Millsap, Parker - Land Of The Red Man Lyrics

Well, it's hotter than Hell down here in Oklahoma
I guess that I might as well get used to it and quit my moanin'
'Cause the Devil, he's alive and well, and he's found himself a new poem

Well, he's burnin' the wheat and drinkin' up all the water
Do a rain dance Mama, and lay your life at the alter
We're all gonna drown in a drought if it gets any hotter

I was leavin' Oklahoma. I had to make me some new friends
'Cause the Devil, he cooked all the books, and he burned all the blueprints
Well, he ran for office, and he won. Now, we got ourselves a new prince

Now, I'm stuck at the border. I ain't on their checklist
They said, "We don't like you Okies down here. You're a little too reckless."
Well, maybe Oklahoma's hotter than Hell, but it's better than Texas

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Millsap, Parker Land Of The Red Man Comments
  1. Bruce Clark

    Parker Milsap is the boss with the hot sauce. Bleve Dat!!!! He's gonna blow the lid off any place he plays!!!! Bruce Clark, Ia city, Ia. Can't wait til you come back!!!!

  2. Neph

    So damn nice.

  3. Candace Wilson

    I wanna see Parker Millsap live at the Blue Door!!!! Probably my favorite place to see shows in OKC!!! When are you coming back Parker?!?!?!?

    Candace Wilson

    +TheGeol13 Sorry, it was just a typo, typed it in too fast! :( Didn't even realize & I didn't mean to offend anyone. I'm a huge fan of his & I tell all of my friends about him too!


    Was just kidding....spelled with or without the second "L" he IS Awesome....

    Candace Wilson

    +TheGeol13 That he is!!! :) I just bought tickets a couple weeks ago to see him at Cains Ballroom in November! I can't wait! So glad he is making his way back  here to Tulsa for a show!


    +Candy Spriggs.....  Awesome! My name is Michael Millsap. Parker and I have recently decided we are related, just don't know how closely yet. I'm in Oregon, so don't know when we'll get together, but I have a folder with my family tree., thanks to my aunt, a third cousin and a precious woman I still don't know how she ties in, named Glenda Wilson. So glad you are such a fan of Parker's.....He IS Awesome!!!!!

    Candace Wilson

    @TheGeol13 That is very cool Michael! Hope you get a chance to get together soon. :) Yeah, when I saw Parker live I was blown away! That dude can sing like no other! I love his style of playing too.

  4. Jimmy John

    "Oklahoma's hotter'n hell, but it's better than Texas"
    Love it!

  5. magprob

    That's Tougher than HELL right there! YEAH!