milo - magician (suture) Lyrics

My transmissions began
When diamond said to coal:
"Why so yielding?"
A journey
The valley of quest
The valley of love
The valley of understanding
The valley of independence
The valley of unity
The valley of astonishment
The valley of deprivation
The quest
You leave home
The important part is you leave home

Left home in search of where the orchid grows
Found a lotus pond in Echo Park and got confused
Met an Aristotelian and got to press him 'bout his awkward views
Why you so quick to divide? So hasty, devise and cut in two
Knowing it's impolite to tarry, I went about my way
And I don't like scary niggas so I ain't been around the way
Picking spinach out my teeth from the (Florentine)
Hold this notebook like an advanced new camera
The panorama makes me some kind of past-master
Gawking at the pasture as I pen this, it hails
The Howitzer in the garden of my (mind)
It isn't always so reliable
Earthworm nimrod preaching about survival
And the orchestral nature of chaos
Lurking in the numbers, burping penumbra
How gracefully he fidgets with the ephemeral

A peon wrote this with the stalk of a peony
And a collar of primitive thud
Posing by a bust of Pericles eating fudge
Sun officiating, dugoobie fashion
Seen his hands fasten 'round the ruby hilt of that old, rusty scimitar
Speaking time-tested code to who the other rhythm wizards are
God bless the soul of whoever you think you are
God bless the soul of whoever you think you are
God bless the soul of whoever you thought you was
'Cause it
'Cause it might not be no next (time)
'Cause it might not be no next (time)

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milo magician (suture) Comments
  1. sigraviovio


  2. Carl Cardigan

    Top 5, dead or alive

  3. Rana Worley

    me gusta

  4. Lovely Living

    I swear I thought this was his GTA online character

  5. Chromecannon


  6. lonemoon

    where have you been allmy life

  7. lonemoon

    where have you been allmy life

  8. Diego Alejandro Silva

    brutal <3

  9. loom

    Anyone know where i can find majestic music like this


    check out busdriver, open mike eagle, signor benedick the moor, homeboy sandman, anti-pop consortium, micah james, and yoni wolf.

  10. Punk Boii

    he should do a song with mick jenkins

  11. Wankej

    great music, greetings from poland

  12. noahkma

    the production is so cool on this one

  13. Paulo Carvalho

    Nuthin but good feedback bro☀️✊

  14. Trea Colon

    His clever poetry style reminds me of Noname but the flow and music style is something like I've never heard before, this guy is a true wizard

    Musiq 310

    Trea Colon yes i love milo and noname 🔥

    Carl Cardigan

    A sorcerer

  15. Andrew w

    Rory please get ahold of me id like to talk about funding

  16. Jagrit Kashyap

    Woohoo!!! The wait was worth it
    Waiting for a few Kenny Segal beats!!!!

  17. Muenster Cheese


  18. Jordan Bates

    1 person has never been to platonic heaven

  19. Jonathan Williams

    milo just dropped some next level word play on this joint. His evolution is unprecedented. He's one of the most unique emcees in the game right now.

  20. jahnkadelic

    iv been waiting for this!

  21. Kirby Crab

    I think I walked past milo in New York (near strands) Man I wish I said something.

  22. Iwastherebyaccident

    Kenny Segal the man

  23. cave digger

    love this

  24. Sean

    this song just ate my ass

  25. Aasem Ahmad

    oshit this beat tho

  26. prettybitchmarquitos

    bruh this beat is wild as heck

    Musiq 310

    prettybitchmarquitos kenny segal

  27. byran

    god, i can't believe it. It's so fucking good

  28. peelsghost

    So god damned dope.

  29. OloneyZzz

    love the song but I don't love it's abrupt ending

    Ben Chin

    maybe it flows with the next song?


    yeah I was thinking that and i kinda hope it's because of that reason

  30. patoon55

    Milo thank you for this blessing.

  31. John Carter

    milo just blessed my life with this

  32. Cory Y.

    best song I've heard all year, hands down


    Cory Y. wait till he drops album of aeon

    Miguel Cisneros


  33. Theblacktieaffair

    hot damn

  34. Ben Chin

    spread my ass cheeks


    Pretty much.