Milo Greene - I Know About You Lyrics

I saw the flight is breaking
Caught hands on the shore
It moves water beneath us
And I never thought you would show here

I know about you

You're a sketch you emotion
But I come prepared
No sign of a entailment
No I won't barely leave this alone, no

I know about you

You thought that emotion went over my head
And my heart wouldn't beat no more
But you were the reason for the weight on my chest
And my heart wouldn't beat no more

You watch me burn in the fire
I should've known all along
You watch me burn in the fire
I should've known all along
You watch me burn in the fire
I should've known all along
You watch me burn in the fire
I should've known all along
You watch me burn in the fire

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Milo Greene I Know About You Comments
  1. BPM

    THIS WAS SO GOOD LIVE! Thanks for hitting up Toronto!

  2. J Daniel


  3. NHidayah Hs

    I could listen to this song all day long 😂👌👌👌

  4. Chula Palaboi


  5. Garota eu vou pra Candyfornia

    Pensei que havia brasileiros em td lugar... me enganei

    Carolina Rogoski

    Pensei a mesma coisa!!! Em todos os vídeos deles eu procuro brasileiros tb hahaha

    Garota eu vou pra Candyfornia

    Carolina Rogoski então agora já tem duas né nom 💫

    Carolina Rogoski

    +Garota eu vou pra Candyfornia amo amo amo amo

    bel a

    opa eu tbbb sjsjs amo eles

  6. fluto san

    Love you guys ❤

  7. Karen Geraldine

    This is such a good tune. I'm listening it on repeat. And the lyrics, GOD the lyrics!!! Love you guys x

  8. Andromeda

    *I'm so glad I'm watching Supernatural and that show helped me find you. This is amazing!*

  9. Ex Faker

    Amazing music! I have been a fan since the 1st album, keep it up guys :D

  10. Mandi Phillips

    Such a great song love it!!

  11. Jenna

    I love your music so much, never stop doing what you're doing. You don't have to be crazy famous to be amazing. <3

  12. Lupus Malum

    I listen to the song on the road all the time. It makes me feel like I am on the run. Keep making songs like this. I need to keep running ;)

  13. Meta- Human

    OMG what an amazing song <3

  14. Kim Lineberger

    does anyone else think this song has a fleetwood mac feel to it? it's cool and the first time I've gotten that from MG. y'all are so dynamic-- every release is a new surprise and I'm so glad I found you :)

    Kristyn Emily

    definitely thought of tusk by fleetwood mac right away! love it

  15. Kianna Luna

    Wow, this is amazing you guys!!!!

  16. raddekio

    I'm in love with you guys.....

  17. The Cursing Photographer

    aesthetics galore

  18. Jeison Delorean

    Milo Greene, one of the most perfect band EVER! Did i mention that im dont know anyone of my country that knows MG? #BrazilSucks

    Jô Michailoff

    eu conheço!!!!!!!!!!!

    Caio _V42

    Também conheço, acho que só deu azar pra você mesmo... Hue

    He Medeiros

    Moro em Sampa, e nao conheço ngm que goste de Milo :(


    Respeita o Brasil, é mais do que óbvio que tem gente no Brasil que conhece Milo Greene. Não é porque você é tapado e não conhece ninguém que o Brasil não presta

  19. He Medeiros

    I said that I love you? I RLLY LOVE YOU! <3 Always perfect!

  20. Gigi Carrara

    this just keeps gettin better and better!! 😍😍

  21. rachel da silva

    I love the new direction the band is taking!!

  22. Tyler Mosier


  23. subwaysurfer

    When's Taylor swift new album out??

    Malik Williams

    subwaysurfer you're talking about an artist that everyone knows about on a song from an artist that not everyone knows about...