Milo Greene - What's The Matter Lyrics

What's the matter?
What's the matter with you lately?
What's the matter?
What's the matter with you lately?

Oh, your love is never good enough
Oh, your love is lost on me
You don't know
You don't know
Oh, your love is lost on me


What's the matter?
What's the matter with you lately?
What's the matter?
What's the matter with you?

Oh, your love is never good enough
Oh, your love is lost on me
You don't know
You don't know
Oh, your love is lost on me

What's the matter?
What's the matter with you lately?
What's the matter?
What's the matter with you lately?

Dreamer, you will waste your time
Do you ever wonder why
We go on and on and on?
Love is gone and gone and gone

What's the matter?
What's the matter with you lately?

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Milo Greene What's The Matter Comments
  1. Madalyn Mcbride

    Came here hoping to see if I wasn’t the only one from Supernatural. Totally wrong lmao

  2. The Salvedad

    i get a weird nostalgic feeling listening to it idk why??

    i didn't came here from supernatural

  3. Johnel G Morris

    Thank you supernatural

  4. Kids Fun

    From supernaturallll

  5. Ricardo D'Andrea

    Thank you very very very very much, Supernatural S8 E4 "Bitten".-

  6. Debajyoti Chanda

    Supernatural s8e4...ending

  7. Tourmaline

    song got famous off supernatural😂

  8. Mizuki Takemoto

    Supernatural, 2019❤+

  9. Malefic Mushroom

    Me: *Sees note with "What's The Matter by" and gets confused*
    Me: *Looks up What's The Matter*
    Me: *Scrolls down to see it's on Supernatural*
    Me: Ah yes, I understand now.

  10. Jesse Gause

    This song makes me emotional lol

  11. AK kohli

    Can anyone give me song list which are played in supernatural ?? Please

  12. Alex Prakash

    This music is awesome!! Thank you supernatural

  13. R AZA

    Such a badass song.

    Gotta love Supernatural.


    Todos conocimos esta canción, gracias a Supernatural?

  15. Nick Rogers

    As Supernatural fan of the Show were going to miss this damm Show "Supernatural"....Alot of heart commitment, writing , story telling, dedications of the true actors bringing their characters to life every Thursday night!...Carry On Winchesters!..😎😉🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  16. DLuna anggraini

    the kind of song i would play on my solo train trip... special thanks to supernatural for introducing this masterpiece to me.

  17. Саша Костарев

    Бля, сколько фанатов сверхъестественного? Ачешуеть.

  18. _itz_me_tomatoes_

    Can anyone guess where I'm here from?

    No? Then read all those friggin comments.

  19. Zenzou Sensei

    Well hot damn these comments are from like 5 or 4 years ago, I’m really late to watching Supernatural but I just finished the “Bitten” episode, and might I say it’s the best episode so far with a few others in my opinion. Really like Supernatural’s music choices. Here’s to 2019

  20. xdxil _

    this song puts me in my feelings i'm gonna cry

  21. Amy Batiste

    2019 & still jamming ❤

  22. dex lee


  23. knightboy 47

    Im still in season 8 haha

  24. knightboy 47

    Whos here from supernatural

  25. Артем Багров

    С воспоминаний...

  26. Labatail Days

    Thanks supernatural for finding my new favorite song heck yeah

  27. Nara Duarte

    Cadê os BR que amam Supernatural? 🇧🇷

  28. kyung0215

    I guess I'm the only one who came for the band not Supernatural..

  29. kyung0215

    The best. No words needed for this awesome band!

  30. Chris Kitsos

    Perfect for driving and crying

  31. Kori In the House

    Kate just cried somewhere

  32. Random Youtubeguy

    This episode was my favourite and the saddest

  33. Annabelle A

    Anyone else here from Supernatural and Hart of Dixie?

  34. Krisztián Molnár

    I see that music has become quite famous.
    XD :)
    Supernatural S08 E04 :D :D

  35. هدير صلاح

    super natural is the best show for ever 😍😍😍

  36. Bayan Hammad

    99.99% of the people are here because of supernatural

  37. miseryschewtoy

    I listen to this CD in my car all the time but I lost it last month. Thank god for the Internet. My new one’s on the way :D

  38. dogu

    supernatural dan gelen türkler e selam olsun . :)

    Sıla Sevinç

    Aleyküm selam

  39. Yoongles

    Damn. The peeps at Supernaturals' music taste is AWESOME

  40. Environmentalismatic

    The feeling u know the song before u watched supernatural


    This song so beautiful (Supernatural- thank)

  42. Naser Alotaibi

    Awesome 😎

  43. Alexandra E

    What a depressing episode. The first time I watched I cried when it went back to "where do I see myself in 5 years?" Bit from the beginning

  44. Jonathan Adamson

    supernatural baught me here... great music

  45. Elene Mikadze

    The same guy with same hat from "1957"

  46. Nekul Varghese

    whoa....Why it took me so long to find this great piece of work? What's the matter with me.... Why do I keep on missing these lovely soulful songs....what's the matter with me....😞😔😩

  47. Valentina Valdez

    Cadê os brasucas aqui?

  48. Kate _11

    Who is here from Supernatural?

  49. maha ahmed

    supernatural ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤2019

  50. Keira Dalvit

    You’ll never guess why I’m here.

  51. Ralph Valsechi

    I'd never know this song existed if it wasn't for supernatural!! #deansteam
    Love supernatural now love this song!

  52. Buchanan Bottoms

    This was already my favourite song, then I re-watched bitten from spn and now it's just super awesome

  53. Piero Alexander Castillo Macas


  54. Renata Pavanello


  55. Luma Freire

    Hearing this song on .75x with headphones is what I imagine being on drugs might feel like

    [Ignis Spiritus Tenebris]

    You're getting it now

  56. Bradley Against Baleigh

    Supernatural fam ! Mount up !

  57. The Crabbit Cow

    I love how many came here from Supernatural 😍

  58. Escape

    Bad song and the 4 serie turned out the worst of the whole season, it would be better to add Papa Roach - Gravity or Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes.

  59. Baby Facee

    Supernatural Fans Stand Up ❤️❤️

  60. Wesley Maartens

    i dont want to be Piggy i want to be Ralph

  61. Togrul Huseynov


  62. Sami Common

    I am a wayward Son

  63. Marita D

    when I started to watch that episode, I immediately ran to find this song.(English isn't my first language, so sorry if I made mistakes)


    Did the same here! Dang, like minds think alike!

  64. Monae Monique

    Supernatural brought me here I love the show by the way

  65. Jennifer Black

    Supernatural season 13 is awsome!! Jack is my favorite character in that season :) :)

  66. Jazmine Denton

    Im a little late (catching up) but Im here because of Supernatural but I’m now obsessed with this song. It’s so unique and so fitting for the episode especially!

  67. Selwrynn

    Reminds me of Drive (2011)

  68. Matheus Ferreira

    Busquei tanto essa daqui ❤️🎶😥😊

  69. Adriana Majic

    Supernatural 😍😍😍

  70. Shameer Ismail

    Awesome! So many supernatural fans ☺

  71. aNImALzZ217

    im not from [email protected]!2

  72. あかさたなはまやらわ


  73. あかさたなはまやらわ


  74. Iyonah Tayziaa

    Definitely a perfect fit for the “Bitten” episode, deadass emotional 😕

  75. tessa martin

    I love this song so so so much. One of my all time favorite songs ever.

  76. Anwesha Ghosh


  77. sharib suhail

    Wwe Seth freaking rollins!

  78. savas yldz

    supernatural <3

  79. Evrim Şentürk


  80. Ira Choudhary

    Favorite line : Oh your love is lost on me 💙💙

  81. Sundararaj Sundaram.V

    I like it is a very nice

  82. Adrian Cross

    I followed Sam, Dean, and Cas here lol

  83. ред коу

    Supernatural++++ (7 sezn part 3)

  84. taison gomes

    Música no episódio 4 da oitava temporada de SUPERNATURAL 😀😀❤

  85. Nicole Rosa

    Queria tanto achar a tradução :c

  86. Lydia

    Supernatural, yeah; but can we talk about how sad this song is?

  87. Amber Chaturvedi

    The road so far.....
    Carry on my wayward son
    For there'll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don't you cry no more

  88. BAPACV - Bleu Azur Pomme d'Amour & Citron Vert

    Supernatural did this to me

  89. meowmeowbitch

    I love this song! I freaked out even when this was on Supernatural. Milo Greene was my soundtrack when I was depressed and whenever I hear this song I always feel the nostalgia.

  90. theplantprinccess /

    who is the actor

  91. Ana Luiza

    Supernatural ♥

  92. Musicas Em Vários Sabores

    Supernatural 8 temporada capítulo 4, ótima trilha sonora.

  93. Aritra Chakravorty

    I think my taste in music has been shaped by supernatural....... This one's a gem.....

  94. FakeDoNelp

    Algum br

  95. Cassio Paiass

    That episode somehow made me cry :,)

  96. Claudia Robert

    A L S O

  97. Claudia Robert

    Supernatural 8x5 😍

  98. Apenas um Otaku Alone

    Eu só vejo Gringo nos Cometários
    E eu sou o único Br se manifestando aparentemente

  99. Apenas um Otaku Alone

    This song is "Awesome"