milo - Buck 65's Knee Lyrics

[Buck 65:]

Addicted to Tucson
I'm hooked on Phoenix
I remix books on tape and cut coupons
I looked on craigslist for a used futon
Doing the Neutron Dance of James Chadwick
Douse flames mad quick. Pointers for sisters
Loiterers, drifters
Oysters, blisters embroidered with whispers
Secrets and sequins, sequence of sleepless nights
It's a weakness

We loved each other like rocks love windows
Some of my favorite hip-hop songs are intros
I hurtle and flex, baby-making fertile sex
Three gold chains and a collection of black turtlenecks
Tattoos and cleavage, even on holidays, especially on halloween
Everyday and always
Twenty dollar souvenir, rock a Gibraltar bath towel
Want to go back in time and play catch with Walter Matthau
Working on a time machine

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