Millsap, Parker - Truck Stop Gospel Lyrics

18 wheels and 18 miles to Tucumcari
Just me and Billy Graham and the Bibles that I carry
Me I'm not just any other Dick or Harry
I got a big cross painted on the side of my rig
To remind the devil that he ain't so big and scary

Crucifix hanging from my rear view mirror
Crown of thorns helps me see things clearer
When I'm lost the hands they help me steer her
When I hit that rumble strip
It reminds me that the Gospel ship
Is getting nearer

Well I'm Paul the Apostle
Preaching truck stop Gospel
I'm not angry, no
I'm not hostile
Just want you to love my Jesus
Going to make you a true believer
Just want to modify your behavior
I just want you to love my Savior

Fifteen thousand Bibles on my tires
Holy water radiator this truck ain't for hire
Going to drive it 'til I join The Angel Choir
Tell anybody who will listen
That I've been saved
I'm a god fearing Christian
On fire

Parking lot lady
Wants me to let her climb in
Says 'Is my kind of truck
The kind she could have a good time in?'
She jumped up, but before she could even chime in
I was speaking in The Holy Spirit
I cast that demon out
I could hear it dying

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