Snow caps blanketing mount ubiquitous
Coniferous Cape Fear, reminds me how
Something my grandmother once wore while crocheting
I'm just saying, this is my junk drawer, bills and paystubs, erasers
Broken pencils, a yellow crayon, staples
Varied miscellaneous papers, a nine-volt battery
Calorie charts, varied random family photos
Menus, the nearest neighbourhood sandwich shop
Togo's, aren't I the darnedest writer
You've ever corresponded with? Bandwidth with?
I'll take your breath away 'til you're unable to make a wish
You're unable to make a wish

Power kept me swaddled like an infant
Emerging from the plume of carpet bombing
With only carpal tunnel, dueling with day-to-day inertia
In a marble tunnel, moratorium as a place
Euphoria as a pace, so I pick it up
Too old to be ashamed of my proclivities, eyes shifty
Double-sided like that Wasily Kandinsky
"Decisions" say the source
Imitating freedom I learned from a pigeon on my porch
Method acting is record making
In America, all zebras are in the zoo
And it's normal, and it's fine
It will never make the news
Your captivity will never make the news
Suddenly conscious of the speed of my windshield wipers
Before angry, let's be truthful
I pause, "yo, this pain could be useful"

Simply put and we're faking rap together now
Simply put and we're faking rap together now

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milo ornette's swan song Comments
  1. chester

    mad earl vibes

  2. Brendan Locker

    word. found ya via Dad Bod Rap Pod (podcast)!

  3. katvolver



    I rate this song 12 out of 10.